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DBHQ Interview with Document One

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Document One continue to go from strength to strength and have created their own distinct sound which is well respected in the world of drum and bass.  Charting with all their releases and smashing dancefloors everywhere, we had a chat with the guys to talk about their latest release on label home Technique Recordings and also find out a little bit more on their journey to where they are now.

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1. Now your latest release Girl and How Low Can You Get are both amazing tracks, which one is your favourite of the two?

Matt) I suppose it would have to be “Girl”. At the time i was heavily listening to liquid and deeper vibes within DnB and wanted to make a cross bread of our jazz infused style and something laid back. We felt it was important to let the vocals take the lead role as it had been a minute since we’d done a proper vocal track, and we were really chuffed with the outcome as a peoples response.

Joe) My favourite would have to be Girl also. It was nice to work on a track with the emphasis heavily on musicality. Something for headphones rather than the club.

2. So if we go back to the start quickly, your introduction to DnB, where, when & how?

Matt) I suppose my official introduction was around the age of 14 when a friend used to bring jungle tapes over to my house and try to make me listen against my will. Things didn’t really click until i actually started going to clubs at about 18, and by that point I knew my musical taste was changing. As a musician and producer my style was always moving around genres but DnB seemed to be the one that stuck in the background the longest. We dabbled in making it over the years but it was until Simon at Technique heard our tracks and gave us the encouragement we needed to think we could actually do this.  Since then it’s been non stop and we can’t get enough of it… I don’t think its going to go away anytime soon.

Joe) The first two albums I got on CD were Portishead – Dummy and Roni Size – New forms, so I guess around the same age as Matt (early teens).

3. What kind of stuff were you making when you first started?

Matt) In terms of DnB, pretty poor stuff trying to emulate the heavy sound sound of the early 2000’s. Again our musical side always pushed through and regardless of the drop we always found some way of creating a more melodic tune than we set out.

Joe) I remember me and Matt trying to recreate Spor and Pendulum in the early days, we didn’t manage to achieve this but we learned a lot.

4. How would you describe your sound ? 

Matt) Jazz infused neuro funk i guess….. or maybe just jazz n bass lol!

Joe) I’d agree with Matt, Jazzy Neurofunk!

5. Now you are signed to one of the most highly acclaimed and respected labels, Technique Recordings but where do you think the turning point was for you personally when your production really got recognised and started to gain support?

Matt) Definitely “Jazz Club”. It wasn’t even supposed to be our last track on the 15 year comp LP, so I think it took shape by us not caring as much and letting go of what we thought we should be doing. I remember adding the double bass and things just instantly clicked. It sparked a million ideas for us and was the first tune where actual DnB heads gave us the nod of approval.

Joe) Yep Jazz Club was a big turning point, it was during that period where we really found our own sound. It was a moment that a lot of our influences came together and we found some identity within the scene.

6. The best piece of advice you’ve been given?  

Matt) You’ve got to go backwards to go forwards.

Joe) Reference other music when you’re in the studio and use a spectrum analyser.

 7. What’s your pet-hate?

Matt) Being late and hating on other genres, especially sub genres.

Joe) I’m a lover not a hater!

8. Any plans for a Document One album? 

Matt) Yeah we’ve actually been in talks about it recently and figure next year might be the one for us. Were currently working on an EP to see out the year then will make our plan for 2018.

Joe) We are really looking forward to working on the debut album but nothing set in stone yet. Focusing on the next release.

9. What is Technique Essential?

Matt) It was a preset/sample pack we put together in conjunction with Technique and Black Octopus. We thought if in any way we could give something back to young producers we’d have to put ourselves forward.

Joe) Xfer Serum presets

10. Gig wise, where you been recently and where u off to next?

Matt) Recently we’ve been doing festivals across Europe and the UK. Along side that we’ve just started to get into the club shows again, and have shows in the UK, Holland, Austria and Paris in the next few weeks ahead.

Joe) We’ve had a wicked summer, good festival season and some great club nights!

11. What’s your number one piece of software or hardware that you can’t live without?

Matt) I know its pretty obvious, but I’d have to say Xfer Serum. It’s so good and versatile that were both really comfortable working with it and feel if there’s a sound in our head we have a fairly good chance of achieving it with Serum.

Joe) Serum is fantastic! The cleanest sounding Wavetable soft synth available! And Ableton changed my life!

12. What is the one DnB tune you wish you had written?

Matt) Vault by Pendulum. That tune still smashes the dance floor and really twisted DnB on its head for a minute.

Joe) Stigma by Noisia, possibly my biggest hero’s!

 13. What’s your guilty pleasure music wise?

Matt) Motown and 70’s rock n roll.

Joe) Dubstep, there will always be a place in my heart!

 14. And finally where can people cop the latest release How low Can you Get and Girl?

Matt) Head to either the Technique website where you can find that release as well as all our others. Aside from that the obvious Beatport, iTunes, Spotify and all other digital outlets.

Joe) Book us through Urban Artists and we will come to you and play it for you!

 15. Where can our audience find out more about you?

Matt) Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to see what we’re up to and where we’re next playing.

Joe) Google Document One and click your preferred Social network from there!

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us today, hopefully we’ll speak again soon and I wish you all the best.

Thank you again!




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Document One – 7th Dimension EP [Technique Recordings]

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Document One had, to put it mildly, a pretty good 2016. Their unique blend of tech, hip-hop, jazz and funk influences have cemented their place among the elite of drum’n’bass producers. Their tunes are consistently at the business end of the DnB download charts and they’ve garnered support from some of the biggest DJs in the scene. So, this EP, their first release of 2017, bears the weight of a huge amount of expectation.

The title track, “7th Dimension” takes all the elements of an archetypal DocumentOne tune and presents them crisper and sharper than we’ve ever heard them before. There’s an almost liquid intro, peppered with shimmering brass and an atmospherically FXed vocal clip. But then there’s the eponymous MC sample, which cuts through the soundscape and prepares us for a switch up. The tune becomes a weighty, dark roller, with Doc One’s trademark funk in the seething and warping bassline supported by diamond-tipped drums.

Then “The Rhythm” switches things up. The intro gives no clue as to where we’re going with this one, as subtle percussion and one-hit sounds reverberate around a dialogue clip. Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security. Where we’re going is into a land of indisputable filth. The driving, pulsing bassline has a serrated edge of distortion, and those neck-snapping, uppercut beats are going to do some serious damage whenever you drop this.

“Hypnotic” has something different to say again. This is where it becomes painfully blatant that Document One are never going to be easy to categorise. The fluid pressure of the intro builds into a stomping, grinding bass and beats assault to get the ravers moving. Amidst the percussive mayhem, however, there’s still that atmospheric melodic and harmonic subtlety. This could find a home in your set whatever your sub-genre.

In “It’s Alright”, yet more worlds collide. There’s genuine emotion in the intro and the beautiful breakdown in the middle of the tune, but that kick drum build signals something different entirely. The morphing bassline travels from low-end to mid-range and back again, while the restrained violence of the drums and classic-break fills provide the scaffolding. From one angle, it could look like a Document One twist on the jump-up formula, which is something we’ve never heard from them before.

Finally, “I Tried” gives us pure, dark, junglist soul music. Elegant pads, keys and sax back up that gorgeous vocal sample, which turns this tune into a guaranteed hands-in-the-air moment. Document One refuse to let this dissolve into sentiment, though. The drop is lethal, as precision-tooled drums drive the dance onwards, and we all know by now how these guys do basslines. This tune has that smoky jazz club moodiness while still being able to bring hype to a rave. It’s got instant classic written all over it.

So, it’s clear that Document One have lived up to their billing once again as forward-thinking dancefloor destroyers with soul and funk to spare. Many people bemoan the divisions between different sides of DnB, but in this EP, it all comes together. If the future of the music is going to take in the full spectrum, then these producers might just be laying out the blueprint.


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Document One keep them coming!

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After leaving us with an excellent release on Technique Recordings only a few months ago, Document One show no sign of slowing down and are back on the label with a fresh look towards the hottest season of the year.

As usual their production stands out through a gripping drop that is accompanied by a solid dash of groove serving up a feel-good summer vibe. This is only one to put on repeat of Technique’s forthcoming summer compilation.

We recommend keeping your eyes and ears wide open as DNB summer is just around the corner with this one! Pre-order HERE

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Document One - Rub the Block & Small Steps

New Release – Document One – Run The Block / Small Steps [Technique Recordings]

Document One - Rub the Block & Small Steps
Document One – Rub the Block & Small Steps

Document One – Run The Block / Small Steps [Technique Recordings]

It hasn’t taken long for Document One to define their own niche among the Technique Recordings roster. Brimming with multi-genre experience, this team has come well-equipped with a fresh and clean production style, overt musicality and uncompromising levels of funk. This release reasserts their commitment to the dancefloor while showing off yet more colours from their palette.

“Run the Block” takes the tough but smoky sound that Document One has made their own and adds a layer of East Coast hip-hop flavour. The rap-along vocal, that trademark upright and synthetic bass fusion, the popping drums and live-instrument arrangement combine to make this tune a definitive statement of Document One’s musical heritage. And of course, that means it has that jazzfunk dance floor energy in abundance.

Then “Small Steps” flips the script, darkening things up in a way you might not be expecting from these guys. The intro is the sound of approaching menace, as military drums call the dance to order. An eerie dialogue sample ratchets up the tension, before a building kick pattern is deployed as a call-to-arms. Then the drop is all about those twisted tendrils of bass, snaking around techstep drums and ghost-in-the-machine stabs. This is what happens when musicality meets aggression on a hell-bent mission to mash up the rave.

So, as well as keeping a firm grip on their low-down dancefloor funking credentials, this release has proved that Document One have a love and talent for all sides of this music. As their track titles declare, they “Run the Block” in the funk neighbourhood and they’re making “Small Steps” into the shadowy technoid realm. Now they’ve shown they can kill the dance in both, it’s clear the Document One operation doesn’t believe in boundaries.

// LINKS //
Beatport: http://bit.ly/DocOneTech128
iTunes: http://smarturl.it/TECH128
Soundcloud: http://bit.ly/TECH128-SC
Technique Podcast – http://bit.ly/TECH128-Mix

Document One - I got a fever and Follow Me

New Release – Document One – I Got a Fever / Follow Me

Document One - I got a fever and Follow Me
Document One – I got a fever and Follow Me

Document One – I Got a Fever / Follow Me

TECH122: Document One – I Got a Fever / Follow Me [Technique Recordings]
Since Document One stormed onto Technique’s roster, this production duo have set about marking out their very own niche in the D&B spectrum. Songwriters’ musicality and an appreciation for multiple genres, while still keeping focus firmly on the dance floor, makes for a powerful combination. Now, with this latest release, they’re back to consolidate their status and draw together some more threads in their ongoing multi-form musical narrative.

“I Got a Fever” wastes no time in laying out the formula. A swing-time low-end perforates smoky jazz club ambience, with loose percussion holding down the beat. The bass morphs between upright plucks and synthetic sweeps to neatly underline Document One’s approach of providing a slick modern twist on foundation sounds. As the track builds, a vocal sample signals its time for the bass and drum to tighten up and drop into a cowbell-led funkstepping ride. This is summer music, as much about fun and partying with a smile on your face as it is about serious musicianship.

Then there’s a whole different take on the summertime vibe for “Follow Me”. Ethereal vocals float over crisp and punchy drums, accompanied by long liquid bass tones, delicate trumpet and laid-back keys. It’s a gentle soulful roller… But then it’s suddenly not that at all. Document One puncture the atmosphere like a sharp intake of breath and kick us with a boot made from filthy bass. And now the light and floating sounds from before just serve to accentuate the heavyweight drive of the rave engine this tune has become. When the dance floor needs a kickstart, here’s one to draw for.

So, Document One have proved once again that they not only understand the palette of sounds and textures offered by jazz, funk and soul, but they’re also willing and able to twist them into their own paradigm. They make music to make musicians nod in appreciation, but to make everyone else rave hard.

// LINKS //
Beatport (24 Jul) – http://bit.ly/DocOneTech122
iTunes (7 Aug) – http://smarturl.it/TECH122
Soundcloud – http://bit.ly/1MRnBd9