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Collaboration LP - Faded Music

New Release – Fade + Various Artists – Collaboration LP – Faded Music

Collaboration LP - Faded Music
Collaboration LP – Faded Music

Fade + Various Artists – Collaboration LP – Faded Music

RELEASE DATE : 28th July 2014

Fade has been part of the Drum and Basslines events since the very beginning back in 2011 and performed at all 3 of the events we have hosted in Kiev, Ukraine so we take special pleasure to recognise one of our own !!! Also featured on this album is DJ Abiotic who has performed with us in Kiev as well! Check out our pics from the first Drum and Basslines party with both Fade, Abiotic and also Unknown Error who was headlining that night HERE

Anyway… A NEW RELEASE !!!

Fade is fresh back from his European tour, which saw him play in Turkey, Germany and Czech. He’s wasted no time in getting back behind the wheel of his imprint, Faded Music. The collaboration LP contains a huge pile of collabs between Fade and various friends. There’s something for everyone in the mixture.

Sample from Soundcloud :

We dont have the purchase link for this yet but will post it up as soon as I speak to Mr Fade and Abiotic !!!

Enjoy !

Drum and Basslines Winter Sessions – Adjusted times due to clock changes

Drum and Basslines Winter Sessions - flyer
Drum and Basslines Winter Sessions – flyer


Since the clocka changed in the UK yesterday we hope you can still listen to Drum and Basslines Sessions at our new time for those whose clocks have changed

Our new times :

Sundays 16.00-17.30 (UK) – Same as before

Sundays 20.00-21.30 (GE)

As always hosted by MX and Nikxon live from Tbilisi in Georgia we will be bringing you the very best DnB, Dubstep, Breaks, House, Techno and more from around the electronic music scene.

If you like what you hear then join the MX facebook fan page on : www.facebook.com/deejay.mx

Also the Drum and Basslines fan page on : www.facebook.com/drumandbasslines


If your out and about then dont forget you can download the FREE app in the Apple store for your Iphone, Ipad, or Ipod on the following link : http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/krisis-dnb-radio/id490492977?ls=1&mt=8

Also if you use ANDROID then search krisisdnb from the Tunein Radio app which is FREE in the Android Market : www.tunein.com/station/?StationId=111201

CALLING ALL DJS IN TBILISI !!! If you want to be a special guest on my show then get in touch !! Im looking for DJs playing DnB, Breaks, Dubstep or anything with a bassline !!!

We are also looking for a photographer in Tbilisi to take some promo shots of Nikxon and myself for promotional use, so if you want your work seen then let me know !



Free Download – Drum and Basslines Sessions with MX and Nikxon – 07.10.2012

Download from yesterdays Drum and Basslines Sessions with MX and Nikxon broadcast live from Tbilisi, Georgia : http://dnbshare.com/download/DRUM_AND_BASSLINES_SESSIONS_-_MX_NIKXON_-_07102012.mp3.html

Catch us live on www.krisisdnb.com every Sunday 16.00-17.30 (uk time)

Also check the Drum and Basslines website on www.drumandbasslines.com for latest news including Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Breaks and much more

MX - Studio11 - 15.07.2012 - Flyer

MX @ Studio 11, Tbilisi, Georgia – 15.07.2012

MX - Studio11 - 15.07.2012 - Flyer
MX – Studio11 – 15.07.2012 – Flyer

Drum and Basslines comes to Tbilisi, Georgia !!!

Debut set for MX in Tbilisi, Georgia on 15.07.2012 at Studio 11, Shardin St 4, Tbilisi

Playing a mixture of Breaks, House, Techno, Dubstep and DnB live from 23.00 till closing time.

Facebook event page : https://www.facebook.com/events

GEO Events page : http://geoevents.ge/events/mx-studio-11/


If you cant get to Studio 11 then make sure you catch the warmup show broadcasting live on krisisdnb.com and drumandbasslines.com on Sunday 19.00-20.30 (GE) to catch some of the tunes you could hear MX play later on !! Always a busy show and we have the webcam broadcasting live from this link : www.drumandbasslines.com/broadcasting-live so come in and say hello in the chatroom and we will try and say hello to everyone.


Pictures from the night : CLICK HERE