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Earl Grey - Headwinds LP [Inperspective Records]

New Release – Earl Grey – Headwinds LP

Manchester producer Earl Grey gives the amen break a good going-over on his debut vinyl album for revered drum & bass label Inperspective Recordings.

Headwinds is a beautiful 14-track journey, each break-heavy cut produced to perfection and conjuring any one of a number of real emotions.

Talking about the record, the producer said: “Headwinds is open to interpretation, and has the potential to be dual-meaning, depending on the perspective of the listener.

“On one hand it could be the common currents of energy that one has to often work against, in day to day life and otherwise. On the other hand, ‘headwinds’ is a term to define the thoughts and streams of consciousness that plague those that by nature overthink.

“When I create, the music comes first, before acquiring meaning, but to me this album sounds like a single day in its progression, from day through to night, and although life has changed since the music was written, the feelings and themes still resonate”

Listen here, head to https://inperspectiverecords.bandcamp.com/ to buy.


New Release – Andy Skopes – Who Are You / Laterality

If the righteous mangling of Amen breaks is music to your ears, the new drop from Andy Skopes will give you that warm, fuzzy feeling all over.

With musical roots stretching all the way back to infamous Croydon record store Wax City, Andy Skopes wears his old-school influences on his sleeve on ‘Who Are You’ and ‘Laterality’, his debut release on Inperspective Records.

Slick, ground-shaking and chock-full of skittering drum breaks, this is a powerful way to end the Teddy Bear Trilogy – don’t be fooled by the innocent sounding name…

Get it here: http://inperspectiverecords.bandcamp.com/album/inp021-who-are-you-laterality

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