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Hybris, Proxima and NickBee remix Moby

Hybris, Proxima and NickBee remix Moby

Two Moby and the Void Pacific Choir tracks get the remix treatment from three drum & bass producers on More Fast Remixes About The Apocalypse.

Hybris (Czech Republic) twists ‘All The Hurts We Made’ inside out and slots precision-engineered beats underneath for a head spinning take on Moby’s original track.

Meanwhile NickBee (Ukraine) and Proxima (UK) take on ‘It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye’, the former chopping strings and vocals into an apocalyptic stomper and the latter pitching things down before thumping half-time takes over.

The tracks come from Moby’s Void Pacific Choir project which he launched in 2016, inspired by his love of 80s punk and new wave. They come from the most recent record, More Fast Songs About the Apocalypse.

Listen below or head here to buy.



Om Unit and Digital remix Seba

New Release – Om Unit and Digital Remix Seba

Two classic Seba tracks have been given the remix treatment by two heavyweight producers on a new remix single for Secret Operations.

Om Unit steps up to flip ‘External Reality’ into a slightly more restrained affair, breaking down the rhythm and smoothing out the bassline beautifully. On the other side, Digital delivers a frantic take on ‘Day by Night’, keeping hold of the bass sound that characterises the track and taking it into totally new ground.

The remix single comes two years after the re-issue of Seba’s album Return to Forever. Listen below, or head to www.secretoperations.com to buy.


Cid Poitier - Deep Logic EP [Translation Recordings]

New Release – Cid Poitier – Deep Logic EP

London producer Cid Poitier is back with his second release on Translation Recordings,  a treacle-thick affair fusing jungle, dub and dancehall vibes.

Held together by great swells of bassweight, the Deep Logic EP travels through the soundsystem culture the producer loves and knows so well.

Techy opener ‘Deep Logic’ is a claustrophobic drum & bass track which nods towards late 90s neurofunk. Elsewhere the sharp edges are rounded off, leading to the dub-infused ‘Kill Sound’ and jungle/dancehall cut ‘Unity’, before the tempo drops to 140bpm for the heavyweight dub skanker ‘Rebel’.

The EP closes with an urgent remix of ‘Hear Dis’ from Cid Poitier’s Afrique EP from the Untouchables.

Listen below, head to https://translationrecordings.bandcamp.com to buy.



Naibu remixes Silent Dust (none60)

Naibu remixes Silent Dust (none60)

Parisian producer Naibu has twisted two hip-hop flavoured cuts from UK genre-manglers Silent Dust into elegant chunks of drum & bass.

Nearly ten years into a career which has seen radio support from the likes of Fabio, London Elektricity and Goldie, Naibu brings a touch of the class his native city is known for to his remixes of ‘My Only Option’ by Silent Dust ft. SelfSays & Jon1st and ‘Population, Me’ by Silent Dust ft. SelfSays.

Keeping the hip-hop feel intact, Naibu adds a solid d&b foundation to ‘My Only Option’, and transforms ‘Population, Me’ into a liquid-tinged roller powered by the voice of Michigan’s own SelfSays.

Listen here, and buy at https://none60records.bandcamp.com/.


New Release – 81:94 FX Remixes [Delta9 Recordings]

With a weapon as deadly as Ethik & Dottor Poison’s ’81:94 FX’ on their hands, Delta9 has done what any responsible label would do – released a bundle of eight huge remixes.

Featuring some of the German label’s favourite producers, the already powerful track is chopped and changed into various new shapes to complete the From The Streets project.

An utterly uncompromising neurofunk take comes from Italian producer Merikan, while his countryman Stoner takes the track down a psychotic wormhole. Croatian duo Kodin & Logics pile on the bassweight, while the remix from German project Instinkt has won radio support from Noisia. Check out the full tracklist and listen below.

  1. 81:94 FX (Merikan Remix)
  2. 81:94 FX (Kodin & Logics Remix)
  3. 81:94 FX (Instinkt Remix)
  4. 81:94 FX (Neve Remix)
  5. 81:94 FX (Stoner Remix)
  6. 81:94 FX (Lifesize MC vocal version)
  7. 81:94 FX (Lower Bass Remix)
  8. 81:94 FX (Ephyum Remix)

Get the record at the Delta9 website – http://www.delta9recordings.com/.

And for a reminder of the original, listen here

Delta9 Recordings