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Bc#9 - AquaSonica

New Release – BC#9 – Aquasonica

Bc#9 - AquaSonica
Bc#9 – AquaSonica

BC#9 is the production name for Jason Bakes. Jason started off his career as a guitarist for the band Thin White Line and worked with many inspirational and legendary rock/punk artists and bands before making the progression onto drum and bass and electronic production.

A wide varying album featuring jungle elements as well as more breakbeat, liquid, and trance styles this album has something for everyones tastes.

The feel of the album is one of an emotional journey. For example the title track “Going On” was produced at a very powerful and life defining moment in the history of Jason’s career. After a 2 year period of recovering from a brain aneurysm that left Jason without the use of both his arms, this track was created with the release of emotion and stress he had overcome in the previous months and years.

BUY THE ALBUM ON ITUNES HERE – https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/going-on-ep/id808289717

Heres some samples from the whole album !

Weve also got one of his famous podcasts Hooked On Tronix here from about 6 years ago now showing his love for electronic music through the years

BRAIN WASH-HOOKED ON TRONIX /2011 J-RoQ aka BC#9 by Jason Bakes A.K.A. B.C.#9 on Mixcloud

You can also follow Jason here :



Enjoy !!