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Chris.Su- Without You EP [Fate Recordings]

CHRIS.SU makes a return to his own FATE RECORDINGS imprint with his WITHOUT YOU EP, a four track effort that sees him cover soaring melodics, hard edged sonics & deep rolling basslines with equal precision. As a 20 year veteran of the drum & bass scene CHRIS.SU is no stranger to such wide ranging sonic output, and such has been the focus of his FATE RECORDINGS imprint since its launch in 2013. The WITHOUT YOU EP marks CHRIS.SU’s first solo release since his Solar Eclipse EP released on 2016, and its clear that these tracks have been crafted with meticulous dedication to his diverse style.

WITHOUT YOU opens the EP alongside the lovelorn vocals of FEDORA which glide effortlessly over a driving beat, creating an experience of cathartic harmony as their sonant cries ring out at the track’s peak. TENSION carries with it a harsher attitude whilst still immersed in a sea of harmonic pads, the graceful undulations of which give way to the shifting movements of a fierce bassline that winds its way through the track’s sonic mileu. RAINDUST, the EP’s collaborative effort with NYMFO, tracks a course between the poles of the previous tracks. Herein, cascades of ephemeral vocals pervade the spaces between a deep rolling bassline as it moves through the track’s spacious sonic environment. The EP is then closed by the liquid mix of the titular WITHOUT YOU, amplifying the track’s emotive atmosphere atop the steady pulses of its refashioned bassline.

With the WITHOUT YOU EP, CHRIS.SU returns with a dynamic flourish of his musical ability, touching on multiple styles of drum and bass while crafting them to fit his signature sound. Featuring vocals from longtime collaborator FEDORA, as well as bassline rollers courtesy of NYMFO, WITHOUT you encapsulates CHRIS.SU’s sonic mastery for delivery via his FATE RECORDINGS imprint.

Purchase the Without You EP on Beatport here: https://www.beatport.com/release/without-you-ep/2436842

Nuaru - Like In A Dream EP [Free Love Digi]

New Release – Nuaru – Like In A Dream EP

More beautiful sounds are coming from the Free Love Digi camp, this time courtesy of Dutch producer Nuaru, who debuts on the label with the Like In A Dream EP.

The two-track release showcases the producer’s expansive vision – this loose take on half-time drum & bass is a world away from the punk rock and metal bands of his youth. The title track is mesmerising, with dream-like sweeps set over a rock-solid beat, while on the flip ‘She Blends In With The Ocean’ is a cinematic blast of fizzing bass and chopped vocals.

Known for his explosive live shows, Nauru played his first show at the Amsterdam Dance Event three years ago. He since signed to Basserk Records for a series of releases exploring different realms of low frequency centered sounds, while seeing his tracks featured on different labels and compilations alongside artists like Deon Custom, Arts the Beatdoctor and Pete Philly.

Listen below, or head here to buy.


Wagz - 'Exile' / 'Zodiac' [none60]

New Release – Wagz – ‘Exile’ / ‘Zodiac’

Wagz makes his debut on none60, one of the most devastatingly reliable labels in the game, with two cuts of flowing, golden liquid.

The Sheffield producer goes deep, with layers of warm bass dominating both tracks while gentle melodies give a lift to ‘Exile’ and sparse atmospherics do the same for ‘Zodiac’.

‘Exile’/‘Zodiac’ is out now on none60, the label founded by Silent Dust. Listen below, or head to https://none60records.bandcamp.com/ to buy.


Calibre – Essential Mix BBC Radio 1

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Belfast’s Calibre delivers a moody, cinematic two hour mix. Featuring brand new productions alongside music from Mala, Alix Perez, Dbridge, the late great Marcus Intalex, and even some rare BBC sound effects LPs!

Or listen here, as long its available: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b08vxk1z
1. Death of the Fly – More Death & Horror – BBC
2. Dirty Shadows – Future Sound of London – Virgin
3. 70’s Beauty – Hearts of Space – Rising High
4. Five Minute Flame – Calibre – Dub
5. You know I know & Thee know – Charles Bukowski – Caedmon Audio
6. Intro – Carl Craig & Moritz von Oswald – Universal
7. Stars We Can See – Calibre – TNS
8. As the Earth Kissed the Moon – Michael Steams – Light In The Attic
9. The Road – Calibre – Dub
10. Adagio – Dick Mills – BBC
11. Sand Promise – Calibre – TNS
12. Thunder Fog – Calibre – TNS
13. Trimming – Calibre – TNS
14. Limbo – Calibre – TNS
15. Lit – Calibre – Signature Recordings
16. I’ll Draw You A Mountain – Kevin Verwijmeren – Icarus
17. Wassold – Calibre – TNS
18. Eyes – Mala – Deep Medi
19. Softly Softly – Calibre – TNS
20. Dutty – Calibre – Deep Medi
21. Without You – Calibre – TNS
22. Mars Rain – James Bernard – Rising High
23. Love Is – Dominick Martin – Signature Recordings
24. Wind Through Crack In A Door – More Death & Horror – BBC
25. Round Box – Calibre – Signature Recordings
26. Crawler – Calibre – Signature Recordings
27. Falls To You – Calibre – Signature Recordings
28. Blind For Bang – Calibre – Signature Recordings
29. Footloose – Calibre – Signature Recordings
30. The Trot – Calibre – CIA
31. Mr Natural – Calibre – Signature Recordings
32. Synergy – Alix Perez/Spectrasoul – 1985 Music
33. Complain – Calibre – Signature Recordings
34. 8 am to 1 am – Skeptical – Dub
35. Sunrise – Calibre feat. DRS – Signature Recordings
36. Still Aint Changed – Random Movement – Flight Pattern
37. New Day – LSB feat. DRS – Soul:R
38. Step Forward – Marcus Intalex – Soul:R
39. No Discipline – Dbridge/Skeptical – Exit
40. Innate Motion – Tokyo Prose – Soul:R
41. Run Away – Calibre & Marcus Intalex feat. Fox – Signature Recordings
42. If You Wait – London Grammar (Calibre Remix) – Dub
43. Oh Please – Calibre – Signature Recordings
44. Bullets – Calibre feat. Diane Charlemagne – Signature Recordings
45. Field Recordings & Sound Design From End Of Summer – Johann Johannsson & Peter Albrechsen – Pattern
46. Manchester Nights – Calibre & Marcus Intalex – Signature Recordings
47. Field Recordings & Sound Design From End Of Summer- Johann Johannsson & Peter Albrechsen – Pattern
48. Grips On A Baby – Mary Lattimore – Footfalls Records

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