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Forthcoming new release – MUST DIE! – Fever Dream Pt. II

nsdx047MUST DIE!

MUST DIE! returns with his latest EP Fever Dream Pt. II via Never Say Die Records on 28 October 2013.

Never Say Die page : http://tinyurl.com/prgea9v

Says MUST DIE! “Fever Dream (Part II) as a whole is about tying up loose ends. Finality. The ending chapter of the first book in a series. The release, to me, is filled with possibilities and paths for the future. Chaotic, melancholy, minimal, and maximal all play their respective parts and mesh together to create a unique sonic timeline. I feel like this is record is a great way for me to experiment and learn from myself, and to evolve musically as well. It’s a hello to exciting new opportunities to create and write.”


Pre order at http://wewillneversaydie.com/mustdie