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New Release – Collective Conscience EP [Flexout Audio]

It’s a family affair on the heavyweight new release from Flexout Audio, which throws new signing Fearful into the ring with the label’s veteran artists on a series of uncompromising collaborations.

Over the course of the Collective Conscience EP Fearful buddies up with Amoss and Arkaik for the depth-charge lead track ‘Collective Conscience’ and goes fully inwards with Hyroglifics in storming half-time on ‘Le’Wonk’.

Deficit and Chesson also make appearances, and another collab with label regular Amoss rounds out the five-track monster which announces the arrival of a ferocious new talent on the Flexout roster.

Listen here – https://soundcloud.com/flexoutaudio/sets/flxa064-fearful-collective


Rawtekk - Reloaded Pt 2

Rawtekk – Reloaded Pt. 2 – Forthcoming Release

Rawtekk - Reloaded Pt 2
Rawtekk – Reloaded Pt 2

Rawtekk – Reloaded Pt. 2

Artist // Rawtekk
Release // Reloaded Pt. 2
Release Date // 29.09.2016

Rawtekk – Reloaded Pt. 2

Rawtekk present ‘Reloaded Pt. 2’ – the 2nd part of their retrospective, showcasing their best material to date – revised, reimagined, redefined and remastered. Taking the timeless ideas of these tracks, evolving them and bringing them firmly into the present sounding fresher than ever.

Rawtekk stand as one of the most diverse and forward-thinking live acts of today, combining the sublime otherworldly vocals of Eisblume with the consistently unique sound design of the production duo. The last 4 years have seen them create a pair of seminal LPs in the form of ‘Sprouted & Formed’ and ‘Here’s To Them’ for Medschool, with Rawtekk exploring new territories sometimes experimental and heavy, other times light and airy – but always with an absolute commitment to stretching the borders of what’s possible. The Reloaded series marks the crossing of a border into a new era for the duo, with deadly new material incoming – it’s a perfect time to offer a hand to the past and evolve it to have a place in the present.

More details coming soon, or check your preferred outlet on the 29th !!