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RSS Feed

How to get the latest DnB, Dubstep, Breakbeat news on your PC or smartphone as its published

RSS Feed

Most of you have seen the RSS logo on many websites but have no idea what its for or how to use it. True??

Well RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. Sounds complicated considering one of the words is ‘Simple’…

Basically RSS is a way a website can publish all of its news in a formatted stream. As new articles or posts are added to the website then the RSS stream is instantly updated as well.

All you need is a program in order to read it in a nice format, without having to worry about the technology that is behind it all !!

Weve handpicked some applications for your PC and smartphone which will do the job for you, with some basic instructions for how to add any of the custom Drum and Basslines feeds we have made available.

Heres a quick reminder of the custom feeds we have available from the Drum and Basslines website :

Drum and Basslines Main Feed (all content from the site)


Free MP3 Downloads


Drum and Bass News


Dubstep News


Breakbeat News


PC : FeedReader

Feedreader Screenshot

Website : http://www.feedreader.com/

Installed this earlier today and it does everything I was expecting. Simply install the program and run it. then click File>New>Feed and paste in one of the feeds from the list above, and watch it do its magic. Click on a post in the middle column and it will appear on the right side. If you leave the program running then it will update on its own as new content is added so no need to refresh or anything it will just work !!!





Android : gReader

greader Screenshot

Download link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.noinnion.android.greader.reader

Available through Google Play store so should be easy to just search for greader to find it. A nice looking app with the same features as Feedreader above. Just have the link to the feeds you want to add and let it do its job.




iPhone/iPad : RSS Reader

RSS Reader Screentshot

A free app for your iPhone that can be found from a search in the app store which once again will bring you all the latest news as it happens!








There are hundreds of other RSS readers out there that do basically the same thing and will turn that mystery about RSS feeds into up to the minute news and information wherever you are !

I hope youve enjoyed this little tutorial, but if you have any questions then log in the site with Facebook (link on right side) and reply to this post, or send us an email or post in the forum and we will help to clear it up for you.

Drum and Basslines – Yes we know about music, but we also know about technology as well !!


Drum and Basslines – Mobile Site


We have integrated the Drum and Basslines site into a mobile application you can access direct from your smartphone. Nothing complicated for you to do, simply browse to www.drumandbasslines.com as normal and you will see our mobile friendly site. Should save you having to scroll all around the page on the main site, but if you like the normal view then you can also switch it between regular view and mobile view.