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Redpill- Lunch Time EP [Eatbrain]

Most people don’t think too much about their food. It’s understandable really, we humans as a species don’t like to think when we’re hungry. After all, that’s energy that could be spent chowing down on whatever happens to be put in front of us at the time. There’s something special about food and what it does to our brain, how happy it makes us to do such a simple thing as refueling our bodies. Everyone’s got their favorites, delectable delicacies of which they just can’t get enough. All of these preferences are all well and good, but I must confess that I consider them a bit inferior. I am of course a connoisseur for whom only the best will do, not only just for dinner but for lunch and breakfast too.

As far back as I can remember I’ve always craved new tastes, new flavors to excite my tongue and make my heartbeat race. As a child I loved the usual things like candy and dessert, but such simple things get old when you eat them all the time. Though I even ate my vegetables and found their flavours fine, my boredom with these basic tastes inched closer every day. I tried the foods of other countries, even haggis and its ilk, but still I was not satisfied with these tastes from far away. What I craved was something more, something viscerally exciting, a meal I could make myself without a recipe in writing. It needed to be bold in taste with complexity of texture, with the slightest hint of savagery and a pinch of salt for flavor. You see I’ve finally found it, a meal that I can savor, and its standing right before me exhibiting curious behavior. Now’s the best part, my favorite time of the day. Twelve o’clock on the dot, it’s LUNCHTIME. Won’t you stay?

REDPILL serves up a delicious new EP on EATBRAIN with the release of LUNCHTIME, following up the Call of the Warchief EP which started the year for him on the label. The five track EP features his uniquely horror infused sound in full, as well as a collaboration with neurofunk champion MERIKAN aptly entitled CHILDREN OF CHAOS, which rages upon the strength of its furious bassline and fast paced snares. The titular LUNCH TIME features monstrous vocal intoned with evil intent, whilst the syncopated rhythms of BOOM BOOM create explosive shockwaves as the EPs second track. AND THE HERO WILL FALL narrates a tragic epic with its grand arpeggios and harmonic bass and is followed by the aforementioned collaboration before FUSION synthesizes the disparate aspects of the EP within a single track. Placing singular focus on his sinister sound, LUNCHTIME shows REDPILL operating at peak performance.

Purchase the LUNCH TIME EP on Beatport:https://www.beatport.com/release/lunch-time-ep/2425044

New Release – 81:94 FX Remixes [Delta9 Recordings]

With a weapon as deadly as Ethik & Dottor Poison’s ’81:94 FX’ on their hands, Delta9 has done what any responsible label would do – released a bundle of eight huge remixes.

Featuring some of the German label’s favourite producers, the already powerful track is chopped and changed into various new shapes to complete the From The Streets project.

An utterly uncompromising neurofunk take comes from Italian producer Merikan, while his countryman Stoner takes the track down a psychotic wormhole. Croatian duo Kodin & Logics pile on the bassweight, while the remix from German project Instinkt has won radio support from Noisia. Check out the full tracklist and listen below.

  1. 81:94 FX (Merikan Remix)
  2. 81:94 FX (Kodin & Logics Remix)
  3. 81:94 FX (Instinkt Remix)
  4. 81:94 FX (Neve Remix)
  5. 81:94 FX (Stoner Remix)
  6. 81:94 FX (Lifesize MC vocal version)
  7. 81:94 FX (Lower Bass Remix)
  8. 81:94 FX (Ephyum Remix)

Get the record at the Delta9 website – http://www.delta9recordings.com/.

And for a reminder of the original, listen here

Delta9 Recordings