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VALE- Dimitri’s Table VA [VALE]

VALE brings their dark bass sound to the forefront once more with the release of their newest compilation, the enigmatically titled DMITRI’S TABLE. The inspiration for the name came from Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev, one of the first ever scientists to formulate the periodic table. Unique periodic elements combine to form compounds. Compounds have different properties from the elements that make them. In many ways this is reflective of collaborative musical projects

Within are nine tracks featuring collaborations by an assemblage of artists within the auditory landscape, including an utterly unique meeting between the twin aliases of PHIZICIST & ZAIN WOLF.  Although composed of disparate approaches to production, the VA’s tracks combine with coordinated fusion of the common thread within all–a unifying commitment to low end frequency pervasive with each of its many melodies.


WAEYS & DAYLE’s MERGE introduces the compilation with a fusion of two discordant sonic states, one that flows with relaxed pads and reverberating keys, and another that sets a roaring bass straining against its sonic bounds. DFNKT & GEMO’s aptly titled WOBBLE features the sounds of an authoritative bassline, which defines the track with its rolling undulations as they carry a variety of glitched tones in their wake. CRIMES! & SIGRAH’s RAVECLASH dub fueled bravado couples soundsystem sirens and ringing vocals out above a rolling drumbeat backed by a high pressure bassline. CONFUSION sees a slice of dark halftime delivered by MISSING & POSEIDON, who create a soundscape dominated by a pummeling kick and snare combo and a melody that drips with malice. ZIMBU & AAGENTAH’s ETHEREAL explores a landscape inhabited by a multitude of sonic elements, held in line by the sonorous pulse of its hollow snare and stony kick. PHIZICIST & ZAIN WOLF’s STAGES OF DEPRESSION carries a melancholic sentiment upon its analogue orchestration, later transforming into a neurohop beat that buzzes with an array of energetic samples. KLIINE, DMR, & WALRUS TALES’ ECCENTRIC evokes a distinct and dream filled jazzy vibe as a hazy saxophone melody drifts through ambient pads atop a roving drum & bass beat, the track abstracted from reality by the timbres within. DEEZ & FRQ NCY’s MYSTERY BOX comes packed with a cacophony of sounds which reflect off of its walls atop the pulsations of its shifting dubstep beat. CARLO FRICK  & ABELATION close the compilation with ZAPPIFIED, featuring the interactions of a highly mobile & electrified bassline on top of a constant 4 beat pattern that surges with energy.


With DMITRI’s table, VALE continue to promote a diverse range of sounds from across the bass music spectrum, exhibiting works from some of the most intriguing names rising within the scene. With its specialized fan oriented & collaborative focus, VALE itself is a collective rising in unison with the artists represented within.

Bandcamp: https://entervale.bandcamp.com/album/dmitris-table-va-compilation

Kiko King & creativemaze - Resolution for Solitude (Official Video)

NEW RELEASE – Kiko King & creativemaze – Resolution for Solitude (Official Video)

Kiko King & creativemaze - Resolution for Solitude (Official Video)
Kiko King & creativemaze – Resolution for Solitude (Official Video)

NEW RELEASE – Kiko King & creativemaze – Resolution for Solitude (Official Video)

New Single & Video
Release Date: 23rd December 2016 | Label: Mesanic Music

Thriving on a universal energy, American-German pair Kiko King & creativemaze are mighty keen on the profound and have pieced together a new single filled with thought-provoking, intense sounds that show an unbridled creative genius. This time around they’ve worked with unmistakable trip-hop pioneer Tricky who has lent the pair a hand in creating their latest masterpiece with his extensive experience.

‘Resolution for Solitude’ – the first single from their recently released Gnothi Seauton album – sees the Berlin-based duo combine hard-hitting lyrics with a beat that’s just as powerful. With a stark contrast between stark, open messages and pulsing infectious rhythms they use their combined forces to create sounds that manage to blur lines while being crystal clear about their intentions.

With an electro-minimal wave style they create a sense of hypnosis as Kiko King’s heartfelt lyrics layer above uncompromising beats from creativemaze to push the pair’s message while providing a welcome treat for the ears. They both let their masks drop away for this latest hit which sees them become more open and honest than ever before as clever turns of phrase combine with a semi-dystopian backdrop.

The pair use their cross-media project to create what they label ‘Airbendermusic’ which sees them break away from standardised creative moulds and explore an area of music in which few dare to tread. This latest gem comes off the back of a busy couple of years which has seen them busy releasing three EPs and travelling half the world on tour with the electronic-art musical legends GusGus and Massive Attack.

Very little tangible information is known about the enigmatic duo except that the combining of their forces was accidental and it happened in 2011 in Berlin, Germany. With the video for ‘Resolution for Solitude’ they use a visual openness to plant their message directly in the viewer’s hands while mesmerising the eyes with a selection of rapid-fire glimpses of different styles, perhaps hinting at how they ended up here.

Inspired by a healthy mix of imagination and perfectionism, Kiko King & creativemaze are lining up to stamp their mark on the musical world in a bigger way than ever before…

Facebook www.facebook.com/kikokingcreativemaze | Twitter www.twitter.com/kikomaze
Instagram www.instagram.com/kikokingcreativemaze | YouTube www.youtube.com/user/kikoking
Website www.kikoking-creativemaze.com


Kiko King & creativemaze - Resolution for Solitude (Official Video)
Kiko King & creativemaze – Resolution for Solitude (Official Video)

Sometimes our personal experiences are so profound we can’t describe them concretely. This is the realm in which Berlin, Germany’s Kiko King & creativemaze thrive in with the artistic ideals they have titled “Airbendermusic.” The duo’s debut EP, Intellect Illuminated (Mesanic Music), expresses bold sensations with an invigorating blend of chill beats, haunting atmospherics, and uplifting hooks.

“For us, it’s about the feeling conveyed in the music, that’s more important than genres or musical approaches,” creativemaze explains. “Eliciting a reaction from the listener is way more important than having the person being able to identify subject matter or categorize us based on instrumentation.”

The Intellect Illuminated EP is the first installment of Kiko King & creativemaze’s music. The seven-song EP (including a remix) was carefully crafted from a catalog of 140 songs. The tracks share an ethereal beauty anchored by gritty and propulsive basslines, soaring vocal melodies, and poetically abstract lyrics. The leadoff single “Cramps” is an intriguing mix of ominous atmospheric electronica, infectious melodies, and gorgeous vocals that manage to be as sinister as they are sensual. The song’s accompanying video reflects this bold contrast of danger and desire.

“Cramps” is also revisited on the EP as an extended and entrancing remix. On “Basquiat,”Kiko King & creativemaze immortalize the neo-expressionist in abstract splendor with evocative wordplay, sweetly atmospheric melodies, and diced up beats. Other EP highlights are “The Last Airgender” which contrasts dreamy melodicism with a stirring and disquieting chorus, and “Illusions of Time ft. Jorlyn-Selina” which features a captivating acoustic guitar motif and smoldering female vocals.

Very little tangible biographic background is known about the enigmatic duo except that their destination moment was accidental and it happened in 2011 in Berlin, Germany. Their respective creative responsibilities can loosely be summed up by saying Kiko writes the lyrics and vocal and melodies, and creativemaze composes the music. Both musicians have a penchant for sublime poignancy. Kiko’s lyrics exhibit an abstract beauty much like a William Burroughs cut-up poetry. creativemaze is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, and audio engineer with a refined sense of melody, dynamics, and arrangement. His fingerprint aesthetic defies genres and categories.

But the surrounding mystique isn’t meant to be exclusive or insider-y, it’s about the desire to keep a level of purity in the music. “It really is about the freedom of feelings and everyone’s unique experience of the music. Even when I ask Kiko what his lyrics mean, he responds, ‘What are you hearing?’ That emotional reaction is more important than a singular interpretation,” creativemaze reveals.

Kiko King & creativemaze recently came stateside touring with pioneering electronic music group GusGus and will continue to Europe supporting the Icelandic band before returning home to ready its second EP. Pressed to describe the aesthetic on that one, creativemaze says it could be metal, singer-songwriter, or electronica. “We keep ourselves open to the flow, and work hard to capitalize on the energy presented to us,” he says “There shouldn’t be thinking in the creative process.”

DnBLines TV Logo - DnBTV

December 2015 – Top 20 Dubstep DJ Mixes – FREE DOWNLOADS

December 2015 – Top 20 Dubstep DJ Mixes – FREE DOWNLOADS

DnBLines TV Logo - DnBTV

Here is our last set of Top DJ Mixes for 2015. We have totalled up the listens and downloads from the site and here is our OFFICIAL TOP 20 DUBSTEP CHART !!!

If you want to submit your mix to us then check HERE for our Promo Packages.


NICE UP! Podcast – November 2015
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Besti-mix 3: Sbtrkt
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Si – 1159 am [enr16]
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Dj Tribeleader – [Djent Set Volume 15]
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Warlock: Kool London 06 Oct 15 – DnB
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Forensics x FatKidOnFire (December 2015) mix
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KurtRocSkee b2b Matieu Live on Bassport FM (18.11.2015)
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Jay 5ive &&; G Double_____26th November 2015
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FEV. EDM Mix 133
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LowRise Radio w/Chrono 20/11/2015
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NORTHMIX: Grabbitz
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Rhythm Incursions – Soldier In Our Town ft. Cosmic Bridge special [aired 29/10/15]
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Monstercat Podcast – 024 Vanguard Edition (2 Hour Special)
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oNlineRXD Please BLOW-MY-MIND 2
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DJ Marquinhos Espinosa – Brazil – National Final
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JuicyLand #122
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Ep. 113: Dirty Work
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Best of ADE 2015 – 04 – Skrillex (OWSLA Records) @ Faralda NDSM Crane Hotel – Amsterdam (15.10.2015)
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In Session: Roska
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SeratoCast Mix 42 – Mat the Alien
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Limited Free Download - ZEKE BEATS - Behemoth

Limited Free Download – ZEKE BEATS – Behemoth

Limited Free Download - ZEKE BEATS - Behemoth
Limited Free Download – ZEKE BEATS – Behemoth

Limited Free Download – ZEKE BEATS – Behemoth

Release: 31st October 2015

Doggtown Records is back heavier than ever and has decided to provide you with the soundtrack of your Halloween madness.

The Amsterdam based record label has called upon Australian evil bass legend ZEKE BEATS to give you an exclusive glimpse into the year 2024 with his signature dark atmospheric explosive bass sound.

ZEKE BEATS’s sound that has gained him support from the likes of The Gaslamp Killer and Noisia.

FREE DL SOUNDCLOUD: http://bit.ly/1WtJhPU

Levelz - LvL9


Levelz - LvL9
Levelz – LvL9


Beat by Metrodome + Biome.

MCs in order: Chimpo, Truthos Mufasa, Skittles, Sparkz, Black Josh + T-Man.

Created and Recorded in LVL 05.2

Mixed Down by Zed Bias. Mastered by Barry @ Alchemy Mastering.

Director + Producer: Richard Reason
Assistant Producer: Jonny Dub
Projections: E-Man
Cinematographer: Thomas Doran
Editor: Declan Foley
Camera Assistant: Declan Foley
Photographer + Lighting assistant: Zeyd Ayoob
Runner: Cameron Elkington
Catering: Mads Mubarak

With thanks to The Roadhouse Team for letting us put on one of its final ever Saturday nights, and all our Manchester Family who came down to #LVL08.9 and got shedded with us. And Mark at Wellington House / Mantra.

And Thanks to Feral Equipment.


Check out this new release and MANY MORE on DnBTV HERE