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Lynx ft Master X - Deep Deadly [Detail Recordings]

New Release – Lynx ft Master X – ‘Deep Deadly’

Lynx winds it up into the red on latest track ‘Deep Deadly’, which with Master X on vocals is a drum & bass weapon crafted for the dancefloor.

Everything about ‘Deep Deadly’ is devastatingly simple – its two-note bassline and straight-up vocal are streamlined for maximum damage, and the result is a high-energy banger which will be clearing a space in sets across the scene.

Lynx explains “When writing the track and arranging it I wanted a song that DJs could splice their own favourite version of the track together. For exampled, you could re-edit the arrangement as a deep minimal DJ and lose the heavier sections. Or, if you prefer it to be a banger, you could lose the minimal parts.

“Or if you feel like it just loop the vocal and double drop your favourite tune over the top. It’s a very versatile DJ tool and a tune I think DJs will have loads of fun mixing.”

‘Deep Deadly’ is out now on Detail Recordings.


Green Vibes – Foundation Music [CF022]

Happy New 2017 Year! Wishing you the best this year!
We are moving forward! New Citate Forms release includes two dynamic tough tunes from our new artists – russian project Green Vibes! Release comes on 15th january, but in case of new year occasions might be available a bit later on some web-shops. As usually we rely on your support! Thanks in advance!

Promising and gaining momentum project from Zelenograd includes musicians: Dima Pulsar (Dmitriy Dadushkin), Moving Sticks (Igor Zaikin), Having a great experience in djing and writing electronic music, Green Vibes debutes in 2012. Main concept is Drum&Bass music in all of its colours with elements of ragga-jungle, liquidfunk, dub and neurodeep. For its short period of existence tunes and remixes by Green Vibes appeared on Megapolis FM 89,5 in the broadcasts of Good Vibes & “Luch” drum&bass radioshow and also guestmixes for #WELOVEDRUM&BASS podcast appeared on Radio Record. Releases on Liquid Brilliants, Elixir Music, KOS.MOS.MUSIC received a great support from russian producers & western musicians. “Storm” radioshow did not leave guys witout attention, so that new tunes appear in the podcasts by Dj Dan & Dj Groove!

Citate Forms Podcast #6 – Mixed By Duoscience


It’s been a while since we released any podcasts and we suspect that you guys must be hungry for some new, creative breakdowns! Today, Citate Forms label, would like to present to you our sixth podcast by a Brazilian producer whom you have all heard before – Duoscience! Over 30 top rated tracks will leave you wanting more guys! Enjoy!


01. Duoscience – Clarity
02. Sublimit – Motion
03. Duoscience – Morning
04. Joint Stock Galaxy – The True Meaning
05. Duoscience – Hope
06. Silence Groove – Allright
07. Whiney – Monty Zoomers
08. Duoscience – Wicked Back
09. Command Strange – Can’t Stop
10. Duoscience feat. Newsean – Other Chapter 2 V.i.P
11. Think Tonk – Magnificent
12. Brian Brainstorm – Final Round
13. Kumarachi – Sun Bomber
14. Sam Binga – Mind and Spirit (feat Rider Shafique) (Breakage Remix)
15. Navigator – Meditation Time
16. Ed:It-Babylon Step
17. Dub Motion – Off The Record
18. Arkaik – Chu Kou
19. Fre4knc – Tradecraft
20. Serum – Dark Clouds
21. Mr Joseph – Heartless feat Identified
22. Subtension – Hi There
23. HumaNature – Binary
24. Spyre – The Last Episode
25. Duoscience – You
26. Duoscience – Find Way
27. Seirious & Kelayx – Second Sight
28. Joint Stock Galaxy – Disappear
29. Dramatic – So crazy
30. Dumb-O – Josue Funk
31. Phat playaz – Tall & Beautiful
32. Dave Owen & Jaybee – Come Runnin
33. ModeFunktion – Kissing U
34. Duoscience – Indiferenc?as
35. Duoscience – What I Need

Listen/Download & More info:


Best of 2014 - Drum and Bass DJ Mixes - FREE DOWNLOADS

Best of 2014 – Drum and Bass DJ Mixes – FREE DOWNLOADS

Best of 2014 - Drum and Bass DJ Mixes - FREE DOWNLOADS
Best of 2014 – Drum and Bass DJ Mixes – FREE DOWNLOADS

Throughout the year we have been putting up mixes on our articles and you have been downloading them in their 1000s !!! Firstly we would like to thank you all for your contributions, AND for sharing the mixes on Twitter and Facebook as we see a HUGE number of these downloads trace back to shares you have done !!

This first article is the BEST DRUM AND BASS MIX DOWNLOAD CHART as taken from our statistics up to today.

Weve stopped the download stats so the final positions for this year stay the same !!!


53 BassPort FM Nov 24th 2014 (Serial Killaz Special)
Downloads : 5015 Link : FREE DOWNLOAD

FonFonBoy – L.O.U.D DnB FoR My Homies vol.2
Downloads : 4947 Link : FREE DOWNLOAD

P Dee – presents – The Weekend Liquid Selection – Soulful DnB – EFM Radio 21st Nov 2014…..
Downloads : 4924 Link : FREE DOWNLOAD

Downloads : 4541 Link : FREE DOWNLOAD

Johnny B Liquid Rollin Mix 23rd September 2012
Downloads : 4434 Link : FREE DOWNLOAD

UKF Music Podcast 60 – Mefjus
Downloads : 4365 Link : FREE DOWNLOAD

Mr Badman
Downloads : 3931 Link : FREE DOWNLOAD

Downloads : 3767 Link : FREE DOWNLOAD

Johnny B Liquid Rollin Mix April 2013
Downloads : 3534 Link : FREE DOWNLOAD

Coming To Get You
Downloads : 3432 Link : FREE DOWNLOAD

Future Sounds of Sofia Show @ BASSPORT.FM :: 25.11.14
Downloads : 3368 Link : FREE DOWNLOAD

Maxin 39n39 Taxin
Downloads : 3206 Link : FREE DOWNLOAD

Drive Me To Heaven
Downloads : 3192 Link : FREE DOWNLOAD

soulTec – Mid November Studio Mix
Downloads : 3145 Link : FREE DOWNLOAD

Johnny B Liquid Rollin Mix 4 August 2012
Downloads : 3009 Link : FREE DOWNLOAD

London Elektricity mix for Soul Patrol May 2000
Downloads : 2966 Link : FREE DOWNLOAD

KongKast 121 – Tech Rolling mix – DJ FU
Downloads : 2840 Link : FREE DOWNLOAD

Data & Sense MC – Genesis Nights
Downloads : 2835 Link : FREE DOWNLOAD

Jump up & Drumstep Selectah For SHAKE YOUR BASS PARTY !!!
Downloads : 2726 Link : FREE DOWNLOAD

Randall Studio Session Mix (Jan 2014)
Downloads : 2612 Link : FREE DOWNLOAD

Check out the other Best of 2014 Charts for Breakbeat and Dubstep as we publish them, DONT FORGET TO SHARE !!! And grab yourself a FREE DOWNLOAD of any of the ones you missed above !!