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Mindscape- The Reanimator LP [Eatbrain]

One of tech-injected dnb’s greatest heroes, MINDSCAPE,  unleashes the limitless power of his fourth full-length studio album “THE REANIMATOR LP” on the by now ravenous and vast pack of the EATBRAIN audience. Having vigorously prepared for them for the full onslaught of his album with a series of advance EPs that effectively unveiled the scope of imagination from one of neurofunk’s seminal producers, ravers and listeners are strung in high anticipation for the dark aural pleasures set to unfurl. Featuring a blinding array of some of the best vocal talent in the drum and bass genre, with COPPA, FEDORA, HIJAK, KRYPTOMEDIC and MISS TROUBLE on the mic, this is jacked-up tech with a killer party vibe, raised from the kind of horrifyingly good carnage that one can only find on the Eatbrain dancefloor.

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Gydra - Killparty EP

New Release – Gydra – Kill Party EP (Eatbrain)

Gydra - Killparty EP
Gydra – Killparty EP

New Release – Gydra – Kill Party EP (Eatbrain)

Artist // Gydra
Release // Kill Party EP
Label // Eatbrain
Release Date // 13.11.17 Beatport Excl.

The depth of the forest was unknown to those who lived at its verge. Shadows cast from the dense canopy seemed to reach out towards those who passed close by, wisps of darkness unfurling and twisting around the limbs of the youngest that dared to play at its sinister edge. The oldest stories of its roots passed across the creaking voices of the town pensioners hunched in the safety of others, discretely whispered and shot through with fearful looks. The allure of that dense and ancient place stretched back eternal, and bitter consequence waited for those who breached its dark heart. The crew ignored the nonsense of such crones, pulling the carts of equipment under the cover of dusk until the sounds of the town were but a memory. The speaker stacks were raised against the night, strings of lights hung between the trees and purity of disturbed bass rolled against the surrounding trunks as they disentangled themselves from the mundane fiber of the lives they left behind. Twisting against one another as they let flood serotonin delight, they ignited an orgy of sonic symbiosis as the rave found its wings and took flight. The spores drifted imperceptibly into the clearing from the darkness around, lodging without discomfort in the eyes, ears and noses of the gathered young. And then the screaming started, the undulating mass of the gathering turned inward… devouring itself as limbs were separated from bodies, necks ripped as skin tore loose and the blood flowed freely over the gnashing faces of those left alive at the KILL PARTY…

GYDRA return to EATBRAIN in force, following up their well-received CYBORG EP with the dynamic, darkly driven but funk-laced assault of the KILL PARTY EP. From the old-school drenched piano and ultrafunk of the title track, to the playful sinister intent of PRIMITIVE INSTINCT, the filthy sub explorations of PROBLEM and the predatory sensibilities of IKRA – the 4 tracks within display the dynamic and exploratory character of the production outfit. This is Russian neurofunk at its finest, delivered on the platform that’s tailored exactly to the premiere kinetic nature of its content.

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Eatbrain Goes To Let It Roll EP

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Its hulking form loomed impressively over the landscape with silent menace, intricately laced with the forbidden technology of its inherent design – discrete but powerful audio weaponry blisters in low profile across its chassis. Its journey from the depths of the continent to the crucible of Europe had been arduous, following the densely interwoven fiber stands laid down by the Controller itself, webbed across the hemisphere to gather sonic intel from the core label habitats and to signal the gathering once per cycle at the apogee of solar proximity.

With the arrival of that signal, the EATBRAIN cluster had erupted in a frenzy of activity, initiating the activation sequences planned by their greatest minds. An upload of the entire population into the vast mechanism of their creation, a design with the pure objective of sonic decimation at the LIR battle royale. It stood there against the skyline looking down at that sector, the Controller’s ship setting down in the dust of the ancient, abandoned military base, the arriving vessel unfurling resonators and speaker stacks primed with off-world mechanisms. Without hesitation the vast Eatbrain mecha issued its sequence of final checks, loading the audio assimilation interface destined to annihilate all below and took a stride towards the awaiting masses.

EATBRAIN deliver their second tight package of pure neurofunk energy for the LIR EP, signalling their unwavering intent to deliver an ultimate selection of high-end drum & bass at Europe’s largest drum & bass festival. Featuring blinding audio weaponry from neurofunk pioneer CHRIS.SU, the colourful but mighty arena energy of MOB TACTICS and Eatbrain veterans ZOMBIE CATS, alongside fresh but highly significant creators in the form of MALUX and SYNERGY – this is an EP carved out by a label at the top of its game in preparation to deliver an intense night of sonic mayhem of the kind that the label is known and loved for.



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Agressor Bunx – Properties Of Addition LP

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Alone they stood upon the roof of the world, two minds interlocked beyond the realm of their origin. Delivered into this alternate reality as separate points of consciousness, the definition of their relative distinction was for a while their only grip upon the structures of the past. Staring across the infinite horizon over the edge of their plateau, the meaning of time itself was lost in the entropy of their incarceration. In that endless expanse, the fringes of their perception eroded – stark concepts reacting and evolving in the wake of a forgotten future, bearing fresh complexity as the branches of their minds intertwined. Boundaries melted upon the shores of the present as the separation of elements lost meaning, the properties of addition relentless and timeless – towering beyond their combined mindstate.


Following their striking emergence onto EATBRAIN with ‘The Order’ EP in 2016, AGRESSOR BUNX tore a ragged furrow through the year with their rapid rise to the apex of the drum & bass sphere, with releases on Blackout, Trendkill, Bad Taste and Program. With the duo featuring heavily at Eatbrain live shows, they’ve seared their sound deep into the hearts of the label’s massive crew and quickly become embedded in the core of their aesthetic. 2017 brings the release of the Ukrainian pair’s first LP on Eatbrain in the form of the PROPERTIES OF ADDITION LP, which delivers an array of the kind of cutting-edge diverse and heavy-hitting forms of drum & bass that fans of both the Agressor Bunx have come to expect. The 4 tracks dropping on the Properties of Addition sampler – BLEAK SHADOWS – THE OFFERING – NINJA – RADICAL SOUND stake out a fierce and advanced sound field that’s going to be pulverizing speaker cones as listeners anxiously await the full release and the level up for both artist and label it represents.


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Synergy – Helion EP (EATBRAIN)

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RELEASE DATE : 30.01.2016 – Beatport

Deep within the hegemonic core cluster, the brutal but sleek form of the ship Helion cruised with deadly intent across the gravity well of Arkana, the seat of the ruling elite. In its wake, the unraveling, doomed form of the defence moon Scarecrow tumbled across the planetary shore, untethered from its anchor of aeons – core breached and leaking into the vast cold vacuum.


The crew stared out over the destruction, the horror of permanent nothingness at such a scale penetrating deep; millions of warriors erased out of existence by the ship’s darkmatter device in a moment with the tearing of the moon. On the surface of Arkana below, the effects were already being felt, with tidal waves towering over urban habitations,and the planetary plates starting to heave and twist in reaction to the forever-changed physics.



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The planetscape was contorting to a new form, its body now free from the pull of its closest moon, mindless to the destruction wrought upon the tiny beings and colonies that lay upon its surface. As death itself swept across the circumference of the orb, they observed from the safety of their superweapon high above… the planetary destroyer Helion, decades in the making and the last hope to free themselves from the tyranny of their brutal overlords – the violent breaker of their peoples’ chains.
Following their biggest year yet – with more than 30 live events worldwide, 14 EPs and 2 LPs in their wake – EATBRAIN enter 2017 with a powerful statement in the form of evolved entity SYNERGY (formerly Segment & Concept Vision, whose Mammoth EP was one of 2016’s most successful releases). The HELION EP delivers a heavy payload with 5 tracks of brutally refined neuro destruction from the onset, with title track HELION weaving between heavy rattling distortion and precise break insertions that evolve into an aggressively syncopated 2 step attack.


WARRIOR SOUND issues an ultimate call to arms laid down by Miss Trouble’s pointed vocal and a lean and heavy halfstep futurerave beat, whilst halftime slash drumstep hybrid SCARECROW delivers a powerful wave of insanity with its heavy onslaught. ARKANA and DESTROYER pull heavy gut punches with their tear-out upbeat vibes that are certain to be ripping up Eatbrain dancefloors around the planet.

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