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Tantrum Desire – Genesis (Friction remix)

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It’s become clear that Tantrum Desire’s debut album project, Diversified, had way more high-octane in the tank than was revealed when it first dropped in 2015. Monumental though it was, the succession of nitro- charged remixes that we’ve been treated to show that those sounds have a lot more to offer. And now one of the indisputably biggest names in drum and bass music has
joined in the action. Yes, BBC Radio 1 and Shogun Audio’s very own Friction has reported for remix duty.

Genesis, in its original form, was one of the breakout hits of the album, and is set to reach those heights again. Friction stamps his authority on the track immediately, and reconfigures the elements into a savagely gritty and grimy intro. Dark swathes of bass and ominous pads leave no uncertainty: this is going to be heavy. The point is driven home by a massive, rumbling kick- build, pushing the rave’s anticipation off the scale.


The version we all know was marked out by those bouncy swing-time beats, and Friction delivers them in all their irresistible glory. The sharp call-and-response between high and low- end emphasises the groove even further. Friction’s retained all that dancefloor energy, while adding his own extra twist of filth in the bassline.

We couldn’t help skanking out to the original and this remix is just be as addictively floor-filling. With this most recent chapter of the Diversified story, one of the scene’s heavyweights has proved that there are still twists in the tale. Another one for discerning selectors on all sides of the scene.

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Friction rounds off 2016 with what’s fast becoming an anthem in his DJ shows across the world. A clear look back to yesteryear but with both feet firmly in the here and now, ‘All Nite’ book marks the end of the year for Elevate Audio and paves the way for new signings and that all important Friction album come 2017.

“This summer I was sat in the studio and had one of those flashbacks to the time I first started going out to jungle raves and clubs. I’d been going through a load of old Moving Shadow, Suburban Base, Back To Basics and labels like that. I’ve got so many memories of managing to get into whatever club I could and this being my first experience of jungle and drum & bass.

Whenever I write a tune now, I try to set out an idea / theme to give me a direction of what I’m going to make. So this is what spurred me on to come up with ‘All Nite’, it’s a nod to that era of my life but at the same time it’s still very future and has been doing the damage in all my sets of late.”

On Elevate Audio… “People that listen to my Radio 1 show know I’m a huge fan of all styles of drum & bass and a lot of the time I find myself making more hi-energy music that might not necessarily sit so well within the Shogun sound. So realising the solution we decided to set up Elevate Audio as a platform that will run alongside Shogun allowing us to release more straight up, uncompromising, dance floor D&B.” Friction 2016

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Various – Shogun 100 EP 4

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shogun_100100 records deep and Shogun come with one of its most prestigious releases to date marking the occasion true to form. Staggered across 4 EP’s over several months alongside UKEuropean-Australia/NZ tour, Shogun 100 celebrates with an inspired range of new music from the entire label roster as well as guest appearances from Shogun associates who have released, performed and partied alongside them over the last 11 years.

Release Date: 24.06.2016
Rounding off the Shogun 100 project is part 4 and as you’d expect the levels are well and truly ramped. Including ‘Unchained’ by up and coming French trio Signs, a hard-edged collaboration
from Friction and Karma alongside Ed:it and a beautifully produced label debut from Manchester’s North Base, EP 4 is a fitting end to the 100 series.

“We are delighted to have reached our one hundredth release on Shogun audio, when Friction started the label in his front room back in 2004 we could have never imagined we would still be
here 100 releases down the line! To celebrate we’ve pulled together a fantastic package of music from the existing Shogun roster and from our friends and family within the scene that we
have been lucky enough to work with over the years. We can’t wait to share it with the Shogun faithful…. and yes we are already working hard on the next one hundred releases! Enjoy!”
K-Tee, Shogun Audio label co-owner

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Friction – V Recordings Tribute Mix

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v-recordingsFrictions first ‘Tribute Mix’, Taken from his Monday night DNB Show. 1-4 am GMT on BBCR1 & 1Xtra. This is something he’ve been wanting to do on his show for a long time. V is one of the labels that helped him to discover this music and is easily one of his favourite ever dance music labels. Hope you like!


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Matrix and Futurebound - Glowworm

New DnB Release – Matrix & Futurebound – Glow Worm [Metro / Viper Recordings]

Matrix and Futurebound - Glowworm
Matrix and Futurebound – Glowworm

Weve been sent another advance copy this time of Matrix & Futurebound – Glow Worm [Metro / Viper Recordings]

MTRVPR018: Matrix & Futurebound – Glow Worm [Metro / Viper Recordings]
Matrix & Futurebound have proved they can achieve both high chart positions with some of the highest quality cross over Drum & Bass, while maintaining heavy support in the underground.

After 4 consecutive UK Top 40 hits Matrix & Futurebound return to their roots with the underground club vibes of Drum & Bass with new track ‘Glow Worm’.

Already selected as DJ Friction’s prestigious “Friction Fire” on BBC Radio 1, ‘Glow Worm’ is showing the versatility of this legendary duo.

// LINKS //
Soundcloud Friction– LISTEN HERE
Soundcloud Viper – LISTEN HERE
Beatport Exclusive – http://bit.ly/mtrvpr018

M&F Soundcloud – https://soundcloud.com/matrixandfuturebound
M&F Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/matrixandfuturebound

Matrix & Futurebound will be headlining Viper LIVE at Fabric 5th June
Event Page – https://www.facebook.com/events/800296280055799/
Tickets – https://fabriclondon.ticketabc.com/events/fablive05-06-15/