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Various Artists – Substance LP

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ingred_substance_skepticalClive Ingredients celebrated the 5 year milestone in 2014 of releasing cutting edge underground drum & bass from relative unknowns and progressing to remixes from artists such as dBridge & Jubei, and singles from Marcus Intalex & Digital. Known for it’s deeper side of the genre, Ingredients has become a firm favourite for many and has had fantastic support from Hospital Records’ Tony Colman to Fabric Nightclub.

Known for finding new producers and nurturing them to the top, he has compiled a new album with varied producers across the scene whilst retaining that Ingredients sound. ‘Substance’ is Clive’s take on both depth & meaning, keeping the identity of it’s cause and not bending towards what might be popular.

One of his findings Skeptical, delivers the incredible ‘Square Breathing’ while The Invaderz feature for the first time & ‘Waterworld’ is a solid dj friendly roller. Total science also appear with the seductive ‘New Beginnings’ and DBR UK & Genotype’s ‘Zombies’ has been in huge demand. Response appears with ‘Deeper Still’ while there’s an Ingredients debut for Altitude with the excellent ‘Make Believe’ & Mute & Mako return with ‘Photstep’.


GET IT HERE: https://ingredients.databeats.com/download/recipelp002d


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Response – SOS / Control

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response_recipe043Response is back on Ingredients with one of his best 12”s so far & having already set the benchmark very high, that really is saying something.

‘Son Of Sevenless’ (SOS) is something out of nowhere! A chilling intro which sets the mood from the off, clattering drums &….to be honest, why try and explain this tune, just put it on and see for yourself!

Meanwhile ‘Control’ is an epic 2 step track which showcases Response’s ability. Beautiful in places and his clever vocals talking aobut how we are all controlled by computers. He has a point. Dj support form anyone with good taste.

get it here: http://www.redeyerecords.co.uk/vinyl/54323-recipe043-response

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Eveson - Grey Dawn

New Release – Eveson – Grey Dawn

Eveson - Grey Dawn
Eveson – Grey Dawn

Eveson – Grey Dawn – Ingredients – 23rd June 2014

Eveson has been around a few years now, having released on labels such as V recordings, 31, Creative Source, Horizons & Good looking. After hearing his guest mix on Bailey’s show, we hit him up to see how he felt about releasing on Ingredients.

‘A Dystopian Romance’ was sent over and immediately snapped-up, a sublime summer tune. He was in the studio with Halogenix from Ivy Lab & they worked on ‘Grey Dawn’ which we felt was Ingredients all-over!

Finally ‘Deluge’ is Eveson showing his versatility. We’re really happy with this release, versatility & vibes in abundance.

We dont have the actual release yet but check out more releases from Eveson HERE
And more releases on Ingredients HERE

Keep checking the site for the purchase link, we will post it up nearer the release date at the end of June!!

Forthcoming New Release – Response – Creep / Resistance – Ingredients Records – October 2013

BUY IT NOW HERE : http://tinyurl.com/ktmpuyp

Response co-wrote Ingredients 033 alongside ST Files and has been sending all his solo material ever since.

We’ve finally buckled under the pressure of how good this producer is and are releasing 2 x 12” singles in quick succession. Kicking off with ‘Creep’ with it’s immense weight and heavy production, this is backed with the more rolling but just as deadly ‘Resistance’. The Manchester producer, we feel, is only just getting going.