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Submit Music to Drum and Basslines Radio and TV

Track/Mix Promotion Special Offer

We want you to submit your music to Drum and Basslines website. Got a new release or mix you want featured on DnBLines Radio or DnBTV tv channel as well as promotion on Twitter and Facebook?

For only £10 you can get the following for 1 month :

1) Radio play for MP3s on DnBLines Radio (Main and Genre channels) or DnBTV for video files.
2) Prime slots at 18.00, 19.00, and 20.00 (uk time) for your release or mix (max 1 hour file).
3) Website article to help you promote your release.
4) Twitter and Facebook promotion of your track/mix every time it is played on our prime slots.
5) Permanent inclusion of your track on the station playlist (not available for mixes… yet…).
6) Article featured on Drum and Basslines, and regularly shared to Twitter and Facebook to extend the social reach.
7) Regular customised Twitter post you decide with your keywords / hashtags for your release


DnBLines TV Logo - DnBTV

Top 20 DnB / Dubstep / Breakbeat / EDM Articles of 2014

DnBLines TV Logo - DnBTV
DnBLines TV Logo – DnBTV

Its near the end of 2014 so we thought we would share with you all how successful a year it has been for Drum and Basslines. We have seen a huge increase in website traffic, the explosion of viewers on DnBTV, and massive growth of our Social network following on Twitter (Follow us here : www.twitter.com/DnBLines)

This article is to highlight the website exposure part of that so here is the Top 20 list of articles we have published through 2014 with a count of the views, as well as links for you to go and read them again !!

Total Views Read again Article Title
17694 READ AGAIN HERE Exclusive Interview with ILL SKILLZ for Drum and Basslines
12411 READ AGAIN HERE Special Feature – BC#9 – Album Review and Track Details
9279 READ AGAIN HERE Exclusive Latest News – Zomboy – The Outbreak – USA Tour and new album
7373 READ AGAIN HERE Pushy – Take It EP – Kiosk Recordings – March 2014 – Updated with Preview
6842 READ AGAIN HERE Feature – Document One (Technique Recordings) – Podcast and New Release EP
6718 READ AGAIN HERE New Release – BMotion – Circles/Need Your Love – 9th February
6391 READ AGAIN HERE Forthcoming Release – The Prototypes – Pale Blue Dot / Lights
6302 READ AGAIN HERE Focus on iNK
6106 READ AGAIN HERE New Release – Mesmerism EP – Seba – Secret Operations
5686 READ AGAIN HERE Forthcoming Release – Reabo – Whatever May Come – 27th April 2014
5588 READ AGAIN HERE New Release – Far Too Loud – Doomday Machine – Never Say Die Records
5499 READ AGAIN HERE Dion Timmer – Aggression Part 1 EP – 20th January 2014
5445 READ AGAIN HERE New Release – Slighter – Science of Noise – Out Now
5396 READ AGAIN HERE DLR, Mako & Fields – Old Soul / Bridge The Gap – 5th May 2014
5247 READ AGAIN HERE New Release – Vyill – Beyond The Inception – 11th February 2014
4905 READ AGAIN HERE New Release – Karetus – Battle Royale – 3rd February 2014
4741 READ AGAIN HERE New Release – Kaosa √ We Are Kaosa EP
4393 READ AGAIN HERE Stevie Hyper D – Generation Hyper – 3rd March 2013
4378 READ AGAIN HERE Free Download – Zero T ft. Riya – Truth Hurts

With more and more Record Labels, Distributors, and Media outlets utilising our Promo Pack offers, they have seen HUGE benefits to their marketing campaigns during 2014. That is sure to continue into 2015 and beyond. You can check or order our promo pack here : http://www.drumandbasslines.com/2014/05/06/trackmix-promotion-special-offer/. If it is not exactly what you are looking for then email us on contact@drumandbasslines.com for customised work. If we see your suggestions of value to many people then any development costs will be FREE.


DnBLines TV Logo - DnBTV

Drum and Basslines – The home of DnBTV


DnBTV Live Feed (To submit your suggestions for new tracks check the live page HERE) :

Drum and Basslines is the home of DnBTV, 24/7 music channel dedicated to bringing you the very best Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Breakbeat, and Trap music to your home. We are also an international event brand, news portal, giving you the latest news, free mp3 downloads, and a social community with its focus on all things with an electronic bassline.

DnBTV involves YOU to suggest to us any music we are missing from our playlist, so check out the live page, and send us your suggestions!

Our last live event was in Kyiv, Ukraine on 24th March 2012 at Xlib Club with Doc Scott headlining.





Drum and Basslines was founded in 2010 as an international event brand with events in Ukraine, Belarus, UK, Georgia and other Eastern European countries.

After 2011 we had guests including Raiden, Mutated Forms, Unknown Error, and Doc Scott so far. This list will increase in the future!


Drum and Basslines - Flyer - Unknown Error Drum and Basslines - Flyer - Mutated Forms

Drum and Basslines - Flyer - Raiden and Mutated Forms Drum and Basslines 4 Flyer

Drum and Basslines Ukraine Tour - Simferopol Drum and Basslines Ukraine Tour - Donetsk


Raiden said ‘Definately one of the best ive played at this year’

Aleksandr (Mutated Forms) said ‘Thats 2 Drum and Basslines parties I have played at and really enjoyed both’

Unknown Error said ‘I would LOVE to come back and play again!’


Our event sponsors range from well known clothing brands like Adidas and Depo Jeana, online magazines including TopDJ andKefir, to internet portal websites based heavily in the electronic music scene.

Adidas Originals Ukraine Xlib Club Kyiv Depo Jeans Jungle Massive
TopDJ Extra DJ Rider Week Off

We are always looking for more sponsors for the website or our events. We will help promote your products in whatever way we can. So whether you are another website focusing on electronic music, a car manufacturer, online mp3 or vinyl shop, gaming or partypoker gambling site, entertainment portal, or even a charity looking for more exposure, then get in touch with us by email at contact@drumandbasslines.com