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O.T Quartet - Hold that Sucker Down 2015 Remixes

Forthcoming Release – OT Quartet – Hold that Sucker Down 2015 Remixes

O.T Quartet - Hold that Sucker Down 2015 Remixes
O.T Quartet – Hold that Sucker Down 2015 Remixes

Forthcoming Release – OT Quartet – Hold that Sucker Down 2015 Remixes

Mondays can either end up being complete shit, or…. they can bring some cool surprises!!!

Today is the second option !!! When I was a (very) young raver there were always some tunes that time would NEVER FORGET. Time passes, 1 year, 5 years, 10 years… and you dont hear anything…. 15 years, 20 years, and then 21 YEARS LATER one of those tracks that took the club scene by storm IS BACK AGAIN !!!

Yes it was back in 1994 that OT Quartet released the original of Hold that Sucker Down. Bad hairdos, slightly oversized mainly coloured vocalists, lots of breakdancing in the video, and maybe what most would say was a standard house beat that made 80% of tracks at that time a hit. BUT there was something about OT Quartet (one hit wonder from what I remember) unique. An IMMENSE reach for the stars track, some powerful vocals, and happy ravers that had every club you could find in UK, Spain, and probably the whole of Europe JUMPING LIKE HELL !!!

So… can that anthem of times past be beaten??

The official press release text :

Landing through Champion Records on 31st May is a sublime remix package of OT Quartet’s classic ‘Hold That Sucker Down.’ Stepping up to deliver reworks are Cera Alba, Damien Hall, Alex Van Alff, StoneBridge and Bruno Kauffmann.

Cera Alba’s Terrace rework is up first, taking down the intensity of the original and providing a groove-laden house beat. Damien Hall introduces some shuffling drum patterns whilst Alex Van Alff keeps his version bouncing and up-tempo. StoneBridge keeps to a progressive techno theme that is interspersed with vibrant piano chords and Bruno Kauffman rounds off the EP in suitably driving style, really drawing out the powerful vocals.

This unmissable remix collection highlights the true caliber of the original whilst giving each artist the chance to shine with their own take on it.

My review :

It would be a miracle in my eyes to beat the original, but with 5 remixes then maybe some could come close… i was hoping….

Attempt 1 by Cera Alba – Sorry to say it wasnt a good start for me personally. A regular semi minimal house track that you can hear anywhere. Sure someone who hasnt heard the original will probably like it, but Im not one of those people

Attempt 2 by Damien Hall – Once again didnt work for me. Sure it has a deeper bassline which is fine, but only small samples of the original like an afterthought from a child who didnt understand what made the original so good.

Attempt 3 by Alex Van Alff – First few seconds of the soundcloud cut I was airing on the negative sound… but then at the first drop this guy light up my eyes, the full intro and build up with a modern touch thrown in, AND the vocal as well !!! Even now listening to it again its still working for me.

Attempt 4 by Bruno Kaufmann – Instant vocal which held promise for me. The impact of the first drop however left me disappointed as it sunk back into any other house track with nothing exciting to keep me listening. I waited for the second drop but was once again let down so its a no from me.

Attempt 5 by StoneBridge – The familiar intro I needed this one to make up for the disappointment of attempt 4, and it was starting on the right foot. First 30secs i was happy, but not amazed. It was still building (like a Skyscraper as the original was subtitled). The breakdown was almost entirely the original i almost cried !! My hands in the air (like i just dont care…), this guy had 100% captured the imagination of the original and had brought back an anthem from the past and brought it up to date!

Summary :

Think its clear to say I have 2 favourites in this Remix EP and thats StoneBridge in first place, followed by a strong effort by Alex Van Alff. None of them are the original, but fair play to those 2 who should be proud of their versions!

Before ending this (very long) review I have to share the original video with you all so you can make your judgements yourself :

Take a listen to the remixes, AND the original, and make up your own minds. The whole remix EP gets a 7/10 from me, the 2 versions I rated highest get 8/10 each from me.

ENJOY !!!!