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Doom EP – Release due on 18th November 2013 – Never Say Die Records

NSDX048Darkly enticing and a meander through the young producers’ artistic mind; ‘Doom’ EP marks Eptic’s fourth release on Never Say Die. Dropping on 18th November, the five tracks are a musical exploration through the shadows, with moments of light highlighted by the collections’ recurring murky theme. ‘Z’ is a blazing collaboration with label mate MUST DIE! whilst the clap along breakdown in ‘Gun Finga’ has been sending festival crowds into a frenzy over the summer. Look out for the cool house VIP from Habstrakt in the form of ‘Danger’. Bringing Eptic’s flair for illustration into effect for this release via the unique artwork, ‘Doom’ is a true representation of raw creativity at its finest.


Says Eptic, “My life consists of writing music and illustrating. ‘Doom’ is all about bringing these two worlds together and creating a whole. This EP was one big adventure, through experimenting, I broke out of numerous habits I got myself stuck into over the years, discovering new ways to express myself, and new fields I had never entered before. Although most of the songs have quite a few happy touches, they all have their dark side, resulting in all of them being part of the same sinister story that is the ‘Doom EP’.” Check out all previews below: