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New Release – Logics – Knock Knock EP

Logics drops his first solo EP on Delta9 Recordings, just months after causing a stir on the label with three huge tracks across three of their top-tier compilations.

The Croatian producer impressed with tracks on each release in the label’s heavyweight From The Streets series, and has now been given the chance to have a full EP all to himself.

Two parts razor-sharp half-time and one part taught roller (‘Ratio’, featuring previous collaborator Kodin), the ‘Knock Knock’ EP is an exercise in precise sound design and momentous groove.

The EP is out on July 14th, pre-order here and listen below.



Oliver Yorke - 'Wanderer'/'Not Giving Up' [none60]

New Release – Oliver Yorke – ‘Wanderer’ / ‘Not Giving Up’

Oliver Yorke is back with his second release on none60, featuring quite possibly the darkest track on the label to date.

A-side ‘Wanderer’ is that track, a pulsating half-time monster which ducks and dives into dark waters but doesn’t forget to come up for air. On the other side, the London producer teams up with label boss Silent Dust for the first time, throwing up a weighty cut of 21st-century jungle in the shape of ‘Not Giving Up’.

‘Wanderer’ / ‘Not Giving Up’ is out on June 16, pre-order here – https://none60records.bandcamp.com/album/nsy021-wanderer-not-giving-up






Soulful Nature - Memories EP [NexGen Music]

New Release – Soulful Nature – Memories EP

Soulful Nature is back with another fistful of perfectly-poised liquid tracks on his elegant new EP, Memories.

Following up last year’s well-received Going Nowhere EP, the Leicester-based producer heads back to NexGen Music for another helping of delicious liquid.

Piano leads the soaring title track, opener ‘The First Time’ spins in a pocket of groove, and it is emotion to the fore for ‘Away From Me’ and ‘Lowdown’ – perfect stuff as the sun starts to shine.

Buy the EP here – https://www.nexgenmusicgroup.com/store/nxg027d-soulful-nature-memories-ep – and listen below.


DLX - Ain't It Funky EP [Free Love Digi]

New Release – DLX – Ain’t It Funky EP

The latest off the cosmic Free Love Digi production line is the Ain’t It Funky EP from DLX, a break-mangling collision of drum & bass and footwork.

The North Carolina producer is heavily influenced by early 90s jungle and there is more than a trace of it throughout his EP, but it is kept under frantic half-time wraps until the chaotic conclusion of ‘Predator Dance Battle Party’ – which is every bit as fun as it sounds.

Get the record at www.freelovedigi.com, listen here.



Sinistarr, Kiat, Kabuki, Homesick - Rogue Style 1 EP

New Release – Sinistarr, Kiat, Kabuki, Homesick – Rogue Style 1 EP

Four acclaimed producers from across the globe have joined forces to craft an international homage to b-boy culture, where breakbeat and breakdance collide.

With tracks from Sinistarr (USA), Kiat (Singapore), Kabuki (Germany) and HomeSick (Canada), the Rogue Style 1 EP shows how shared hip-hop roots can blossom into very different beasts – Kiat’s ‘It’s Yours’, featuring Klose, is a feisty drum & bass cut while elsewhere heavyweight footwork is the order of the day.

For all four producers this is a particularly special project, with b-boy culture close to all of their hearts. Sinistarr said: “As a teenager I grew up as a b-boy, dancing anywhere I could: schools, parks, festivals, you name it, my crew was there with cardboard and a speaker.”

Kiat said: “Hip Hop has taught me to keep evolving, to explore new forms in all my art. Progression is the key to evolution.”

Kabuki said: “B-boy culture has always been a strong influence on how I pursued my art, mainly because of its DIY ethos and attitude of perfecting your craft. Incidentally these were also the aspects that drew me to Jungle when I first discovered it in the nineties.”

Homesick said: “I was only a child in the 90s and as a result I feel like my understanding of b-boy culture was experienced second hand thanks to 90s/early 2000s hip hop music. I appreciate the parallels I can see with footwork culture, particularly the similarities to the community mentality of break dancing.”

The record is out now on Leipzig-based label Defrostatica Records – pick it up at www.defrostatica.bandcamp.com and listen here.


A1 Sinistarr – Yo Speakerz (feat. Detroit’s Filthiest)
A2 Kiat – Visual (feat. Klose)
B1 Kabuki – South Bronx Subway Riddim
B2 HomeSick – Mass Appeal