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BMotion – Film Track

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Following the massive success of his recent remix of Moby’s ‘A Simple Love’ (with almost half a million streams), along with his last single Passenger, BMotion returns with the epic and aptly titled, ‘Film Track‘, an epic sci-fi soundtrack Drum & Bass anthem.

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Released December 15, 2017 on Viper Recordings

About Bmotion:

Growing up in Pontypool where, “nothing much happens except the occasional cat going missing”, BMotion was lucky enough to grow up in a musical household. His Dad, being a pianist used to run a Pub which held live music several times a week all year round, exposing him to music from day one. With his father heavily rooted in Jazz, it was a natural for BMotion to follow suit and he started playing the drums and later the guitar. From day one he grew up surrounded by live music filling his ears with various influences which would help shape the sound that defines him.

BMotion eventually discovered DnB through a friend, who showed me a YouTube clip of a Pendulum track. “I was really into Metal at the time, with bands like Metallica, Opeth, Dream Theatre and all the usual lot, so I didn’t tell anyone, in fear of being rejected from the metal club! However, I would sit up at night searching the internet for this awesome music I’d heard. I had no idea Drum & Bass existed at this point!” Eventually he would find various mixes on YouTube and radio shows such as DJ Hype’s KISS FM show and went to college to study music and had a classic on music technology using Logic Pro which gave him his first taste of producing and having an unlimited number of instruments at his fingertips.

After setting up his own studio using LogicPro, artists like Netsky, Cyantific and Noisia were his early production influences. After honing his productions skills, BMotion decided to enter Knowledge Magazine’s unsigned producer contest in 2012 and won with the track ‘Get Up’ which he submitted. This led to his first few singles on independent labels Rush Records and Soulvent Records where he released the track ‘Circles’ which picked up support on UKF.
Eventually his demos made their way into Viper Recordings label boss, Futurebound’s hands. Always on the lookout for breakthrough talent, Futurebound set his sights on up and coming Welsh producer and was immediately impressed with what he heard. Seeing the raw potential, BMotion sent through a few more tunes including ‘Summer Glow’ which ended up on Viper’s Drum & Bass Summer Slammers 2014 album, as well as ‘Feelings’ and ‘Something, Something’, which ended up being his debut Viper single as he signed exclusively to the label in September 2014.

Bmotion Interview on Drum And Bass HQ Podcast




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Ekko & Sidetrack – Let the Light In/Melt

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Australian brothers Jeff and Jono Hansen, professionally known as Ekko & Sidetrack, are gearing up to release their second full single on Viper with ‘Let The Light In’ & ‘Melt’, following last year’s breaththrough hit, ‘Burgle / One Time’.

‘Let The Light In’ features the vocals of Reija Lee who has worked with ShockOne, Metrik, Fred V & Grafix, Zeds Dead, along with many other industry favourites, and who now lends her talents to her fellow Australians. This exhilaratingly powerful track is emotionally charged and ready to take on dancefloors everywhere, and will have you singing along after just one listen.

The other side of the single, ‘Melt’, is a serenade of sound right from the start, bringing in classic acid house style rave stabs and rolling drums for a truly immersive atmosphere before building up to one seriously funky breakdown. The brothers’ skills as producers really shine through on this one with mind-melting basslines and impeccable sound design from start to finish.

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Jaguar Skills unleashes ‘Riot Squad 2’

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International bass music legend, Jaguar Skills is gearing up to release a brand new EP, appropriately entitled ‘The Miseducation of a Hip Hop Boss’. Hot on the heels of the part one of the EP with the Grime single, ‘Air Pie’, comes the massive jump-up DNB anthem, ‘Riot Squad 2’.

Riot Squad 2’ is the highly anticipated follow-up to one of Jaguar Skills’ biggest tunes to date, a re-imagining of the original ‘The Riot Squad’ from Jaguar Skills ‘Ready To Rock’ EP from 2016 on Viper Recordings.

With the original being a staple in any drum & bass fan or DJ’s library, this rework takes the track to new heights. Featuring none other than Mind Vortex, ‘Riot Squad 2’ maintains the same iconic lead riff but injecting it with even more energy than the original. ‘Riot Squad 2’ is adrenaline filled jump-up from start to finish. It doesn’t get any bigger than this!

Jaguar Skills is renowned for his unique fusion of hip hop, grime, drum & bass, and a plethora of other influences in his production – a name synonymous with groundbreaking success, Jaguar Skills consistently pushes the boundaries of electronic music and has seen huge success with past releases such as ‘Reload That’ making it on the esteemed BBC 1Xtra Playlist.

Riot Squad 2 is available here and don’t forget to look out for Part 3 & 4 of the ‘The Miseducation of a Hip Hop Boss EP’ coming soon


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Cyantific feat. BMotion – Cyborg

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Two of Viper’s finest team up to bring you ‘Cyborg’, the powerful drum & bass tune that is gearing up to destroy dancefloors everywhere. Cyantific and BMotion are truly a match made in heaven!
With an artful opening that builds suspense, you know big things are coming from the moment you hit play. Strong synths steal the spotlight and infuse the track with a vivacious 80s feel.

‘Cyborg’ has a real power to it, the kind of track that owns the room as soon as it starts and leaves jaws on the floor once it drops.

The track transports us to a neon world of man vs robot, telling a story with every beat in a way only Cyantific is capable of. An adrenaline-packed tune from start to finish, ‘Cyborg’ perfectly weaves together both Cyantific’s and BMotion’s unique sounds into one powerhouse of a track.

Catch Cyantific alongside the Brookes Brothers, Koven, Majistrate, TC, and the Harry Shotta Show in 8 dates across the UK this winter as part of the Sound of Drum & Bass tour.

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Viper Recordings presents: ‘Bassrush 2.0’

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Viper Recordings are teaming up once again with esteemed American label Insomniac Records and Bassrush Promotions to bring the second installation of Bassrush, a massive compilation album featuring the best of Drum & Bass.

Representing the biggest names in bass on both sides of the Atlantic, the compilation features some of Viper’s best and brightest alongside other legends of the genre as well as a few newcomers. With 38 tracks, 14 new exclusives, and 2 DJ mixes from Consouls & Des McMahon and The Voss & NC-17, Bassrush 2.0 is a must have for Drum & Bass fans all over the world.

1. Original Sin vs. Jaguar Skills – Vandals Back (feat. ELE)
2. The Prototypes – Pale Blue Dot (Calyx & Teebee Remix)
3. J Majik vs. Jonay – Reptile *
4. Matrix & Futurebound – The Wall
5. Aktive vs. Bad Syntax feat. Krime Fyter – Like This *
6. Jaguar Skills – The Riot Squad (feat. Mind Vortex)
7. Replicant – Upside Down Cross *
8. InsideInfo – Renegade (feat. Jakes)
9. Drumsound & Bassline Smith – I’m Gone (feat. BullySongs)
10. Cyantific – Fade Into The Night
11. Varcity – Joy In Me (Ekko & Sidetrack Remix)
12. Consouls vs. Zeal – The Atlas *
13. Moby – A Simple Love (BMotion Remix)
14. Matrix & Futurebound – Fire (feat. Max Marshall) (Killer Hertz Remix)
15. Des McMahon vs. not sorry – Shadows *
16. Dub Elements – Fire Power
17. Dilemn – Night & Day *
18. Blaine Stranger – Mesmerise
19. Kallan HK – Slow Motion *
20. Toronto Is Broken – Make Me Feel
21. Cyantific – Back Off
22. Murdock – Make Me Stronger (feat. Jenna G) (Murdock’s Brass Balls Remix) *
23. Blaine Stranger – Into You *
24. Killer Hertz – All Out
25. InsideInfo – Revenants (feat. Scott Kennedy)
26. Ekko & Sidetrack – Melodic *
27. Original Sin – Expansions
28. Brookes Brothers – Good To Me (feat. Majesty) (BMotion Remix)
29. Dossa & Locuzzed – Larry
30. Trei vs. Insomniax – Pulling Teeth
31. Mob Tactics – Welcome To Your Nightmare (feat. Nuklear MC)
32. Blaine Stranger – Rock With It (feat. Coppa)
33. The Voss vs. NC-17 – Psycho *
34. Dub Elements – Drakul *
35. Theatrix – Trojan (feat. Siege MC) *
36. Blacklab – Crowd Control *
37. Bassrush 2.0 Mixed by Consouls & Des McMahon *
38. Bassrush 2.0 Mixed by The Voss & NC-17 *
*New, unreleased track

Released September 1, 2017 on Viper Recordings

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