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Celebrating 10 years of dnbshare.com

DnBShare.Com – 10 years of Drum and Bass Downloads #WeLoveDnBShare

DnBShare.Com – Celebrating 10 years of Free Drum and Bass Downloads #WeLoveDnBShare

Celebrating 10 years of dnbshare.com
Celebrating 10 years of dnbshare.com

It seems almost like yesterday every DJ around the world found somewhere to upload and share their mixes. The site has kept its very minimal look with only very minor updates, as the original was simply PERFECT for what was needed!

Of course like any site it has its flaws (they would call them features), your mix would only stay on their database as long as it was receiving downloads. Its fair enough really as disk space maybe cheap these days, but it doesnt pay for itself! And maybe also that searching for something is a bit simplistic (it works 100%, but maybe could be better)

Advertising on the site has always been kept to a single standard rotating banner which on many occasions actually has some products Ive been interested in and purchased.

Basically the site has been there almost constantly (i remember 1 glitch 2-3 years ago it was down for a day), and been relied upon by DJs around the world since 2006.

That day when the site did go down a few years ago was around the time when Chemical Records closed down I think, and it made me think of the importance to the DnB Scene DnBShare.com actually is!!! Could DJs live without it? What alternatives are there out there? Mixcloud and Soundcloud may all look very nice, but they are hugely more complicated to put in track names, maybe pay a fee, graphics and artwork, description, hashtags etc etc when all a DJ wants to do is upload a mix and share a link !!!

We are not sure the exact date when DNBSHARE.COM came into existance in 2006, but it also could be regarded as a timeline of the Drum and Bass scene around the world, featuring the headline DJ acts, seeing the evolution of internet radio stations both past and present, as well as sets from bedroom DJs around the world, or producers trying to get their music heard. Weve done a search for mixes we have featured here on drumandbasslines.com over the last few years and come up with the following historical DnB gems you can download for free from the links below direct from the dnbshare.com website. Heres a collection of the best from the nineties- GRAB THEM WHILE YOU CAN :


PHANTASY innersense nye 92 – http://sh.st/vFskq HERE
LTJ BUKEM 92 seduction 3 ltj bukem 92 seduction 3 – http://sh.st/vFaBK HERE


DOC SCOTT live at dance trance 1993 – http://sh.st/vFaCM HERE
KENNY KEN, FEARLESS, NAVIGATOR scarlet quest 1993 – http://sh.st/vFsTf HERE
MOVING SHADOW mix1 late93mid94 – http://sh.st/vFs2V HERE


KENNY KEN studio mix volume 1 1994 – http://sh.st/vFaLK HERE
DOUGAL with mcs JUICEMAN mutley hooligan evolution 4 30 04 94 – http://sh.st/vFssV HERE


LTJ BUKEM dreamscape 21 december 31 1995 – http://sh.st/vFseo HERE
GROOVERIDER philosophy november 1995 – http://sh.st/vFsfU HERE
jungle 1995 telepathy steppin MICKEY FINN, SHABBA yank – http://sh.st/vFsUO HERE


jungle slammer best of 96 DJ BROCKIE easy d youtube – http://sh.st/vFak9 HERE
BROCKIE, SHY FX heat 96 brockie shy fx heat 96 2 – http://sh.st/vFaLE HERE
KENNY KEN b2 DR S GACHET desire 3rd feb 1996 – http://sh.st/vFaB0 HERE
MICKEY FINN desire 96 – http://sh.st/vFaNs HERE
radio one ZINC hype ron mc navigator gq 15 11 96 – http://sh.st/vFssS HERE


NICKY BLACKMARKET live helter skelter energy 97 b – http://sh.st/vFaZW HERE
ANDY C telepathy 1997 feat shabba d bassman spyda part 1 mp3 8460 – http://sh.st/vFaMk HERE
PHOTEK essential mix 28121997 – http://sh.st/vFa4c HERE
MAMPI SWIFT w navigator kool fm 97 side a by p culmann – http://sh.st/vFa8l HERE
ED RUSH i sko above the cloudz iceland 14 01 1997 – http://sh.st/vFstC HERE
GROOVERIDER helterskelter 1997 – http://sh.st/vFscS HERE
BROCKIE alongside the SKIBADEE and MC DET jungle fever 97 – http://sh.st/vFscK HERE


ZINC helter skelter energy 98 08 08 1998 1 – http://sh.st/vFsxy HERE
SHY FX, MICKEY FINN fever 1998 side a – http://sh.st/vFsOx HERE
SHY FX, MICKEY FINN fever 1998 side b – http://sh.st/vFsOu HERE


BROCKIE, SHABBA 1999 – http://sh.st/vFa68 HERE
ANDY C 1999 kiss 100 fm 11 11 1999 – http://sh.st/vFsZF HERE
ANDY C at kiss fm 29 09 1999 – http://sh.st/vFsZK HERE
RAY KEITH, SKIBADEE helter skelter halloween 1999 – http://sh.st/vFde1 HERE


In recognition of the service DnBShare has done the community, we would like to propose a hashtag


for DJs, producers or fans to use when they upload a mix or track to the dnbshare.com site. This hashtag then pushes dnbshare fully onto Twitter and Facebook as well, and gives people an easy hashtag to search for new downloads for the next 10 years.

Share the hashtag, share this post, and help spread the word!


Ed Rush presents: Piranha Pool 002 – SIGNS

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Ed Rush’s very own imprint Piranha Pool is ready to drop its next massive release, Clockout/Acid Test from French three-piece Signs. Signs have been making major moves of late, and of course you can expect only the biggest and best music from a label from someone like Ed Rush.

Already receiving support from the likes of Mefjus, Emperor and others, the tunes on the release fit in perfectly with what Piranha Pool are all about – aggressive, upfront, futuristic-sounding music. Ed has set the label up as a platform to nurture new talent which deserves to be heard. Prepare yourself for Clockout and Acid Test.


Clockout is simply huge. The track builds up ominously, evil rising from its very core. Feel the strength and power come over you, synths filling your ears as you wait for the drums which are inevitably going to drop. Weird samples then enter the scene, before filtered switchbacks lead to the main beat. Electronic, low-slung and menacing, Signs turn things on with the addictive drum work on Clockout. The bass is by no means left out either, resulting in one hell of a dancefloor workout. This one’ll attack your brain, all the while moving your feet. Slowing things down only to build them back up, Signs are on to a winner here.


Acid Test, meanwhile, shakes things up on a whole other level. Coming straight at you, the impact of this one is in the beats and the maddening melody. Building straight up into a drop, Acid Test will shake the rig at any rave. Skanking, headnodding kicks attack, with sliding effects coming out over the top. Snarling, malevolent bass completes the picture, as Signs once again prove that they are a force to be reckoned with. Dive right in, and take the Acid Test.

Just what you’ve been waiting for from Piranha Pool, Clockout/Acid Test is the future of the funk.



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FABRICLIVE Summer 2015 Season

Direct from Fabric they have let us know the details of their summer 2015 season at Fabric London

Announcing FABRICLIVE’s Summer Season 2015

It’s amazing, the inspiration that can be gleamed from a drastic weather change, so it feels particular pertinent that we’re launching our summer season today – on what’s set to be the hottest day of the year so far. As the whole of London raids the back of the wardrobe for their chino shorts and trekking sandals FABRICLIVE is proud to be able to present the full listings for the forthcoming Summer period.

Earlybird tickets will go on sale from 12pm/midday today.


For more info and to BUY TICKETS check out their full listings page HERE