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New Release – Rockin / Ferocity – DJVC


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With a grip of releases on various labels, festival gigs, and much experience behind the decks, the Belgian bass heavy sounds of Jasper Van Cauwenberghe, A.K.A. DJVC, have floated up through the Fourth Dimension and into the ears of everyone at Betamorph Digital. His first act after boarding our Interdimensional mother ship is to crop dust the bass loving masses with two heavy tunes.

Keep Rockin is a steppy Neurofunk monster that does exactly what the title says. It opens low with crispy ticks of the high hat, echo soaked atmosphere, and a strong drum line that sets the stage for the ride ahead. The main bass line fades its arpeggiated soul into the mix and sweeps you up into the drop. Nasty, yet surprisingly melodic, the track rolls along at a steady clip with surprise synth sweeps flying by at all the right moments. Sharp, steady drums and the hypnotic bass line will appeal to the high steppers and give selectors plenty of room to rinse it out proper.

Ferocity has a darker feel than its brother, but that sinister vibe is offset by a snappy two step drum line, which keeps the energy level high throughout. Refreshingly, DJVC has given this track an older feel that throws listeners back into the jungle where all you need to survive is a thumping kick, a sharp snare and bass that comes right from the gut. The bass in this one is a complex beast. Its high frequencies seem to sort of float over the beat adding push, while the metallic lower frequencies add the ferocity as they spread out and swallow everything in sight.

DJVC’s production is scientific, his hits clear, precise, and all the while supported by haunting atmospheres and cool sampling. Any DJ will immediately recognize the mixability of these tracks and the dance floor will march to the steady drumming these tunes lay down. With the addition of DJVC to the Betamorph Digital family, this winter looks like it’s going to be a scorcher.
Words by: Jeremy O. Godboldt


Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/jaspervc
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DJVCbe
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/JASPERVC

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LABEL: Betamorph Digital

10-11-13 Beatport
10-25-13 Worldwide