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Outlook Mix Series #17: DLR – Your Mind mix

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dlr_outlook_mixFresh off the back of his debut Metalheadz EP release, Bristol resident DLR brings you his ‘Your Mind’ mix for the Outlook Festival Mix series. The mix is a great reflection of where the he is now and what you can expect from him when he performs at the festival. The mix features new and exclusive music from DLR and the crew he surrounds himself with. Grab his EP from here: bit.ly/YourMindEP

1. DLR – Custom Intro – Rider Shafique ‘Seek Knowledge Vocal’
2. Rufige Kru – Fear Heaven [Metalheadz]
3. Doc Scott – Drumz 2000 [Metalheadz]
4. Vromm – F Plex [31 Records]
5. Seba & Krazy – Imperial Moment [Metalheadz]
6. DLR – Outbound [Metalheadz]
7. Blocks & Escher – Moods [Metalheadz]
8. Beta 2 – Bad Days [Metalheadz]
9. Goldie – Still Life (Photek Remix) [Metalheadz]
10. Cern & DLR – Patterns [Dispatch]
11. Escher – Deep Architecture [31 Records]
12. Paragon – Precipice [31 Records]
13. DLR & Mako ft. Rider Shafique – Seek Knowledge [Metalheadz]
14. Cern – Conway [Dispatch]
15. Beta 2 – Unknown
16. Mute & Mako – Rorschach VIP [Ingredients]
17. Mako & Villem – We Could Help Each Other [Dispatch]
18. DLR & Mako – Your Mind [Metalheadz]
19. Mako, DLR & Villem – A Certain Flavour [Metalheadz]
20. Mako – The Gully [Metalheadz]
–> John Rolodex & Dioptrics – Unknown
21. S.P.Y – Xenomorph [Metalheadz]
22. Digital – Pull Up [Metalheadz]
23. DLR & Script ft. Martyna Baker – Blue Room [Metalheadz]
24. Break – Unknown
25. Cern & Dabs – Hell Rose (Villem & Mcleod rmx) [Dispatch]
26. Alex Reece – Pulp Fiction (Lynx Edit) [Metalheadz]
27. Alix Perez & Jubei – Distrust [Metalheadz]
28. DLR – Sense of Wanting [Metalheadz]
29. DLR – 10 Steps [Metalheadz]
30. DLR & Total Science – Control the Sound [Dispatch]
31. Octane, DLR & Break – Murmur VIP [Dispatch]
32. Hybrid Minds ft. Grimm – Halcyon (DLR rmx) [Spearhead]
33. DBR UK – Paranoia [Dispatch]
34. Cern – Tiamat [Dispatch]
35. DLR – Bad Choice [Dispatch]

Tickets: www.outlookfestival.com

Interact with DLR:

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Utopia Music

DLR, Mako & Fields – Old Soul / Bridge The Gap – 5th May 2014

Utopia Music
Utopia Music
DLR, Mako & Fields – Old Soul / Bridge The Gap – 5th May 2014 Utopia’s long anticipated 15th single brings forth DLR onto the label roster. The A side ‘Old Soul’ also combines the brotherhood of Mako and Fields and the results are delicious. A heavy homemade break joins together an intricate bass line with the touches of love that the label pushes. The second drop adds more vocal melodies and makes the tune more than just one for the dancefloor.

The B side is a stepped-out-rolled-out vibe with DLR taking the solo lead on this one. Naughty bass and a tight break keep the energy moving nicely.

Supported by Goldie, Doc Scott, Break, LTJ Bukem, Spectrasoul, Friction, Total Science and many esteemed others.

Heres Mako latest podcast :

Check out the Soundcloud page for more info and of course we will have the Buy links for you nearer the release date!

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