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Silent Dust - Listen to the Night [none60 Records]

New Release – Silent Dust – Listen to the Night

Silent Dust are back – seven years on from their self-titled debut LP, the duo behind none60 Records bring their lunar production to bear on their second full-length, Listen to the Night.

The record pushes far beyond the duo’s drum & bass roots – although tracks like ‘Another Sunlight’ show that they are a sturdy as ever – as the production pair explore mellow half-time (‘Waiting on You’), spacey future-bass (‘Myths’) and even ditch percussion altogether on the tranquil ‘Puppet’s Dream’.

Over half of the tracks feature guest vocalists, and it is here that the record takes on a new dimension entirely as Silent Dust race onto fresh terrain to give the man on the mic something fresh to get his teeth into, touching US hip-hop on ‘$$$’ ft Terror and mangling breaks for SelfSays on ‘No One Man’.

Head to www.none60records.bandcamp.com to buy or listen below.


Marcus Intalex has died this week

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Truly sad news, one of the best drum and bass producers died earlier this week, who he died is still unclear.
DRS and LSB doing some foundraising for his funeral and supporting the family he left here:


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Fabriclive84: Dub Phizix – 12 Free Tunes

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dubphizix-free_downloadDub Phizix: So as some of you know I mixed Fabriclive:84 in Novemeber last year.
I made 12 exclusive tunes for the mix with collabs with DRS, Skeptical, Xtrah, Strategy and Chimpo.

Although I only made them for the mix, a lot of people have been asking where they can get them from so I decided I would just stick them on bandcamp for people to download them.

So the tunes are free but to get them I’m asking for your email address so I can add it to my mailing list.
I promise I won’t spam you, share your email with anyone or send you pictures of me nob or any weird shit.
But 3 or 4 times a year I’ll send you an email with news about what tunes I’ve got coming out, where I’m playing and anything else I think you might be interested in.
If you don’t want the emails, there will be an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every one I send.

You can also give me some money if you want. Cos I like money. I can use it to buy shit and do stuff, but you don’t have to. If you want it for free just write 0 in the amount box on Bandcamp and put in your email.

Safe as fuck

Bandcamp Link

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Xtrah EP ft Break, Code Breaker & DRS

Xtrah EP ft Break, Code Breaker & DRS – Symmetry Recs – September 2013 Break’s celebrated label, Symmetry Recordings, hits it’s 15th release this month with a brand new EP from Xtrah. A man who has shaken the foundations of Symmetry before with Cyrax, as well as making an appearance on the Other Side LP last autumn.


This time he unleashes his trademark weighty squelch onto 3 tracks.  Featuring collaborations from Codebreaker on the A. Side and Break and DRS on the B. Side this EP would struggle to get any heavier.  Always New has caused a few squashed front rows at festivals across Europe already this summer and it looks set to be a perfect round off to the summer.  Break rounds off the EP with a  remix of Xtrah’s symmetry debut, Cyrax. Definitely not a track your mum will be soundtracking her morning brew to.


More info coming soon……