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Opinion : The Rise and Fall of Drum and Bass

Opinion : The rise and fall of Drum and Bass

Opinion : The Rise and Fall of Drum and Bass
Opinion : The Rise and Fall of Drum and Bass

Opinion : The rise and fall of Drum and Bass

The other day I received an email with a free track to my Inbox from a normally reputable Drum and Bass label Low Down Deep. I dont like pointing out a label directly, but in this instance it helps to highlight my point.

Low Down Deep is one of the very best labels in the Drum and Bass scene, headed by one of the very best live DJs in the scene in Logan D (son of the legend Mickey Finn). As you can see I have a lot of admiration for both Mickey and Logan which has been earned over years of watching them perform, listening to their tracks, and being a Drum and Bass DJ as well.

Thats what REALLY made me write this post in the first place. If I received a track from an unknown label, and unknown producer, or a newcomer making his first tracks and wanting my opinion then it would not have either frustrated me, or made me inclined to write this post at all.

So, maybe 10 or more years ago a group of fellow DJs and myself fell in love with DJ Zinc’s remix of Ready or Not (yes the old Fugees track that was popular worldwide). Just to remind you of it if you never heard it here it is (ignore the title saying it was Aphrodite it was not, it was 100% DJ Zinc!!)

Its now time to be let down heavily so be prepared for this…

Firstly as its a bootleg it is on DnBShare for free, but to be honest NOBODY in their right mind would ever want to pay money for it after listening to the DJ Zinc version. Well thats my opinion anyway. Take a listen yourself –

FREE DOWNLOAD LINK – https://dnbshare.com/download/DOMINATOR_LOGAN_D_-_READY_OR_NOT_BOOTLEG.mp3.html

Did you manage to listen all the way through or about 1 minute until the first drop then turned it off as I did?

Maybe its just me I dont know (dont think it is as ive asked a few friends to listen and they thought the same), there are plenty of comments on the new Youtube video saying its amazing and really great, or maybe those are all automated marketing comments which a LOT of labels indulge themself in now, paying some sneaky developer/marketers a few $ to post 100+ comments and likes on their content to make it ‘look’ popular…

Or maybe its just young listeners who are new to the DnB scene, that didnt experience Drum and Bass in the Nineteys and Noughteys when it was more underground, not trendy, didnt have the fancy plugins and ‘make a track in an hour’ software that means even my mum could probably make a track now on her iPad or Android phone !!

Is that last point the real key to this? Has the technology that means anyone can make a track in a day, and the cheapness of making an mp3 file compared to the cost of making a vinyl, has it all just degenerated the whole scene into a constant stream of shit that all sounds the same? With a hundred ‘producers’ all using the same plugins and sounds to make 1000 different tracks, for labels to be able to pump out 10 or more ‘new tracks’ a week, to a less critical audience, who is happy to pay a Pound for a track, compared to someone back in the 90s who would only buy the VERY BEST vinyl for 6-8 Pound a go….

Before I finish this post I would like to make it very clear that this is NOT a post against Low Down Deep, it just refers to them on this particular day, on any other day it could just as well be any other BIG label, and thats what makes this much more deep and worrying (at least for me)

Authored by MX
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