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Guest Writers Wanted

Reporters / Bloggers / Electronic Music Lovers WANTED !!!

Guest Writers Wanted
Guest Writers Wanted

Reporters / Bloggers / Electronic Music Lovers WANTED !!!

We are looking for casual resource to contribute articles to the Drum and Basslines website. Over the last 6 months we have been asked by various organisations to feature articles to promote new releases, events, even urban clothing  stores who want us to help them promote their brands.

We are also looking to increase the diversity and range of the news we publish, and in order to do that we need more input resource.

Whether you have followed the Drum and Basslines website before or not, you have found this post, which helps to show the range of the audience this website has. What this means for you is increased awareness of your own blog, content, or opinion to the topics you write about.

Being a multimedia website we are looking for not only text articles, but one of the other things artists have asked us about is if we would like to do a video interview with them. We can organise these if you think you are the next Jeremy Kyle / Paxman and want to interview some of the famous and maybe not so famous artists in the scene then we can provide you with the tools and contacts to do just that.

Clearly we are only interested in related content to the electronic music scene, so get in touch with us.

In short the areas we are looking to increase are :

  • Music Reviewers
  • Article Writers
  • Opinion Posts
  • Event Reviewers
  • Increase Social Exposure

If you fit into any of those or any other categories we may not have thought about then let us know on contact@drumandbasslines.com with your ideas.