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Drumsound & Bassline Smith- Booyaka EP [Technique Recordings]

We’ve barely had time to catch our breath after the shattering impact of “The Bomb”, Drumsound & Bassline Smith’s huge collaboration with Tantrum Desire. Even so, the Technique bosses are already back with a four-track EP containing ammo straight from their tried and tested dubplate armoury.

The title track “Booyaka” opens in an unsettling landscape of retro sci fi tension, as pads and bleeps ride the building percussion. The approach of mayhem is signalled by thunderclap kicks exploding through the system, and it’s time for all real ravers to step forward. Surging waves of bass crash into the dance, and as Drumsound & Bassline Smith add evolving layers of breaks into the mix to hype things further, it’s game over.

“Unity” is infused with the flavours of jazz, soul, and funk as horns, keys, guitar licks, and vocal stabs set the tone in the intro. Just in case you were expecting some laid-back liquid groove, though, DBS quickly dispel that idea with a kick-build that delivers us right into high-energy mode. Those infectiously bubbling basslines and rolling drums could only have come from producers steeped in the jungle foundations. This is a classic-style roller that’s perfectly configured for 2019 dancefloors.

Next, the soaringly epic opening of “Straight from the Underground”, made from subtle hints of percussion and sweeping choral timbres delivers a hands in the air moment that’s going to have deejays everywhere wheeling up to run it from the top. When Drumsound & Bassline Smith suddenly throw in an angst-inducing discord and a dramatic build that drops into twisting and modulating bassline savagery, absolute banger status is assured.

“Mash it Up” is a stone-cold killer. Militant drums and anthemic orchestral chords immediately let us know this is warrior music. Drumsound & Bassline Smith aren’t playing. As the eponymous vocal clip leads us into the drop, we’re assaulted with a multi-strike combo of evolving basslines and break-laden drums. Taking elements from jungle and neuro, they’ve created something fresh that’s going to hurt you whatever your sub-genre of choice. You’re going to want to check this.

Drumsound & Bassline Smith’s precision-tooled basses and high-energy break deployment are well known, and their craft really comes to the fore on this EP. There’s high-level studio science at work here, married perfectly with a natural, raw, junglist vibe. That’s why the “Booyaka EP” is going to connect with real DnB heads everywhere.

Purchase the Booyaka EP on Beatport: https://www.beatport.com/release/booyaka-ep/2442400

Drumsound & Bassline Smith & Tantrum Desire- The Bomb [Technique Recordings]

Given that Tantrum Desire has been one of the leading lights of Drumsound & Bassline Smith’s Technique Recordings for years, it’s surprising that there have been relatively few collaborations between them. So, since the announcement of their Technique International Sound live team-up, we’ve been breathlessly hoping that meant more DBS x TD sonic monsters would escape into the wild. And our prayers have been answered.

Now, if you’re calling a track “The Bomb”, you’re clearly not here to play around. And, as this is the first time we’ve seen the Technique bosses’ names on a track alongside Tantrum Desire’s since their dynamite remix of TD’s “Pump”, expectations are skyscraper high.

As wailing sirens, militant percussion, and an almost orchestral assault of bass explode onto the scene, we’ve got an intro to make you sit up and take notice straight from bar number one. Then that gigantic, multi-stage, acid-flavoured rise towards the drop means that whatever’s on its way is already worthy of a wheel up.

And then “The Bomb” drops. Steel-toed kicks and jaw-breaking snares hit hard, but they’re light on their feet, bouncing syncopated rhythms over the savagery of the bassline. And this tune isn’t done yet. Another huge build switches up the focus and delivers us into strident, glistening stabs to keep the vibe heated.

This is a monumental release from a group of producers who, even after all this time in the top tier, are still able to find new ways to light up a rave. It’s multiple-megaton DnB.

Support “The Bomb” on Beatport: https://www.beatport.com/release/the-bomb/2422656

Back to the Beat Volume 1 [Technique Recordings]

2018 has already seen a series of landmark releases from Technique Recordings, including No Concept’s “Weirdo” featuring D12’s Bizarre, their always-heavyweight summer compilation, and the monumental “Technique Goes to Let it Roll” EP. But, now, there’s yet another twist to the tale with “Back to the Beat Volume 1”.

This release compiles two tracks from artists fresh to the label. A string of big tunes, A-lister deejay support, and some powerhouse collaborations mean that the names Kursiva, Isaac Maya, and Exile will already be familiar to real DnB heads though.

On the opening proceedings, “Mexican Gang” sees the collision of Kursiva and Isaac Maya’s tech and jungle influences. And they’ve spawned a monster. From the first G-funk broken piano chords, moving through the gorgeous licks of Spanish guitar, the deft musicality shines through. And then the devastating scythe of bass drops to provide a savagely raw counterpoint. Simultaneously melodic and vicious, this is a tune that’s going to find a home in discerning selectors’ sets from all corners of the scene.

Then, Exile comes through with “Listen & Run”. There’s no time wasted as we’re thrown immediately into a dystopian soundscape, twisted and warped vocal samples melding with reconfigured percussion hits. Gut-churning low-end signals approaching menace, and, as the beat drops, the tune becomes an asylum of bassline madness. Ever-evolving bass modulations carve across the two-step beat, to create an elegant, neo-classic darkside roller. Everyone, whether jungle purist or jump-up skanker, is going to be feeling this one.

So, this release showcases the sound of three DnB artists hitting their prime. We’re hearing distinctive production voices paying homage to the foundations while still delivering ultra-contemporary dancefloor drum ‘n’ bass music. And, let’s not forget, this is only Volume 1 of “Back to the Beat”. There are many more chapters of this story left to tell, and we can’t wait to see what’s coming.

A. Kursiva & Isaac Maya – Mexican Gang
AA. Exile – Listen & Run

Purchase Back to the Beat Volume 1 on Beatport: https://www.beatport.com/release/back-to-the-beat-volume-1/2416047

Tapolsky & VovKING – The 2nd EP [Technique Recordings]

The first thing that strikes you about Tapolsky & VovKING’s new Technique Recordings EP is the title. The name “The 2nd EP” comes pre-loaded with expectations of a next step onwards. And, given that their last EP was the ground-breaking, not-quite-categorisable “Modern Innovations” four-tracker, we could be headed just about anywhere. So, what does the next step sound like?

“Talk to Me” wastes no time in delivering us into Tapolsky & VovKING’s strikingly individual sonic world. Euphorically melodic elements contrast with an unsettling glitchiness. And as the tune drops, the stark interplay between bass, drums, and synth-pizzicato is given depth and power by the stuttering and shifting rhythm of the modulations. This is altered state music, suited equally to early-hours raving and headphones-on intimacy.

The contrasts continue in “Cool ID”. The piano, plucked bass, and laid-back vocals of the intro seem to promise a simply silky liquid roll out, but we should know by now to expect the unexpected from these two producers. And you don’t get much more unexpected than the pitch-bent, twisted, artillery of riffs that they deploy to cut through the atmosphere. Unusual, and at the same time exhilarating, it’s a journey we haven’t quite been on before.

“Ledra” has its own share of surprises. Soulful chords and vocals immediately set the tone, but the next sixteen bars add some neuro seasoning into the mix. And then the drop offers even more revelations, as portamento and staccato touches of bass bounce off stripped-to-the-bone drums. And Tapolsky & VovKING still have more to show us, as the breakdown reconfigures into a head-nodding half-time section. For the mind as much as the rave, it’s yet another highly individual take on the DnB paradigm.

Finally, “Chase You Down” offers one more approach to vocal drum ‘n’ bass. And this one’s all about the rhythmic interplay between the beats and the bassline. Single-syllable lyrics match the off-balance juddering patterns as layers of percussion connects and disengages from the evolving low-end. Elements fall in and out of step with each other adding drama amid the sparseness. This is DnB made without reference to a formula.

To combine technical experimentation with emotion, and still end up with engaging and energising DnB music is an alchemy which eludes many. Tapolsky & VovKING seem to have made that synergy their primary focus, however, and they’re quickly building a discography of future-proofed drum ‘n’ bass science. So, can there be a next step beyond this? If anyone can find it, it’s these two guys.

Purchase The Second EP on Beatport: https://www.beatport.com/release/the-2nd-ep/2406996

North Base – I’m Forgiving Love ft Ewan Sim [Technique Recordings]

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Been living under a rock? No? Well, in that case, you won’t need to be told about the achievements of Manchester’s North Base. Together, team members Silver, Splice, and Prophecy have released on an eye-watering array of the world’s biggest DnB labels, and appeared on stages most deejays can only dream of. Basically, they’re a big deal. And now, following up their almighty collaboration with Erb N Dub, Punk Rock, they’re back on Technique with some brand new dynamite.

Precision-engineered horns and the swell of pads set the tone immediately. Then as Manchester singer-songwriter Ewan Sim’s distinctive vocal rises over the horizon, I’m Forgiving Love takes on a character all of its own. It’s soulful, and at the same time draws on an almost folk-like heartfelt flavour. We get all of that, underpinned with North Base’s trademark ultra-clean synth manipulation and a build that’s going to cause serious levels of hype. This tune’s clearly going to grab people’s attention across raves and airwaves alike.

As I’m Forgiving Love drops, it’s that serpentine swirl of bass that grabs your attention immediately. Modulating and transforming from bar to bar, once this tune has you in its grasp it’s not going to let you go without a fight. Uppercuts of kick and snare drive the point home, and reverberating siren-calls and snippets of vocal repurposed as percussive fills keep the energy at maximum. A lighters-up breakdown gives the ravers a moment to catch their breath before the madness kicks back in once again. This is simultaneously a main-stage anthem and a high-calibre deejay weapon that’s going to be heard everywhere.

So, North Base have returned to Technique and, to put it simply, they’ve delivered a banger. Explosive bass and beats make this certified dancefloor material, tied together with a vocal from Ewan Sim that gives an extra emotional dimension. Manny’s in the house and they’re not playing.


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