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HDG – Timelessness (Official Music Video) [Citate Forms]

After a short break, we are glad to present to you the official video to HDG – Timelessness! The producer is the one and only HDG. Go crazy with the like button and also please re-post the video, this would help us out a lot! Furthermore, be prepared for the 20th release from our label on the 16th of November which will contain the actual song from the video in this post.

Peace out, Citate Forms

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approvedAdvertising is the key to any websites success or failure. Drum and Basslines has been established for over 3 years now and attracted visitors from around the globe during that time.

In Electronic/EDM music scenes it can often be hard to attract visitors as we are all in a specialised niche of the market. Therefore one of the best ways to attract new visitors to your site is COLLABORATION with other like minded websites. At the end of the day the key here is not to try and hog everything to yourself (achieves very little), but to share and grow together.

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Updated March 2016 :

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Since we launched DnBTV 6 months ago we have been overwhelmed with the response worldwide to its success! Occupying a niche market of electronic music mainly Drum and Bass, Dubstep, and Breakbeat, in the style of what MTV used to be about (The MUSIC!!) it is now featured not only on the drumandbasslines.com website but multiple TV portals around the world.

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Getting high quality Flash Media Servers for video is not an easy task… We have therefore decided to offer DEDICATED servers for a bargain price to our list of hosting services.

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