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Pythius - From the Future / Akoord

Pythius – From The Future / Akkoord ft. June Miller

Pythius - From the Future / Akoord
Pythius – From the Future / Akoord


“Distinctive heavyweight neuro science” — UKF

“An icon in the drum and bass scene” — RAVER RAFTING

Synonymous with the name ‘Pythius’ comes the anticipation of innovative beat-making, technical expertise and top-of-the-range drum and bass. And that’s exactly what the Blackout heavyweight is offering with his newest single From The Future / Akkoord ft. June Miller.

Hailed as one of Blackout’s most impressive rising stars back in 2014 with his Abandon EP, the Dutch DJ and producer has since made a name for himself with his unique brand of high-octane, explosive drum and bass. Continuing his reign in the scene up until the present day, Pythius is well-known for his fiery, hard-hitting beats and the prominence he holds alongside pioneers Black Sun Empire, State of Mind and Neonlight amongst others.

Pythius treats us to a bold slice of sonic disorder with From The Future, expertly combining a commanding bassline with a special kind of emotional musicality of which only he is capable. On the flip side, Pythius drafts in fellow drum and bass powerhouse June Miller for Akkoord – a suspenseful roller in which the producers’ attention to detail and bass expertise comes to the fore.

With a full LP on the not-too-distant horizon, From The Future / Akkoord ft. June Miller pulls out all the stops as a taster of what’s to come. Available from 27th October via Blackout.




Gydra - Killparty EP

New Release – Gydra – Kill Party EP (Eatbrain)

Gydra - Killparty EP
Gydra – Killparty EP

New Release – Gydra – Kill Party EP (Eatbrain)

Artist // Gydra
Release // Kill Party EP
Label // Eatbrain
Release Date // 13.11.17 Beatport Excl.

The depth of the forest was unknown to those who lived at its verge. Shadows cast from the dense canopy seemed to reach out towards those who passed close by, wisps of darkness unfurling and twisting around the limbs of the youngest that dared to play at its sinister edge. The oldest stories of its roots passed across the creaking voices of the town pensioners hunched in the safety of others, discretely whispered and shot through with fearful looks. The allure of that dense and ancient place stretched back eternal, and bitter consequence waited for those who breached its dark heart. The crew ignored the nonsense of such crones, pulling the carts of equipment under the cover of dusk until the sounds of the town were but a memory. The speaker stacks were raised against the night, strings of lights hung between the trees and purity of disturbed bass rolled against the surrounding trunks as they disentangled themselves from the mundane fiber of the lives they left behind. Twisting against one another as they let flood serotonin delight, they ignited an orgy of sonic symbiosis as the rave found its wings and took flight. The spores drifted imperceptibly into the clearing from the darkness around, lodging without discomfort in the eyes, ears and noses of the gathered young. And then the screaming started, the undulating mass of the gathering turned inward… devouring itself as limbs were separated from bodies, necks ripped as skin tore loose and the blood flowed freely over the gnashing faces of those left alive at the KILL PARTY…

GYDRA return to EATBRAIN in force, following up their well-received CYBORG EP with the dynamic, darkly driven but funk-laced assault of the KILL PARTY EP. From the old-school drenched piano and ultrafunk of the title track, to the playful sinister intent of PRIMITIVE INSTINCT, the filthy sub explorations of PROBLEM and the predatory sensibilities of IKRA – the 4 tracks within display the dynamic and exploratory character of the production outfit. This is Russian neurofunk at its finest, delivered on the platform that’s tailored exactly to the premiere kinetic nature of its content.

Check out the Eatbrain Podcast featuring more from Gydra –

Quentin Hiatus - I'm Neither Quentin Nor Hiatus Vol. 3 [Free Love Digi]

New Release – Quentin Hiatus – I’m Neither Quentin Nor Hiatus Vol. 3

The insanely prolific Quentin Hiatus is back with another helping of intergalactic beats which stretch the drum & bass tag to breaking point.

The Free Love Digi boss likes to get up close and personal with genre boundaries, and on the third instalment of his I’m Neither Quentin Nor Hiatus series it’s strictly half-time, with rumbling bass sitting underneath lush textures which make for a typically atmospheric set of tracks.

Head to www.freelovedigi.com to buy, listen below.


Beat Assassins - Wake Ya Whole Block

New Release – BEAT ASSASSINS – Wake Ya Whole Block

New Release – BEAT ASSASSINS – Wake Ya Whole Block

Beat Assassins - Wake Ya Whole Block
Beat Assassins – Wake Ya Whole Block

Wake Ya Whole Block

24/07/2017 Beatport Exclusive
04/08/2017 Full general Release


The UK is bathing in sunshine. The festival season is on and everyone is thinking about their summer holidays!

So for that reason Beat Assassins are keeping it simple for their next release. No guest vocals or big name remixes, just A straight up banger for the big rigs, open air parties & clubs.
Wake Ya Whole Block drops pitch shifted vocals riding blippy leads that build to a full phat bassline roller ready to raise rooftops or beach bars !!!


Beat Assassins
Beat Assassins

Beat Assassins Official website: http://www.beatassassins.com
Soundcloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/beatassassins
facebook: http://www.facebook.com/beatassassinsldn
twitter: http://www.twitter.com/beatassassins
instagram: http://www.instagram.com/beat_assassins
mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/beatassassins

15 years of Seba's label Secret Operations

New Release – 15 Years of Secret Operations

From humble beginnings as a drum & bass night in a Stockholm basement in 1997, Secret Operations has grown into one of the scene’s most respected labels, bringing the formidable best of what Sweden has to offer.

The brainchild of DJ and producer Seba, Secret Operations was transformed into a record label in 2002, and it is that landmark change which is celebrated on the new compilation record.

Most of the Secret Operations back catalogue has Seba’s name to it, and his inimitable sound dominates the 18-track 15 Years of Secret Operations, but true to form other talented producers make appearances. They include Andy Skopes, Paradox, Resound and more.

Listen to the essential compilation here, or head to https://secretoperations.bandcamp.com to buy the digital-only release.