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Drumsound & Bassline Smith & Tantrum Desire- The Bomb [Technique Recordings]

Given that Tantrum Desire has been one of the leading lights of Drumsound & Bassline Smith’s Technique Recordings for years, it’s surprising that there have been relatively few collaborations between them. So, since the announcement of their Technique International Sound live team-up, we’ve been breathlessly hoping that meant more DBS x TD sonic monsters would escape into the wild. And our prayers have been answered.

Now, if you’re calling a track “The Bomb”, you’re clearly not here to play around. And, as this is the first time we’ve seen the Technique bosses’ names on a track alongside Tantrum Desire’s since their dynamite remix of TD’s “Pump”, expectations are skyscraper high.

As wailing sirens, militant percussion, and an almost orchestral assault of bass explode onto the scene, we’ve got an intro to make you sit up and take notice straight from bar number one. Then that gigantic, multi-stage, acid-flavoured rise towards the drop means that whatever’s on its way is already worthy of a wheel up.

And then “The Bomb” drops. Steel-toed kicks and jaw-breaking snares hit hard, but they’re light on their feet, bouncing syncopated rhythms over the savagery of the bassline. And this tune isn’t done yet. Another huge build switches up the focus and delivers us into strident, glistening stabs to keep the vibe heated.

This is a monumental release from a group of producers who, even after all this time in the top tier, are still able to find new ways to light up a rave. It’s multiple-megaton DnB.

Support “The Bomb” on Beatport: https://www.beatport.com/release/the-bomb/2422656

VALE- Dimitri’s Table VA [VALE]

VALE brings their dark bass sound to the forefront once more with the release of their newest compilation, the enigmatically titled DMITRI’S TABLE. The inspiration for the name came from Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev, one of the first ever scientists to formulate the periodic table. Unique periodic elements combine to form compounds. Compounds have different properties from the elements that make them. In many ways this is reflective of collaborative musical projects

Within are nine tracks featuring collaborations by an assemblage of artists within the auditory landscape, including an utterly unique meeting between the twin aliases of PHIZICIST & ZAIN WOLF.  Although composed of disparate approaches to production, the VA’s tracks combine with coordinated fusion of the common thread within all–a unifying commitment to low end frequency pervasive with each of its many melodies.


WAEYS & DAYLE’s MERGE introduces the compilation with a fusion of two discordant sonic states, one that flows with relaxed pads and reverberating keys, and another that sets a roaring bass straining against its sonic bounds. DFNKT & GEMO’s aptly titled WOBBLE features the sounds of an authoritative bassline, which defines the track with its rolling undulations as they carry a variety of glitched tones in their wake. CRIMES! & SIGRAH’s RAVECLASH dub fueled bravado couples soundsystem sirens and ringing vocals out above a rolling drumbeat backed by a high pressure bassline. CONFUSION sees a slice of dark halftime delivered by MISSING & POSEIDON, who create a soundscape dominated by a pummeling kick and snare combo and a melody that drips with malice. ZIMBU & AAGENTAH’s ETHEREAL explores a landscape inhabited by a multitude of sonic elements, held in line by the sonorous pulse of its hollow snare and stony kick. PHIZICIST & ZAIN WOLF’s STAGES OF DEPRESSION carries a melancholic sentiment upon its analogue orchestration, later transforming into a neurohop beat that buzzes with an array of energetic samples. KLIINE, DMR, & WALRUS TALES’ ECCENTRIC evokes a distinct and dream filled jazzy vibe as a hazy saxophone melody drifts through ambient pads atop a roving drum & bass beat, the track abstracted from reality by the timbres within. DEEZ & FRQ NCY’s MYSTERY BOX comes packed with a cacophony of sounds which reflect off of its walls atop the pulsations of its shifting dubstep beat. CARLO FRICK  & ABELATION close the compilation with ZAPPIFIED, featuring the interactions of a highly mobile & electrified bassline on top of a constant 4 beat pattern that surges with energy.


With DMITRI’s table, VALE continue to promote a diverse range of sounds from across the bass music spectrum, exhibiting works from some of the most intriguing names rising within the scene. With its specialized fan oriented & collaborative focus, VALE itself is a collective rising in unison with the artists represented within.

Bandcamp: https://entervale.bandcamp.com/album/dmitris-table-va-compilation

NEW RELEASE- The Korsakov Compilations Vol. 1 [Korsakov Music]

The influential Dutch KORSAKOV event movement presents a breakthrough release of powerful proportions with the debut of THE KORSAKOV COMPILATIONS VOL. 1, the first release on their newly developed label KORSAKOV MUSIC. In celebration of their three year anniversary, the team behind KORSAKOV EVENTS is stepping into a new phase of their existence, not content merely to host artists at their incredible live events, but now also pushing to pioneer sound with a record label set to be a unifying force in DnB. Backed by the unstoppable force of KORSAKOV events representing every subgenre of Drum & Bass, KORSAKOV MUSIC now sets out to carry the same philosophy forward with their imprint. THE KORSAKOV COMPILATIONS VOL. 1 devotes itself entirely to this purpose with 14 tracks killer tracks produced by 14 established names within every sector of DnB, including liquid, jump up, halftime, dancefloor, and neurofunk.

TICK TOCK sees its glittering arpeggios paired with a running bassline, which carries the track forwards at considerable pace with effortless grace amongst the mistrals of distant yet impassioned vocals. TENSION flexes with the undulations of a deep rolling bassline, punctuated by the stabs of a tonal snare that takes its position high above the track’s murky depths. 0K11 exudes an experimental atmosphere as it hums with a frantic menagerie of glitched tones, all of which are swept away at the behest of its powerful kick & bass combo that roars with unrestrained intensity. VEKTOR contrasts the destructive force of its hard charging bassline with the bombastic energy of its impish melody, a dance that imbues each with the attitude of its partner in a unique synthesis of spirit. Building on a similar atmosphere of sinister intensity, RUN 4 delivers a relentless assault by way of its grinding bassline, explosive drums, and vocal sample tinged with a timbre of unstable psychosis.

With THE KORSAKOV COMPILATIONS VOL. 1, KORSAKOV presents an uncompromising compilation covering the full spectrum of Drum & Bass, yet unified in its resolute commitment to showcasing the best of each subgenre. As a result, KORSAKOV MUSIC is set to land with meteoric impact amongst the labels of the DnB scene, unique in their equal devotion to all of its many styles. With their first release, they deliver a fitting manifesto that is both unifying and powerful in its objective to move both mountains and the dance.


LOCKJAW brings his sonic expertise to bear with the release of the HUMAN RESEARCH LP, a significant moment for both artist and label that represents the first album released by both LOCKJAW and his LOCKED CONCEPT imprint. After delivering a taste of the LP earlier in the summer with the “Human Research Sampler EP”, which saw glowing reviews in DJ Mag and Mixmag, LOCKJAW is set to unleash the 12 track project in full, presenting a diverse array of individually unique sonic experiences for the listener. Though diverse, the LP is unified by LOCKJAW’s technically exacting style even as it crosses over into new sonic frontiers.

It is these unexpected turns into new auditory realms that most define the LP throughout its body. Whilst LOCKJAW still exhibits the expected full force of his ability within Drum & Bass on tracks such as PASSING FT. CURRENT VALUE, in which glittering cosmic atmospheres collide with mangled metallic bass, he further flourishes this same ability in a variety of unexpected areas. OPTIONS sees these same techniques put to use in a stripped down house track, causing it to reverberate with funk-filled warehouse atmospherics. The wistful aura of A THOUSAND REASONS sets the listener adrift in an experience of cathartic melancholy, as the strums of its guitar seem to tug physically at one’s nerves. Within its final two tracks, EMPATH & THE SPACE BETWEEN US, the album’s themes converge in their most triumphant form. Present here are the cosmic atmospheres of PASSING, the emotional response of A THOUSAND REASONS, and the innovative attitudes of OPTIONS, synthesized into a pair of cohesive audio sequences.

From this synthesis rises a final theme, one that pushes ever forwards with singular intent. The reflection provided by these final tracks serves to magnify this theme, as LOCKJAW looks forwards to further exploration within the sonic medium. With the HUMAN RESEARCH LP, LOCKJAW has displayed both his artful production ability and his desire to step beyond traditional bounds, a combination set to bring him to further heights as he continues researching its myriad possibilities.

MVRK - Dots EP [Pseudoscience Recordings]

New Release – MVRK – Dots

For the first time Hybris has given another producer the nod for a release on his Pseudoscience Recordings imprint – MVRK from Hungary, whose Dots EP hits like a ton of bricks.

Label boss Hybris has this to say about the third release on his label: “When I started Pseudoscience, I wasn’t in a rush to sign other artists, as I only want to release music that I feel absolutely confident about, and I’m a picky bastard.

“But upon first listen to Voyage (on my phone speaker) I told MVRK to lock it down, and the rest of the EP soon followed. MVRK is an exceptional talent from Budapest, who perfectly represents the Pseudoscience sound, and I’m extremely proud to present his debut EP on the label.“ 

That track packs a devastating punch – technically as well as musically – while elsewhere the sumo-size swing of ‘Energizer’ and the eerie robot death throes of ‘Ghost Circuit’ elevate the record several storeys above your standard neurofunk.

Listen below or head here to buy.