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Dushi - Love & Happiness Remix EP [Urban Wildlife]

New Release – Dushi – Love & Happiness Remix EP

Urban Wildlife double down on Dushi’s sensational ‘Love & Happiness’ with a remix EP, bringing on board three top-rate producers to spin the track in different directions.

‘Love & Happiness’ was introduced to the world on Urban Wildlife Vol 3 earlier this year, and proved such a hit for the German label that they have invited Smuskind, T:Base and Ly Da Buddah to get on remix duties and keep the momentum flowing.

Smuskind twists the original into a brooding half-timer, T:Base adds layers of liquid gold and Ly Da Buddah muddies things up with a minimal jump-up take straight out of the left field.

Listen below…


Dushi: https://www.facebook.com/dushidushidushi/
Smuskind: https://www.facebook.com/smuskind.music/
Ly Da Buddah: https://www.facebook.com/LyDaBuddah/
T:Base: https://www.facebook.com/TBaseMusic/

Urban Wildlife Vol. 3 [Urban Wildlife]

New Release – Urban Wildlife Vol. 3

Urban Wildlife steps back into the ring for the third instalment of its all-powerful drum & bass series, serving up another 24 trans which run the gamut of the genre from blissful liquid to rough-and-tumble bass business.

The label’s expansive view of drum & bass seeks to connect artists with a shared love of life at 175bpm, offering a platform to newcomers who are just tapping in to the d&b matrix. It’s a true labour of love that spans the globe – and that diversity shows up on each track.

Listen below or head here to buy.


New Release – Urban Wildlife Vol. 2

Covering the length and breadth of European drum & bass, the second release from the ambitious Urban Wildlife platform has landed, and it is bursting at the seams with 170bpm goodness.

Pushing fresh new talent from Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Croatia and the UK to the fore – alongside more established heads – there is something on the 23-track epic Urban Wildlife Vol. 2 to bother almost any sub with.

Around half of the record tends towards the liquid end of the spectrum, with the likes of Changing Faces, Javano and El Hopaness serving up delicious cuts which perfectly fit that mould. The rest of the compilation tilts further and further towards outright carnage courtesy of Brazed, Venom218 and many more sadistic synth-stranglers. Meanwhile Krytika and Smuskind can be found knocking on the boundaries of the genre.

Pick up the compilation over at http://urban-wildlife.com/ or wrap your ears around a FREE DOWNLOAD mix here