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Synged- Vanish in the Deep EP [IN:DEEP]

SYNGED premieres his debut EP on IN:DEEP Music with the release of the VANISH IN THE DEEP EP. A rising talent within the Austrian drum & bass scene, 19 year old SYNGED spent much of his childhood in his father’s music studio learning the skills that now propel his career forwards to this day. After starting to make his own music at the young age of 12, SYNGED quickly found his passion for Drum & Bass and has not looked back since. Now, he brings his debut EP to IN:DEEP for a full display of his subtly energetic sound.

SAY WHAT’s sirens open the EP with a dark atmosphere before plunging into a deep & stripped back beat augmented by the interjections of tech influenced bases. The titular VANISH IN THE DEEP intensifies the attitude of its predecessor, diverting additional attention to its booming drumbeat whilst still retaining its carefully crafted depths. O2 closes the EP as it breathes with anticipation, snapping to nothingness before strutting out with a funk fueled beat driven by a colorful snare.

With the VANISH IN THE DEEP EP, SYNGED makes a powerful debut as a rising producer on the IN:DEEP RECORDINGS label. Within, his precise sound is exemplified in full, spotlighting SYNGED within as a rising name within Drum & Bass.

Purchase the VANISH IN THE DEEP EP on Beatport: https://www.beatport.com/release/vanish-in-the-deep/2467081

OaT & KcA- Deflection EP [IN:DEEP Music]

OaT & KcA bring a diverse medley of auditory textures to IN:DEEP Music with the release of their collaborative DEFLECTION EP. Though this unique pairing of creatives arose from mundane & unlikely circumstances in which the artists met as they both reached for the last bottle of milk at a local Aldi Market and their hands joined forces, the sounds within are anything but ordinary. Presented instead is a body of work that sits balanced upon a knives edge, straddling both deep & heavy sounds in an expert sonic synthesis.


DEFLECTION’s dismal atmosphere exudes an aura of initial unease, but is swept away by a rushing flow of percussion and the harmonic interjections of a resonant bass that conduct the EP’s opening at rapid pace. TWISTED WITNESS rings with a variety of bell tones, their resounding peals sounding in a requiem for a subterranean bass that shifts and tumbles amongst stony percussion far below. OPEN WIDE tracks upon the basis of a constant and mechanical drone, its coarse roar everpresent amongst flexing pulses of bass and cyclical bursts of percussion. ECSTASY opens with wraithlike vocals that glide over an atmosphere of increasing intensity as the track slides into a funk fueled groove atop the fluid movements of a emotive bassline. This mood is exemplified further in the track’s instrumental mix, in which its gritty & jazzy synth chords and posturing percussion take up the mantle of the vocal’s narrative role.

With the DEFLECTION EP, OaT & KcA display an unerring commitment to stranger sonics, reaching for novel timbres and peculiar tones in the creation of an innovative project born of their spontaneous meeting. Indeed,the absurd lucidity of such a meeting shines through the depths of these tracks, which sound with the mark of an equally effortless and spontaneous creation.

Support the EP on Beatport: https://www.beatport.com/release/deflection/2404215