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Hybris- Not Bug EP [Pseudoscience Recordings]

“I no make mistake, I make innovate.”

If there’s any way to characterize Hybris’ singularly weird and unique out there, it might be that sentence from the EP press itself. With the NOT BUG EP Hybris indeed doubles down on this principle, delivering four tracks that stand on the cutting edge of drum & bass (and beyond) with expert precision.

NOT BUG opens the EP with a strange landscape of tense pads and murky bass drums that thrum with a sinister energy even through their obscurity. FALSE POSITIVE takes a more orthodox approach by comparison, sticking to a straightforward drumbeat but morphing just about every other sound surrounding it to an extreme degree. BEACH MEAT provides a deep and motive bassline groove to the EP, interspersed with hollow sonar pulses from the depths beyond the shore. Finally, there is MUG. Here, all of the EPs elements combine in a dazzling sonic flurry. Impossibly warped basses, odd tonal textures, powerful punchy drums and a full out commitment to weirdness might make this track overwhelming for some, but for that we will leave it to Hybris to explain. In his words

“Sound make u discomfort? Is not bug, is feature!”

Purchase NOT BUG on Beatport here: https://www.beatport.com/release/not-bug-ep/2447113


Pushy – Take It EP – Kiosk Recordings – March 2014 – Updated with Preview


Pushy – Take It Ep – Kiosk Recordings – March 2014

Pushy, real name Christophe Bergeron, defies classification. He is a french electronic music composer, who since 1983 has experimented with his music in theatre, cinema, contemporary dance and of course on the club floor. Considered a stalwart of the French electronic scene his music, which takes influences from environmental sounds, breakbeat and just about any sort of experimental music out there. His unorthodox methods of experimentation and adventure have brought him to a crossroads of the past, present and future. This EP, forthcoming on french imprint Kiosk, takes the listener on a sonic journey through the mind of Pushy.

We are a little bit early on this one so keep checking back for more info, previews, and maybe a video or so as well !!

UPDATE – We have a preview of one of the tracks here :

DnBTV Live Stream :