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Riot - Destroyer EP [Skalator Music]

New Release – Riot – Destroyer EP

Riot heads to Skalator Music to unleash four tracks of Portuguese power.

A record informed by the producer’s roots as a drummer, and his subsequent immersion in the drum & bass scene, the Destroyer EP is  much more than the wrecking ball its title suggests.

Boasting impeccable production skills and some tight percussive twirls, its a weighty record from a genuine drum & bass talent.

Pick it up at https://skalatormusic.bandcamp.com/, listen here.





M:Pathy - Anticipation/Pressure [Skalator Music]

New Release – M:Pathy – Anticipation/Pressure [Skalator Music]

Announcing his arrival on Portuguese label Skalator Music, M:Pathy has dropped two devastating tracks which go together like steak and chips – one tough enough to really get your teeth into, and the other light, fluffy and still just a little bit crispy.

Techy workout ‘Anticipation’ snarls menacingly on top of an earthquake sub-bass while on the flip ‘Pressure’ soars high above the low frequency rumble using liquidy pads for rocket fuel.

Listen here, and head to https://skalatormusic.bandcamp.com/ to buy.

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