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Exclusive Interview with Aphrodite - 2016

Exclusive Interview with Aphrodite

Exclusive Interview with Aphrodite

Today we have something that seriously doesnt come around very often… the chance for me to interview one of the LEGENDS of Jungle and Drum & Bass !!

APHRODITE has been around since the very beginning in the late 1980/1990s on the House scene as well as Drum and Bass. He has travelled the world multiple times over performing in the USA, UK, Europe, Asia, and has earned his LEGENDARY status as not only a pioneer, but also as one of the most famous multi-genre DJ/Producers there is.

A few weeks ago he released his latest EP called King of the Beats 2016 and has a busy summer performing in Italy, Austria, Russia, Czechia, UK, USA, Spain, Slovakia and Germany.

We managed to catch him for an exclusive interview for the DRUMANDBASSLINES.COM website right here. Click the link below for an insight into the mind of Aphrodite, his past, his present, and his thoughts for the future!

Exclusive Interview with Aphrodite - 2016
Exclusive Interview with Aphrodite – 2016


Exclusive Interview with Aphrodite - 2016

Exclusive Interview with Aphrodite – 2016

Exclusive Interview with Aphrodite - 2016
Exclusive Interview with Aphrodite – 2016

Exclusive Interview with Aphrodite – 2016

DnBLines : Thanks for being interviewed for the DRUMANDBASSLINES.COM website. Firstly can you give us a brief background to how you got into DnB?

Aphrodite : Natural progression from House music… (yes, from the very beginning, House to Hardcore to Jungle to Drum&Bass ’88 to ’90 to ’94 to ’96

DnBLines : Your new EP King of the Beats 2016 is a bit of a bumper release. Not many EPs have 5 tracks on them. Can you tell us a bit about the release itself, the collaborations and your choices for who would remix it, and your anticipations for how it will be rated by your fans around the world.

Aphrodite : I have always enjoyed a release with a few different versions. With modern DJ-ing the way it is, it also gives the DJ, scope to cut/copy/edit the tracks as they see fit or want to include the different mixes in their sets.

CHECK OUT OUR PROMO FOR KING OF THE BEATS 2016 HERE (it will open in new tab)

Also check out the Levela Remix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gaWd3qT2j3g and Aphro Dub Remix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnI-XEXB3iE

DnBLines : Please correct me if im wrong, but this release is the first Ive heard from you for quite a while now. Did you have a break? Or were simply focussing on events and club nights more?

Aphrodite : I did go very quiet for a few years whilst raising children, but last year I had two new releases APH 61 and APH 62 which were both new tracks. I also did a few remixes, like the one for the Freestylers which hit the number 1 spot in a few D&B charts last year. This release has more eyes because the original track did so well I think.

Here you go … APH 61/62 and the Freestylers remix

DnBLines : Lets stick with your live performances for a sec. As I mentioned earlier, you have performed around the world probably many times over, there must be some nights during that time that will stick with you for ever, for being just amazing, or for being just an unusual venue. Can you tell us about some of the good, and some of the bad and why?

Aphrodite at Imagination Festival
Aphrodite at Imagination Festival
Aphrodite : I still loved performing at Glastonbury, main Dance tent to a huge crowd, the largest marquee in the world at the time with the sides rolled up, a warm night. The last time I was really nervous. ! Also enjoyed the Pirate Station shows in the 2000s, the largest in 2008 I think. But also small shows spinning around 4 hours at Burning Man to a small stage as well as controlling my bass burners at the Opulent temple, in a beach bar on sands of Boracay, La Plage Electronique on the Cannes beach was also a great moment.

DnBLines : Your first release Raw Motion was released back in 1992. Thats probably before some of your fans were even born! Can you tell us your perceptions of how the Drum and Bass scene has evolved during that time?

Aphrodite : That was my first release on Aphrodite Recordings. before that I was producing as Urban Shakedown, which were great times with tracks getting in the charts.

D&B has gone this way and that. I love it at the moment because during a set I can span over 20 years of productions. I’m always remastering or adding production to older classics so that I can include them in modern sets.

DnBLines : When I started listening to Drum and Bass one of the first tracks I think I ever heard of yours was Badass your collaboration with Micky Finn. When I listen back to it now it is still a beast of a track, but in the same way as other tracks of the time, it is clear that production techniques have evolved so much between then and now.

Aphrodite : Tracks today do involve more clarity in their production, heavier drums and much more stereophonic tones (if that’s an expression) but the raw ingredients of a track are the same as they always have been. Some of the older tracks have immense bass lines that can really over-power some of the modern baselines, as there is more going on above the bass in the modern track.

DnBLines : Do you share some peoples view, that the skill of producing has been lost due to too much technology these days? Or do you think it has enhanced and opened up the world of Drum and Bass to more people? What are your thoughts?

Aphrodite : I think that not enough time is spent on tracks. If I find a track I like, I want 6 minutes of it and different mixes, not just a 3.5 minute version where the second drop is exactly the same as the first. You can even hear the copy/paste …

DnBLines : Bringing us back to the here and now, can you tell us what other projects you are working on at the moment?

Aphrodite : Loads… New tracks, new remixes of classics from my catalogue, and re-recording my first 2 albums, then releasing my entire catalogue digitally… Think I will need some help !!!

Aphrodite in Moscow
Aphrodite in Moscow
DnBLines : What other types of music do you listen to?

Aphrodite : Everything from Classical to Rock to Reggae to Pop to Old School…

DnBLines : What are your targets for the next year or 2?

Aphrodite : To actually get some or all of those things I plan in my head..

DnBLines : Who are your favourite DJs and MCs worldwide?

Aphrodite : Too many to mention… Each DJ/MC has a great night and not so good nights, catching performances on the great nights when everything comes together is always enjoyable.

DnBLines : We do like to try and make our interviews a little bit different from others you may have done, so here is the 10second round..

DnBLines : Vinyl or mp3?

Aphrodite : mp3 for performing… Vinyl in my living room

DnBLines : Online record shop or local record shop?

Aphrodite : Online


DnBLines : Promo or Picture disc??

Aphrodite : Promo

DnBLines : Facebook or Twitter?

Aphrodite : Facebook

DnBLines : Rollcage or Rollcage Stage 2?

Aphrodite : Rollcage LOL !!

DnBLines : Haha thought I would throw that last one in there as doing some research (and having played Rollcage 2 back in the day) I spotted that King of the Beats was featured in the soundtrack in the pc game Rollcage. That correct? I hear that there is a new version of Rollcage being developed. Are you involved in that as well?

Aphrodite : No.. But now I know they better include me… I’ll email themm

DnBLines : So whats next on the schedule for Aphrodite? Any more releases planned, or major events you are performing at this year?

Aphrodite : My DJ diary is always here http://www.aphro.co.uk/aphro/dj.html

DnBLines : Anything else you would like to mention that we havent covered already, now is your chance !!

Aphrodite : Watch out for the next releases !!!

DnBLines : Cheers for being interviewed for the site.

Aphrodite : Cheers !!

D’Silva Interview

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We caught up with UK producer D’Silva, to find out a bit about him and his journey into the world of Drum & Bass.


Temperature Rising/My Everything dropped on the 1st November, I personally loved the release. Was the reaction what you expected and how was the support you received from it?
The reaction has been really positive, we have received some great feedback from all over the world. Being a first release on a brand new label was a huge learning curve. We all learnt a lot about the various aspects of the process. Our next release is definitely a step up on all fronts and we are super happy with the results.

Since making the smooth and natural transition into the Drum & Bass world, who have you enjoyed working with, and why? (Producers & Vocalists)
I love working with all my long time friends and collaborators, especially TMS, Jaded, Xtrah, IC3 and Ruffstuff. All these people inspire me to step my game up in a major way, working alongside TMS especially has shown me what it is like to do things with the most professional process and amazingly talented writers. Ruffstuff is a ledge, he really has his ear to the scene and keeps me posted on what I should and shouldn’t be doing on a rave tip.

What has been your musical highlight of 2015?
Without a doubt, starting the process of getting my new music out there. Being a long term d&b head, junglist, garage man, bass music fiend. It is great to show people the diversity in my production portfoliio. In a previous life I have had great success in the breaks world, under various names. Bass music in all forms has and always will be a huge role in my life, the D’Silva project is the next evolution in that.

Those that know me whether personally, professionally or have even followed me as an artist will know this has been a long time coming. Some of the music that will be unleashed next year, has been two odd years in the making.

So to summarise, launching D’Silva, rolling with some sick dudes and setting up a dope f%cking music company called Reach LDN and letting the world know that we are coming for you in 2016/2017. Watch out!

Who are your top 2 most influential producers, and why?
Sigma – what they have achieved over their career as bass music artists is amazing.

TMS – very close friends of mine and insanely talented individuals. The list of records they have produced and written is insane. Super inspiring.

What can we expect from you in the future?
Taking our creative hub Reach LDN to the next level with a group of ridiculously talented, producers, film makers, creatives, song writers, artists and vocalists.



D’Silva – Bass Telescope / On The Wall is out Now on Reach LDN.

Buy it HERE.

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MSDOS performing at InnerSoul, Plan B, Brixton, UK - Feb 20th 2015

Artist Interview : mSdoS (Greece) – Pre innerSoul event at Plan B, Brixton, UK – 20th February 2015

innerSoul Flyer featuring mSdoS - 20th February 2015
innerSoul Flyer featuring mSdoS – 20th February 2015

Artist Interview : mSdoS (Greece) – Pre innerSoul event at Plan B, Brixton, UK – 20.02.2015

Is always good to catch an artist just before he is about to perform at one of the best known clubs in London. Plan B has made a reputation for itself in displaying the very best quality DJs and Producers from around the world. Therefore it goes without saying that mSdoS from Greece joins that Elite group of artists when he performs live there on 20th February 2015. Here is our interview we had with him.

Facebook event page HERE

Basic details :

mSdoS is the world’s largest Greek representative in Liquid Drum’n’Bass scene. His style is influenced clearly by classic vintage soul/jazz sounds from movies back in 60’s and 70’s and he has releases (digital and vinyl format) in some of the major companies of the scene. His tunes have been played on BBC Radio 1Xtra, Ministry of Sound Radio, Bassdrive and by djs such as Ltj Bukem, Fabio, Bryan Gee, Dj Patife, Bailey, Ez Rollers, Marky. As a remixer, he has reworked the superhit of the 90’s, ‘’Technova’’ by Towa Tei (producer of the legendary Deee- Lite ) which was launched in 1995 with remix from the Wink. He has also remixed classic tunes, like “Only You” by Nookie and one of the largest jungle hits from the ‘ 90s “The Razor’s Edge” by Steve C & DJ Monita which will be released in anniversary edition of 20 years from its first launch. Finally, as radio producer, starting in the late ‘ 80’s, has passed between the brackets of the National Hellenic Radio of Aegean and the Kiss Fm Mytilene. In 2008 began one of the most popular podcasts with more than 400k d/ls within 4 years.

MSDOS Profile
MSDOS Profile

Name: Chris Kouzellis aka mSdoS
Record Label(s): Good Looking, Liquid V, Liquid Drops, Fokuz, Future Thinkin, Have-A-Break, Phuzion, Criterion Records
Home Town: Athens GREECE
Website/Facebook/Twitter :

Top 5 tunes of the moment :
1 – Dusky – Yoohoo (LTJ Bukem Remix)
2 – Alix Perez – Forsaken (Calibre remix)
3 – mSdoS – Trumpet Toys (Dan Guidance remix)
4 – SoulStructure & Tim Cant – Soul 101
5 – Furney – Spaghetti Western

Top 5 producers of the moment :
1 – dRamatic & dbAudio
2 – Packer & Rhodes
3 – Simplification & Translate
4 – Malaky
5 – Payback & A.K.A.

DnBLines : Thanks for being interviewed for the DRUMANDBASSLINES.COM website. Firstly can you give us a brief background to how you got into DnB?

mSdoS : I’m on the scene from the beginning. started by hardcore evolution in 1991 and since then I have never stopped. Hardcore breakbeat, jungle, intelligent, tech step liquid … logical progression of dnb from 155bpm to 176 bpm.

DnBLines : We know you are due to perform at innerSoul night happening on 20th February at Plan B in Brixton. Plan B has established itself over the last few years as a prime outlet for quality artists (I have been there myself) to perform in front of an educated (and dedicated) DnB crowd. Can you tell us your motivations for performing there, and your ideas for the style of set you will play?

mSdoS : London is the metropolis of the dnb scene. Plan B is deffo the best venue with Fabric at the moment in London. So I am very pleased that I have been asked to perform live for with the Innersoul crew. Even if I am a “liquid” artist, my live dj performances have always most sub genres of dnb. Liquid flavor, quality harder sound like Shogun or Liquid V and i never forget to spin some jungle vibes

DnBLines : Can you tell us what other projects you are working on at the moment?

mSdoS : As an owner of Liquid Drops rec I am preparing dozen of releases and remixes from many well known artists from around the globe. Just finished a remix for Deeper Vision Rec that will be out shortly along side BCee remix. Also just finished the Soultec the B side of forthcoming 12 “that will out by LD Music with Utah Jazz remix on A side.

DnBLines : How long have you been mixing and producing, what got you started on both, and what is the DnB scene like in your home country of Greece?


mSdoS : As a Dj I started in early 90’s, as a producer in mid 90’s but I was making music for my own use, officially I started production in 2008. The dnb scene in Greece is going quite good at the moment, sub genres that are popular are jungle and neuro, but there are still fans of Oldschool.

DnBLines : What other types of music do you listen to?

mSdoS : All my life I was listening to every kind of music from pop, rap, house tto rock. Lately I put aside all these styles and listen exclusively to jazz and anything that has broken beats.

DnBLines : What are your targets for the next year or 2?

mSdoS : I already have started playing all over Europe and I will play in New York this Easter. So I will try to cover as much of Europe and the US possible in 2015. Also, I will start a couple of projects to put out some cds and vinyl from my label Liquid Drops Rec.

DnBLines : Who are your favourite DJs and MCs worldwide?

mSdoS : DJs deffo Ltj Bukem, Fabio and Nookie. Male MCs Con*Natural (aka Mc Conrad), Visionoby, MC GQ. Female Deeism and Lameduza

DnBLines : Lets take a little break from the interview to check out your January 2015 Perception Beatz Radio Mix…

DnBLines : Cool mix, big ups!! Ok as usual in our interviews we like to make ours a bit different from others you may have done, so here is the 10second round..

DnBLines : Vinyl or mp3?

mSdoS : CDs atm so MP3

DnBLines : Online record shop or local record shop?

mSdoS : Redeyerecords and TripleVision

DnBLines : Promo or Picture disc??

mSdoS : Promo

DnBLines : Facebook or Twitter?

mSdoS : Facebook

DnBLines : One Nation or Random Concept?

mSdoS : Random Concept

DnBLines : Innovation in the Sun or Innovation at the Dam?

mSdoS : In the sun

DnBLines : What have been your biggest achievements so far?

mSdoS : My 5 vinyls on Good Looking Records

DnBLines : Anything you want to mention that we havent covered already? Any shout outs etc?

mSdoS : Maybe I wanna mention that dnb is a global thing right now. Shouts go out to all dnb followers, I don’t care about their fav sub genre. And to all artists from Japan to Australia and Brazil
Thanx a lot that gave the opportunity to have a chat with you!

DnBLines : And just before we end, we thought people would like to check out the last innerSoul event from Plan B from November 2014 :

DnBLines : Cheers for being interviewed for the site.

Straylight EP - IllSkillz

Exclusive Interview with ILL SKILLZ for Drum and Basslines


Drum and Bass is full of high quality producers, but you would be hard pushed to find one who has been around only 10-15 years in the scene, but made such an impact as ILL SKILLZ. The versatility of this Producer/DJ speaks for itself and his new Straylight EP shows yet another angle to his music.

Check out the preview of the album HERE later on but for now lets get down to the interview!!

Basic details:

Home Town : VIENNA
Website : www.ILLSKILLZ.eu

Top 5 tracks of the moment :
1) Showtek & Justin Prime feat. Matthew Koma – Cannonball (Earthquake) – Matrix & Futurebound (Dub Remix)
2) Major Lazer & Moska – Lose Themselves
3) Steve Aoki, Autoerotique, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike – Feedback
4) The M Machine – Superflat
5) Gwen Stefani – What You Waiting For (Lets Be Friends Remix)

DNBLINES : Thanks for being interviewed for the website. I think its fair to say a lot of people will recognise your name from the Drum and Bass scene, is this new EP a sign of things to come from you, or can you give us some background to whats been happening in your career over the last few years?

ILLSKILLZ : ILLSKILLZ has been around for more than 10 years in the music scene. Ive originally started as a duo with my friend DKAY, who made a couple of great drum and bass tracks. We have decided to do stuff together when we met, and so we created ILLSKILLZ. Over time, and after quite a few releases on big dnb labels, things changed a bit and we decided, we would each go our own way for a little bit. I really like electro and all sorts of EDM, and also dnb of course, so I like to mix things up these days. I have just released a whole album on Steve Aokis label Dim Mak, so make sure to check it out!

Straylight EP - IllSkillz
Straylight EP – IllSkillz

DNBLINES : The Straylight EP travels along a variety of genres with elements of Dubstep, Electro, Trap, and Techno as well in there. Most producers would say any track or release is intended to take the listener on a journey. What were your influences and intentions behind this release?

ILLSKILLZ : The only intention I have with music is to have fun and make people dance and be happy. Because that’s what music is to me. Fun you know. Feelings, all kinds of. No restrictions. There are enough rules in the world, there shouldn’t be any
in my own world of music. So i just do what i feel like, and that is that. Go on a journey, dance, jump, fall asleep, whatever, as long as it feels good. Music always feels good.

Straylight EP - IllSkillz
Straylight EP – IllSkillz

DNBLINES : With each track on the Straylight EP having a slightly different style can you say which was the most enjoyable to make, or which is your personal favourite and why?

ILLSKILLZ : Its whatever grabs me at that very moment. I cannot plan my creativity. I have ideas but putting them to life just happens along the way. When there is new music coming from my speakers, i am happy.

DNBLINES : On a personal level, what other styles of music do you listen to regularly?

ILLSKILLZ : OMG to ALMOST every genre! Also I do love soundtracks!

Urban Artforms Festival 2013 Promo Video (featuring ILLSKILLZ) :

DNBLINES : You have always been a high profile DJ on the international circuit (you have been on our ‘options’ list for Drum and Basslines for some time now – we will sort it out sometime!!). Are you still doing as many gigs now as ever? Where can we expect to see you performing during 2014?

ILLSKILLZ : I had a bit of a quiet time, as i needed some steps away after years of djing drum n bass. But i m ready now, the break is over, the music is there so i will smash it up again, just like you would expect it!

DNBLINES : Over the last 10 years or so you must have seen for youself how much the electronic music scene has changed. Do you think it has improved and in what ways? And where or how do you see things moving over the next 5-10 years?

ILLSKILLZ : I dont think making music is about improving it. It is all about growing and changing. Doing things differently so see what happens. It might be an improvement. It might just be an expirement. But it will always be more knowledge about what it is, than it was before you started changing. Keep the good stuff, and learn from the bad stuff, to make that good too. At the end, it’s all good. No one can predict the future, I can only tell you that it will keep changing haha, and I will be making music along the way.

We have dug through the archives and found a recording of your track Bowser from back in 2003 :

DNBLINES : Double checking on Discogs you had your first release back in 2002 (I guessed pretty close). My personal favourite track of yours is ‘The Deeper We Bleep’ or ‘Modular’ from a couple of years ago. What have been your highlights, favourite tracks, or even worst moments over the years?

ILLSKILLZ : Its all one big highlight cause I love what I do! I’m always kind of trying to keep that in mind, no matter what’s happing..

And another anthem that everyone should remember ‘Be There 4U’ :

DNBLINES : For many DnB fans who have supported you and your music through the years, the change of style might be something they didnt expect. What is your focus for not only the rest of 2014, but also the next few years, and have you moved on now from your past music styles?

ILLSKILLZ : Always expect the unexpected and drum n bass!

DNBLINES : Is there anything weve missed, anything you would like to add, people you want to shout out, or some promotional information you want to let everyone know about then this is your chance…..

ILLSKILLZ : Thank you all so much for listening and the ongoing support! This means a lot to me! My next EP will be released on SMOG Records and won’t take too long to hit the streets!

DNBLINES : Thanks very much for the interview!!, it would be good to keep in touch in the coming months and years. Keep us up to date with everything thats happening!! Im looking forward to hearing more of your new releases in the future.