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Noisia Radio S02E41

noisia_radio-s02e41This week in Noisia Radio; new music from their  own imprints, lots of exclusives and your weekly dose of beats and bass.


NU4M & Kije – Delirium [INVISIBLE]
Hash & Monty – Head Rip [SATURATE]
Nickbee – Together With Future [EATBRAIN]
Zombie Cats & Safra – Portal (Joe Ford Remix) [MAJOR LEAGUE]
Telekinesis – Occult [BLACKOUT]
DLR – Time Wasting [DISPATCH]
The XX – Shelter (Alix Perez & Khanage Refix) [XL]
Architek & Visceral – Broken [RENRAKU]
Break – Ain’t No Turning Back [SYMMETRY]
Urbandawn – Quid Pro Quo [HOSPITAL]
Former – Aleph Here [DIVISION]
Ulterior Motive – Bagels [SHOGUN]
Signal & Disprove – Fearless [CRITICAL]
Kije – Once Again [CRITICAL BINARY]
Misanthrop – Antimachine [NEOSIGNAL]
Dub Head – Spaceship [DISPATCH]
Stereossauro – Cruisin’ For Ramen [CRATE]
Fourward & Friction – Run Your Mouth [SHOGUN]
Alphie & Halpe – Fake [SOUNDCLOUD]
Hybris – Keeping Me [INVISIBLE]
Felix – 4Grantd [RECORD RECORD]


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Noisia Announce ‘Outer Edges’ Shows In London, Groningen & Eindhoven

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5/11 Groningen

24/11 Eindhoven

9/12 London


Noisia have announced they’ll be bringing their ‘Outer Edges’ audiovisual show to Groningen, Eindhoven and London later this year. The Dutch shows are on sale now. UK fans can sign up to be the first to be notified about the venue and line-up announcements for the London show, and for exclusive access to pre-sale tickets. Further details will be released soon.


As of 16th September, Noisia have released the CD and vinyl versions of their new album ‘Outer Edges’. They were forced to rush release the digital download and streaming versions on 5th August, after the album leaked and appeared online. The 18-track album is their first in six years and was originally scheduled for release this month (16th).


Noisia recently launched their ‘Outer Edges’ tour at the Czech Republic’s Let It Roll festival, and the trio’s new audio visual touring concept, featuring their biggest production to date, has since hit Sziget, Pukkelpop, Lowlands, and SW4, with a headline show during ADE at Melkweg (21/10).


With a peerless reputation and countless awards under their belts, Noisia have transcended their genre and grown into a phenomenon in their own right. Drum & bass is at the core of Noisia’s sound, but Nik, Martijn, and Thijs’s visceral brand of electronic music has always ventured further, and the trio have continuously pushed boundaries through their own music and via collaborations with artists like Amon Tobin. This attitude extends outside of the studio and into the curation of the Noisia Invites events and their DJ shows, where they share stages with the likes of Skrillex, Andy C, Gaslamp Killer and Chase & Status.


Expert sound design is inherent to all of Noisia’s work and they use complex and intricate production techniques to create music that draws an unconstrained, palpable energy from dancefloors and festival arenas alike. In this respect, ‘Outer Edges’ pulls no punches, there are no concessions to daytime radio d&b, no singer-songwriter top-lines, and any vocal elements are twisted out of shape (the superb ‘Tentacles’ is testament to this). ‘Outer Edges’ shows Noisia in uncompromising form; ‘Collider’, ‘Anomaly’, ‘Mantra’, and ‘Get Deaded’ are four heavy dancefloor cuts alone on an album that moves from their signature neurofunk to the more experimental edges of their sound via tracks like ‘Stonewalled’, ‘Miniatures’, ‘Exavolt’, and ‘Sinkhole’.


NOISIA SAID: “It’s called Outer Edges because it’s us exploring the outer edges of what Noisia, the three of us together, is. It’s about the idea that all the songs are little islands that we take to their individual edge… They’re all like expeditions to far sides. That doesn’t mean that it’s everything; it’s just that every song, if it goes in a certain direction, we’ve taken it all the way there. There are no real concessions – we haven’t been super DJ-friendly or radio-friendly at all. We’ve done no collaborations and hardly any vocals on the album.”











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Noisia Radio S02E37

noisia_radio_s02e37Noisia Radio with new music by Misanthrop, new bits from our Outer Edges album, your weekly dose of beats and bass, and your tweets answered in Question Time.


Misanthrop – Minimalinski [NEOSIGNAL]
Wooly Mammoth & Holly – Mixed Feelings [DIVISION]
Current Value & Signal – Stealth Ops [CRITICAL]
Noisia – Miniatures [VISION]
Disprove – Two Faced [EATBRAIN]
Shield – Calypso From Hell [VANDAL]
Cousin Litt – Explore Drums w/tsuruda [SOUNDCLOUD]
Hybris – Carousel (NickBee Remix) [PLASMA]
Audeka – Into The Deep [METHLAB]
A.M.C. & Turno – Disconnected [TITAN]
Noisia – Surfaceless [VISION]
Break – Who Got Da Funk [SYMMETRY]
Sun – Roots [MED SCHOOL]
Trex – Loco [TRUST]
Vue – Hologram [ENRICHMENT]
Distant Future & MT – Hardware [MED SCHOOL]
Getter – Sick Jet Pack Bro [OWSLA]
Question Time!
Switch hop crane2 test 1.mp3
Matrix & Fierce – Light Sleeper [C4C]
Metome – Feather [POST GEOGRAPHY]

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Noisia Radio S02E36

noisia_radio_s02e36Noisia Radio with new music by Former for their Division imprint and your weekly dose of beats and bass.

Former – Sympathy Mutant [DIVISION]
Noisia – Into Dust [VISION]
Enei – Iron Curtain (Fre4knc Remix) [CRITICAL]
Shades – Gravediggin’ [1985]
Agressor Bunx – Scream [IGNESCENT]
MachineCode – Skaro [EATBRAIN]
NickBee – Out Of The Dark [INVISIBLE]
Malux – Rubix [INSPECTED]
Halpe – Jade Tearz (Reaken Remix) [SOUNDCLOUD]
Surie – Pathfinder [MED SCHOOL]
Shandy – Crack (Shield Remix) [NEW WORLD AUDIO]
Hybris – Subversion [INVISIBLE]
Sober Rob & Manitee – Jungle Robot [ELYSIAN]
DLR & Ant Tc1 – The Grip (DLR’s ‘Tripping’VIP) [DISPATCH]
Greazus – Braise [DIFFRENT]
Noisia vs The Upbeats – Dead Limit [VISION]
Question Time!
shutters 13 (Glits).mp3
Cousin Litt – The Smoking Rooms Airports Occasionally Have [SOUNDCLOUD]
Ewol & Wingz – Perspectives [LISTENER SUBMISSION]
State Of Play – Poor Man’s Deal (Konflict Remix) [ASPECT]
Moth Circuit – Autism [SOUNDCLOUD]

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Noisia Radio S02E35

noisia_radio_s02e35Noisias weekly dose of beats and bass with brand new music by Nickbee and Shades.

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Nickbee – Sounds Of War [INVISIBLE]
Shades – Cryptic [1985]
Noisia – Motion Blur [VISION]
Agressor Bunx – Overwatch [IGNESCENT]
Noisia – Vigilantes [VISION]
Monty – Breath In The Frequencies [CRITICAL BINARY]
Hyroglifics ft. Foreign Beggars – Persuade [CRITICAL]
TC – Next Hype (Malux + Crissy Criss + Erb n Dub Remix) [3BEAT]
Tapecut X Nuar – Arhonzas [SOUNDCLOUD]
Machinecode – Mechtropolis [EATBRAIN]
Qbig & Zenith B – Hold Me Close [FLEXOUT]
Herzeloyde – Soon Forget [BANDCAMP]
Subtension – Overground [PLASMA]
Data 3 – Sleepwalking [ADDICTIVE BEHAVIOUR]
Cousin Litt – Running Out Of Weed [SOUNDCLOUD]
DLR – Thinking About Tomorrow [DISPATCH]
Dom & Roland – Natural Selection [DRP]
Question Time!
ik ben boos.mp3
Thook – 50 Wind [SOUNDCLOUD]
Chase & Status – Eastern Jam [RAM]
dBridge – Evolvent [EXIT]
Rival Consoles – Night Melody [ERASED TAPES]

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