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John B – Lava / Lie To Me

john_b-metalheadz_lavaIt’s been a while since John B graced the skull with the headphones. Across his career he has released genre defining music. His tracks on Prototype are revered and we don’t even need to comment on his contributions to the Headz catalogue, but that’s all in the past- its 2016 and he has a new agenda to set. These tracks are exactly what you would want from John B on Metalheadz. One side has drama, one side has soul. It’s a welcome return for a missed team member.

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Mikal – Wilderness LP

mikal-wildernessMikal is a producer who has made a name for himself by making stand out drum & bass tracks that have caught the attention of DJs and listeners alike, he has released on a multitude of labels but it is Metalheadz that are releasing his debut album.
The album is called ‘Wilderness’ and it was very much worth the wait. A no nonsense statement of intent from the Bristol based produced who has been quietly working away in his studio and is now ready to show the world his work, collaborations on the album come from Chimpo, Xtrah, Break, RIOT and Sophie Barker.
The sound of the album is streamlined with a focus on low end sonic frequencies. It takes the fundamentals of jungle but none of the clichés; the execution is firmly rooted in 2016.
Goldie has the last word: “When I signed him I knew the potential he had in him – this album is the full realisation of that potential. He’s worked very hard at perfecting his craft and I’m very happy to hear it. His inversion of DnB culture has always excited me, the dub element is something that resonates with me as a missing part to the puzzle in the Headz camp.”

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Lenzman – Golden Age EP

lenzman-golden_age_epLenzman is back on Metalheadz with his first original work since his debut album Looking At The Stars. The EP is everything you would expect from Lenzman; soulful and well produced.

Got My Mind Made Up
Got My Mind Made Up kicks off the EP in typical style, it’s introspective and haunting. The piano and vocal and refrain adds massive character to the drums and bass and makes for the perfect mid set track when you need to take the vibe deeper.

Golden Age (Feat Steo)
Lenzman and Steo have become quite the sparring partners of late and the combination always delivers results and this track is no different. Lenzman takes care of the shuffling drums and gliding bass whilst Steo laces the track with his unmistakeable vocals- the track is already a favourite across the clubs.

Never Enough feat Forren
Never Enough is reminiscent of the classic liquid era in dnb, forlorn vocals and hints of guitar funk come in and out of the mix whilst the bass line pins down the drums and makes for a beautiful marriage.

Homie Don’t Play That
The last track on the EP comes equipped with rugged drums and mid-range bass accents that makes it stand out from the pack, it makes for a peak time track all in all and wraps up the


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