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Gamma Plasma Audio

Forthcoming – Icicle, Safire Amoss, Gamma – 4th State (Icicle Remix) – February 2014

Gamma Plasma Audio
Gamma Plasma Audio

Icicle, Safire Amoss, Gamma –  4th State (Icicle Remix) – Plasma Audio

Plasma Audio mark the first step in their record label’s life with a huge remix of Safire & Amoss’ track “4th State feat Gusto”, from the Dutch production lord, Icicle, of Shogun Audio fame.

“Straight Up Like A Harrier”. Gusto’s words are not used lightly as Icicle’s remix wastes no time in warming up before firing itself straight upwards into a cloud of Neuro swirls and unrelenting synth stabs. A tune that guarantees to lay waste to any dance floor in its vicinity.

Safire and Amoss take the controls back again for the release’s flip side. After the dramatic entrance of the “4th State remix”,  “Gamma” shows another glitchier and more minimal side to the Plasma imprint. Take a ride with the tune as it flows over peaks and troughs of progression and breakdown.

Preview :

We will have the full release purchase links for you very soon but in the mean time check out more releases by Icicle HERE

Plasma Launch Sequence – 13.12.13 from BBA on Vimeo.

And…. the Plasma Collab website HERE


Enjoy !!!

This weeks JunoDownload Drum and Bass Chart :



Plasma Collaborative

Plasma Collaborative – An Introduction

Plasma Collaborative
Plasma Collaborative

Plasma Collaborative, a creative force attacking on all fronts of innovation. The new creative platform, Plasma Collaborative, aims to focus and promote the creative output of some of the world’s cutting edge talent both established and and new from all over the globe.  Based in Melbourne, Australia and headed up by Safire & Finna (BBA Entertainment), who have been organising tours and events in the south pacific for nearly a decade.  The platform will launch the website in December and then shortly after their first Vinyl / Digital drum & bass release will arrive, produced by Safire and Amoss and remixed by the mighty Icicle (Shogun Audio).


The collective will output and create through a variety of components; Electronic Music, hand made limited edition Apparel, Digital Media Production including Music videos, production tutorials, sample packs and the platform will also boast it’s own music studio facility in Melbourne, Australia.





Plasma Collaborative is here!!! We will have more info and details about this project in the coming weeks and months !