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Fever Dream Pt.II – Release due on 4th November – Never Say Die Records

NSDX047MUST DIE! returns with his latest EP, “Fever Dream Pt.II,” via Never Say Die Records on November 4th, 2013. He also delivers the next Volume Mix for Never Say Die – Number 47, which is available as a free download via the NSD Soundcloud page.


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Says MUST DIE! “Fever Dream (Part II) as a whole is about tying up loose ends. Finality. The ending chapter of the first book in a series. The release, to me, is filled with possibilities and paths for the future. Chaotic, melancholy, minimal, and maximal all play their respective parts and mesh together to create a unique sonic timeline. I feel like this is record is a great way for me to experiment and learn from myself, and to evolve musically as well. It’s a hello to exciting new opportunities to create and write.”