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Nutekk - Let You Go EP

Forthcoming New Release – Nutekk – Let You Go E.P

Nutekk - Let You Go EP
Nutekk – Let You Go EP

Lithuanian born Nutekk is no stranger to deep, moody, 170 BPM sounds. This release is no different. Haunting vocals glide effortlessly over surgically prepared beats equaling an amazing listening experience.
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1.) Nutekk ft. KnowKontrol – Let You Go (Original Mix)
2.) Nutekk ft. KnowKontrol – Everything (Original Mix)

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Free Love Digi

Forthcoming Release – Quentin Hiatus – Conspirators EP

Free Love Digi
Free Love Digi

Quentin Hiatus
Conspirators EP

18th August 2014

“I was looking to explore more sounds and moods for this body of
work. This project started when the homie Kryptomedic hit me up with some
awesome vocals he had recently recorded. “Nyctophilia” was born. The other
three tracks came out of pure experimental process. I love how this e.p
turned out”

1.) Quentin Hiatus – Nyctophilia (ft. Kryptomedic) (Original Mix)
2.) Quentin Hiatus – New Spirit (Original Mix)
3.) Quentin Hiatus – Hear Me (Original Mix)
4.) Quentin Hiatus – Don’t Touch That (Original Mix)

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We will have the Buy links for this soon and let you know !!