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Ownglow - All Black and Change Your Life

New Release – Ownglow – All Black / Change Your Life

Ownglow - All Black and Change Your Life
Ownglow – All Black and Change Your Life

New Release – Ownglow – All Black / Change Your Life

At just 18 years old, the future of Ownglow is looking very bright indeed. Following up last year’s ‘Gold’/’Tension’ single with two startling and contrasting new cuts, this young American demonstrates a breadth and depth of production skill that belies his age. There’s a continuity here with the previous release, but there also seems to be a marked development. Perhaps its relocating to the UK and being closer to the origins of the scene he loves that has sparked new levels of creativity.

This time out there’s also the positive prose and soulful vocals of Thallie Ann Seenyen on ‘Change Your Life’ to kick things up an extra gear. Anthemic, uplifting and energetic, this is a tune that sticks to the inside of your skull like peanut butter in the roof of your mouth.

‘All Black’ demonstrates that Ownglow can also pack a punch from the more shadowy areas of the 170 spectrum. Still funky, still slick, still liquid, but this one envelops you more than it lifts you up. Less like peanut butter, more like treacle.

Ownglow has written a substantial post about Drum and Bass in the USA, and the fact he is only 18 years old :

I figured I’d write a little note on the tweet circulating from FuntCase regarding the state of Drum and Bass in America, being 18 and from the states and the impact that it carries.

Ownglow Profile Image
Ownglow Profile Image

There’s alot of interpretations going around about this tweet, alot of support as well as negativity. I’d like to address the latter by offering this as a humble piece of perspective from a young, American’s standpoint, who hasn’t been involved with the genre long, but maintains the passion for it more so than anything in life.

“I think America is finally ready to take on Drum and Bass. It’s got that huge fast paced energy, but also massively diverse in styles.” (original tweet from funtcase.)
Drum and bass, – yeah it’s a thing in the states. it’s met with alot of elitist ideals, strong voices and an undiluted passion. There’s a really odd mentality however which prohibits growth in the scene. See things are different in the states, you gotta be 21 to drink and attend a ton of events, leaving a brooding mass of underage music lovers stranded, not being able to attend shows of their kind. It sucks, and it prohibits talk among the main and most influential age group in the genre. This isnt a rant among clubs or entry age, it’s a call to the older more skilled junglists of the culture.

There’s a disconnect between a large number of the older heads and the new guns entering the scene. People don’t enter the genre the same time as you, nor do they have the same knowledge as alot of you do, I personally starting listening to drum and bass during 2010, not long ago at all, leaving alot of gaps to be filled in my knowledge of the roots of the scene. The reason that alot of artists of drum and bass aren’t being pushed or booked stateside is because the knowledge of who they are, their accomplishments and skills aren’t yet known to a vast majority of EDM listeners.

Something incredible happened though in the last few years in America. I remember throughout highschool being called a loser and a nerd because of my love for “techno” music, because people were uneducated and not ready for the sound that was pushed. Now you see everyone and their nans attending events. Electronic music consumers are now constantly seeking out more events and more artists. They start with the cheesier stuff of course, but as time goes, people begin to dig deeper and look more towards the sound they like. Although electronic music has been a thing for a while in america, it’s never been as publicized or commercially ready in the states, theres alot of people saying “oh funtcase dnb has been ripe in america for a while.”

Let’s be real, it hasn’t.

Of course theres the legendary drum and bass artists like Bachelors Of Science, Random Movement, Atlantic Connection, Planet Of The Drums, but it’s not in the timeframe that the majority “EDM” fans have been around. there’s been no point of reference for drum and bass entering as a powerful, commercially ready genre stateside, but now as this generation of listeners is starting to dig deeper, you have the ability to share, to listen and publicize to your mates the songs you love, all with out stepping foot in a club, the internet and social media has had the ability to connect the states – transatlantic to a scene that’s in one of it’s most important stages ever. More drum and bass artists are beginning to be booked and there’s more attention swinging towards the 174 hitting genre than ever. Instead of holding on to the ego of “I was there first” “it’s too commercial now” and then contradicting yourself by saying “why isnt it being booked here” – PUSH THE GENRE YOU LOVE. Who cares if a 16 year old is starting to pick up on Netsky or Sub Focus? Introduce them to more, don’t shame them by saying they’re hopping on a trend. Respect the youths who want to push the scene because remember, you were learning about it too at one point.

People are tired of mainstage house and generic festival music. If you love the genre, share it. people in the states are coming to a realization of the power of drum and bass. As funtcase has said, it’s diverse. you can find a style that fits!

big up the homies in the states that continue to push drum and bass. it’ll arrive in due time, promise.
-og xx

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