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Viper Recordings presents: ‘Bassrush 2.0’

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Viper Recordings are teaming up once again with esteemed American label Insomniac Records and Bassrush Promotions to bring the second installation of Bassrush, a massive compilation album featuring the best of Drum & Bass.

Representing the biggest names in bass on both sides of the Atlantic, the compilation features some of Viper’s best and brightest alongside other legends of the genre as well as a few newcomers. With 38 tracks, 14 new exclusives, and 2 DJ mixes from Consouls & Des McMahon and The Voss & NC-17, Bassrush 2.0 is a must have for Drum & Bass fans all over the world.

1. Original Sin vs. Jaguar Skills – Vandals Back (feat. ELE)
2. The Prototypes – Pale Blue Dot (Calyx & Teebee Remix)
3. J Majik vs. Jonay – Reptile *
4. Matrix & Futurebound – The Wall
5. Aktive vs. Bad Syntax feat. Krime Fyter – Like This *
6. Jaguar Skills – The Riot Squad (feat. Mind Vortex)
7. Replicant – Upside Down Cross *
8. InsideInfo – Renegade (feat. Jakes)
9. Drumsound & Bassline Smith – I’m Gone (feat. BullySongs)
10. Cyantific – Fade Into The Night
11. Varcity – Joy In Me (Ekko & Sidetrack Remix)
12. Consouls vs. Zeal – The Atlas *
13. Moby – A Simple Love (BMotion Remix)
14. Matrix & Futurebound – Fire (feat. Max Marshall) (Killer Hertz Remix)
15. Des McMahon vs. not sorry – Shadows *
16. Dub Elements – Fire Power
17. Dilemn – Night & Day *
18. Blaine Stranger – Mesmerise
19. Kallan HK – Slow Motion *
20. Toronto Is Broken – Make Me Feel
21. Cyantific – Back Off
22. Murdock – Make Me Stronger (feat. Jenna G) (Murdock’s Brass Balls Remix) *
23. Blaine Stranger – Into You *
24. Killer Hertz – All Out
25. InsideInfo – Revenants (feat. Scott Kennedy)
26. Ekko & Sidetrack – Melodic *
27. Original Sin – Expansions
28. Brookes Brothers – Good To Me (feat. Majesty) (BMotion Remix)
29. Dossa & Locuzzed – Larry
30. Trei vs. Insomniax – Pulling Teeth
31. Mob Tactics – Welcome To Your Nightmare (feat. Nuklear MC)
32. Blaine Stranger – Rock With It (feat. Coppa)
33. The Voss vs. NC-17 – Psycho *
34. Dub Elements – Drakul *
35. Theatrix – Trojan (feat. Siege MC) *
36. Blacklab – Crowd Control *
37. Bassrush 2.0 Mixed by Consouls & Des McMahon *
38. Bassrush 2.0 Mixed by The Voss & NC-17 *
*New, unreleased track

Released September 1, 2017 on Viper Recordings

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BMotion’s Top Tips for Remixing

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Just as Viper Recordings release the amazing  BMotion remix of Moby‘s ‘A Simple Love’ we caught up with the man himself BMotion to get his top five tips for remixing, check it out!


1 – Don’t stray too far from the original.

This one has been said a million times but it’s easy to forget when you’re excited about getting stuck into a new tune! Especially when, as it’s a remix, the  musical ideas are all ready and in place and it’s easy to get carried away morphing and messing around with things eventually turning it into a completely different track!


2 – Follow the brief 

A pretty obvious one, but if you receive a brief along side the parts that says “we would like this to have a commercial sound” don’t give them an underground minimal roller. On the other hand , if you don’t get a brief , go for it!!


3 – Leave the vocal processing alone. 

By this one, i mean the main chorus / hook sections. A vocalist won’t be happy if you hand something back having changed the melody or used auto tune everywhere on something they spent months working on. This also applies to the mix down of the vocal part, make your track fit around the vocal and not the other way around, after all, the vocal is the main listening point.


A cool thing to do however, is take little chops / snippets of words, mess with them and have them repeating in the background as ambience or weird effects every so often. I use a plug-ins called Glitch 2 and Fracture for this quite a lot


4 – Make sure time stretching doesn’t affect the audio quality.

Similar to point 3 , you don’t want to ruin the vocal. A good tip for doing this is break things into small chunks, that way computers seem to deal with stretching and squashing things a bit better. This took a bit of time with the Moby remix, as they didn’t send any details on the original Bpm and there was a fair bit of vocal to go through!


5 – Try and retain your sound. 


This is probably the hardest one whether it be a remix or an original track. Trying to put your stamp on something that’s plastered with someone else’s parts is hard! I normally go through a tonne of ideas before settling on the final version. Calyx and Teebee are really good examples of this across the board, they’ve developed quite a unique sound. But as mentioned in point 1 , this may not always be what’s wanted, so striking that balance is key!!


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Blaine Stranger – Mesmerise / Get Down

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Last year, Sam Lloyd aka Blaine Stranger made waves with his debut music on Viper Recordings, with both ‘Chat Shit, Get Banged’ on last year’s Summer Slammers compilation, and his massive ‘Rock With It / I See the End’ single. Since he discovered Ableton in 2011, the young producer hailing from Sydney, Australia has proven he’s on a path to success, and his latest two tracks are a shining example.

Now, joining Viper Recordings as their latest exclusive signing, Blaine Stranger is here to stay, offering two brand new tracks, which are destined to demolish dancefloors everywhere.


Mesmerise’, pairs captivating vocals with funky, modulated basslines, creating a sound that is as catchy as it is evocative. This is the type of tune that gets the whole room dancing – Blaine Stranger has certainly left us mesmerized once again.

On the flip, ‘Get Down’ delivers an empowering intro with energizing synths, leading into an adrenaline filled build-up alongside iconic robotic vocals that add an apocalyptic flair. Blaine Stranger successfully combines powerful bass with impeccable flow, paving the way for his bright future in the drum & bass scene.

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Released July 28, 2017 on Viper Recordings

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Cyantific – Fade Into Night

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Released: 21st July 2017
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Cyantific continues his momentous 2017 with the 80s-infused ‘Fade Into Night’. Delivering the same sort of euphoric vibes we got with the massive ‘Outatime Pt. 2’, he combines vibrant synths with amped up basslines to deliver a sound that is 110% Cyantific.

Sultry vocals paired with impeccable sound design to create a track that is high energy from start to finish, and the creative use of retro synths add a burst of colour to the mix. Pulsating, dynamic, and just a little bit sassy, Cyantific has impressed us yet again with another formidable release.
Forging the future of dancefloor this summer, ‘Fade Into Night’ is guaranteed to have you groovin’ all night long.


Catch Cyantific dropping his biggest tracks at the Summer Slammers 2017 event at Work Bar, London on 5th July alongside: Brookes Brothers, Koven, Insomniax, Ekko & Sidetrack, Hillsdom, and special guest Tantrum Desire. www.summerslammers.co.uk

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Toronto Is Broken’s debut single from his Album is out now!

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Christian Hoffmann – aka Toronto Is Broken – is a name that’ll be on many a Drum and Bass fans’ lips this summer. Hailing from the UK, the producer is quickly gaining attention in the bass music world for his unique sound and experimental edge; not to mention his ability to conjure up a seriously club-worthy hit. Since his debut EP ‘Move It’ made a big impact in 2012, Toronto Is Broken’s already impressive track record has seen him garner support from some of the industry’s biggest names.

This year will see the release of the producer’s second album, following the huge success of his ‘Section Nine’ LP in 2015. Now, off the back of more recent tracks ‘Voyager II’ and ‘No Gyal Tune’, Toronto Is Broken releases the very first single from his upcoming LP on Viper Recordings: ‘Make Me Feel / Trying To Find Home’.

First up, ‘Make Me Feel’ wastes no time in giving us a taste of what this artist is capable of, blending together his trademark power-fuelled drums with a murky, tech-infused bassline. Dark and dangerous, it’s clear that this track will be blowing plenty of speakers over coming months.

On the flip, ‘Trying To Find Home’ highlights a softer side of the producer’s capabilities, merging atmospheric vocals with a euphoric, reflective composition.

With his album ‘You Are (Not) Alone’ set to drop later this year, stay tuned for more unique beats and bass appeal from Toronto Is Broken in 2017 and beyond.

Toronto Is Broken
‘Make Me Feel / Trying To Find Home’
1. Make Me Feel
2. Trying To Find Home (feat. Jodie Carnall)

Label: Viper Recordings
Cat# VPR113
Genre: Drum & Bass
Released: 2nd June 2017

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Everything you ever wanted to know about Toronto Is Broken


Christian Hoffmann’s initial venture into the world of music started out with a guitar whilst at school, and after various attempts attract bands with his passion, he went on a solo mission to produce electronic music after buying Enter Shikari’s first album “Take to the Skies”. After receiving a cracked copy of FL Studio 8 from his guitar teacher at the time, Christian went on to produce IDM, Glitch and Ambient music but had no actual knowledge about the genre apart from a minute handful of tracks. He decided to to do some research on Myspace into IDM artists which later led him to discover Spor, and his first ever D&B track: Spor’s remix of “Stompbox” by The Qemists. It was following this that Christian bought his first D&B album, “The Acts of Mad Men LP” on Viper Recordings which sowed the seeds for his passion of 174bpm.


Several years of work and perseverance later, Christian went on to be picked up by the UK bass label Sub Slayers, ran by former Kiss FM and Ram Records resident Jay Cunning. His first release “The Move It EP” received high praise throughout the scene which featured “Spirit Song 2012”, played by everyone from Paul Oakenfold to Sub Focus. “Spirit Song 2012” was also used as the main piece in the Arcadia Spectacular show at festivals all over the world. After several EP’s, remixes and singles on Sub Slayers, Christian went onto release his debut album, “Section Nine” that featured the tracks “A Place in Time, LV-426, Die for You and Field Of Poppies”. It was a concept record that tells the story of a civilisation that falls apart due to their dependence on technology and social networks. This opened many doors for him that led to releases on the prestigious Viper Recordings and Technique Recordings, as well as a wealth of DJ’s who continue to supporting his work in clubs and radio globally, especially his recent string of “post-Section Nine” singles “Original, Voyager II, No Gyal Tune, The Antidote & SXN”.


Following the success of “Section Nine” it wasn’t long until Futurebound snapped up Christian exclusively to join the already mighty artist roster on Viper Recordings and set Toronto Is Broken to work on his second album, and sequel to his first album entitled “You Are (Not) Alone”. “YA(N)A” tells the story of an individual’s personal struggle with depression and isolation, trying to find their place in a world that was collapsed in on itself after the events of “Section Nine”.

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