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VALE- Dimitri’s Table VA [VALE]

VALE brings their dark bass sound to the forefront once more with the release of their newest compilation, the enigmatically titled DMITRI’S TABLE. The inspiration for the name came from Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev, one of the first ever scientists to formulate the periodic table. Unique periodic elements combine to form compounds. Compounds have different properties from the elements that make them. In many ways this is reflective of collaborative musical projects

Within are nine tracks featuring collaborations by an assemblage of artists within the auditory landscape, including an utterly unique meeting between the twin aliases of PHIZICIST & ZAIN WOLF.  Although composed of disparate approaches to production, the VA’s tracks combine with coordinated fusion of the common thread within all–a unifying commitment to low end frequency pervasive with each of its many melodies.


WAEYS & DAYLE’s MERGE introduces the compilation with a fusion of two discordant sonic states, one that flows with relaxed pads and reverberating keys, and another that sets a roaring bass straining against its sonic bounds. DFNKT & GEMO’s aptly titled WOBBLE features the sounds of an authoritative bassline, which defines the track with its rolling undulations as they carry a variety of glitched tones in their wake. CRIMES! & SIGRAH’s RAVECLASH dub fueled bravado couples soundsystem sirens and ringing vocals out above a rolling drumbeat backed by a high pressure bassline. CONFUSION sees a slice of dark halftime delivered by MISSING & POSEIDON, who create a soundscape dominated by a pummeling kick and snare combo and a melody that drips with malice. ZIMBU & AAGENTAH’s ETHEREAL explores a landscape inhabited by a multitude of sonic elements, held in line by the sonorous pulse of its hollow snare and stony kick. PHIZICIST & ZAIN WOLF’s STAGES OF DEPRESSION carries a melancholic sentiment upon its analogue orchestration, later transforming into a neurohop beat that buzzes with an array of energetic samples. KLIINE, DMR, & WALRUS TALES’ ECCENTRIC evokes a distinct and dream filled jazzy vibe as a hazy saxophone melody drifts through ambient pads atop a roving drum & bass beat, the track abstracted from reality by the timbres within. DEEZ & FRQ NCY’s MYSTERY BOX comes packed with a cacophony of sounds which reflect off of its walls atop the pulsations of its shifting dubstep beat. CARLO FRICK  & ABELATION close the compilation with ZAPPIFIED, featuring the interactions of a highly mobile & electrified bassline on top of a constant 4 beat pattern that surges with energy.


With DMITRI’s table, VALE continue to promote a diverse range of sounds from across the bass music spectrum, exhibiting works from some of the most intriguing names rising within the scene. With its specialized fan oriented & collaborative focus, VALE itself is a collective rising in unison with the artists represented within.

Bandcamp: https://entervale.bandcamp.com/album/dmitris-table-va-compilation