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Digital, 6Blocc, Calculon, Shamanga, Fanu, Agzilla – Rogue Style 2 EP [Defrostatica Records]

New Release – Digital, 6Blocc, Calculon, Shamanga, Fanu, Agzilla – Rogue Style 2 EP

B-boy culture gets another resounding tribute from the Defrostatica Records crew, who bring six producers from across the globe onboard for round two of their Rogue Style series.

The first Rogue Style EP went out last year with tracks from Sinistarr, Kiat, Kabuki and HomeSick, and now the second EP has been unleashed – this time it’s Digital (UK), 6Blocc, Calculon, Shamanga (all USA), Fanu (Finland) and Agzilla (Iceland) at the controls for four colossal tracks which each approach the b-boy scene from a slightly different direction.

Digital, who is behind the sparse drum & bass of opening track ‘Uprock’ said: “Myself and my older brother have been into hip hop and b-boy culture from an early age. It showed me music wasn’t just something you danced to, it demonstrated togetherness, passion and the amazing life you can have through music.” 

Track two, the urgent and claustrophobic ‘Call Out’ draws together three US producers, each with their own take on the scene. Calculon, who has fond childhood memories of watching the Breakin’ movie, said: “As a teenager in San Diego I was later exposed to underground hip hop Kool Keith/Dr Octagon and DJ Shadow, and it was scratching that inspired me to save up and get my first set of turntables. I remember buying an Invisibl Skratch Piklz VHS tape from the local record shop and watch it at home, impressed to this day by their skill and dedication to the craft.”

6Blocc added: “The b-boy movement inspired me to push myself with my DJ skills and music production and mentally I’m still the same kid I was when I first started! I can’t imagine doing anything else in life than making music and adding to my huge vinyl collection. In the late 90’s I produced hard jungle vinyl releases under the name B-Boy 3000 because to me jungle music was hip hop fast forwarded 1000 years ahead in a time when lyrics no longer exist and all is just sample sounds modified by computers.”

And for Shamanga, B-boying has been a huge part of life since he was nine years old. He explained: “My older cousin was a DJ… I remember vividly when he played me this new sound. “This is scratching” he said to me. The tune was ’Looking for the Perfect Beat’ by Afrikka Bambatta and the Soulsonic Force. I was instantly hooked on hip hop. This was 1981. I went on to collect any rap record I could find.

“Throughout the 80’s, I would obsess on the beats, trying to get the hot tracks before the other kids in my neighborhood. Growing up in Southern California, I would go to the swap meet and get Rodeo Mix Tapes by DJ Yella, Dr. Dre, etc. I learned about Rodney O and Joe Cooley, KRS One, Mixmaster Spade, King Tee, Eazy-E, Toddy T, and more. I began DJ’ing in 1988.”

“One particular crew, 7A3 (produced by a mostly unknown DJ Muggs) inspired me to take my abilities to a new level. I purchased an HR-16 drum machine and bought a bass guitar. A few years later, a couple of the gangsters in my neighborhood wanted to become rappers, so they bought an Ensoniq EPS16+. Once they realized they didn’t want to learn how to program the machine, they gave it to me, with one stipulation… I was to produce beats for them to rap over. This was 1991. I have not stopped since.”

Finnish producer Fanu delivers a clattering slow-builder in the form of aptly-named ‘Machinedrummachine’, which pays tribute to a very specific part of the scene. He said: “No-one can deny that drum machines did play a big part in creation of hip hop. In my song for Defrostatica, I wanted to employ my Machinedrum for the job. Those who know hip hop may spot a familiar sample or two there as well.”

Rounding off the record is Agzilla’s ‘Tesselation’, who twists together breakbeats into a frenzied state of semi-organised chaos complete with spooky synth swoops. The Icelander said: “The disciplines of hip hop, graffiti, turntablism, and breakdancing have been subtle undercurrents throughout my design and music. The era of discovering groundbreaking sounds, dancing, and style in the 80’s left a deep imprint on me. And out of that wellspring grew my journey into the liberating universe of electronic music. The aura of b-boy culture has been with me ever since and remains both fascinating and deeply inspirational.”

Rogue Style EP 2 is out now – click here to buy.


Om Unit and Digital remix Seba

New Release – Om Unit and Digital Remix Seba

Two classic Seba tracks have been given the remix treatment by two heavyweight producers on a new remix single for Secret Operations.

Om Unit steps up to flip ‘External Reality’ into a slightly more restrained affair, breaking down the rhythm and smoothing out the bassline beautifully. On the other side, Digital delivers a frantic take on ‘Day by Night’, keeping hold of the bass sound that characterises the track and taking it into totally new ground.

The remix single comes two years after the re-issue of Seba’s album Return to Forever. Listen below, or head to www.secretoperations.com to buy.


Digital – In-Reach Guest Mix #20

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digital-inreach_guestmixA quick glance at the recent stream of premium quality drum and bass coming from Digital and the imprint he started with Brillo back in 1995: Function Records, shows a testament to his timelessness in this music. 2015 brought us the enormous return of Function Records for it’s 20th year in the business, sporting releases such as: ‘Respek Da Foundation’ featuring Dub Phizix’s brutal rewiring of Digital’s classic ‘Deadline’, collaborations with Response and Drumsound Bassline Smith, and the debut EP from the newly formed trio of Digital, Flava and Horrific James who come together as Trident Code. Digital himself has been prolifically producing for the past 20 years and has developed a back catalogue that rivals any producer in the drum and bass scene past or present. That’s why the news of of the release of lots of his back catalogue on Bandcamp and functionrecords.co.uk has got us massively hyped up here at In-Reach. Digital kicks off next week with release of the mighty Dubzilla Album.

To celebrate this release, Digital has laid down an absolutely outrageous guest mix with some dubbed out mixing, heaps of classics and some unreleased tracks that take us through his past 15 years of production. Check below for some absolute Fire!


Square Rock – Digital Function 2004
Street Session – Digital – Function 2003
Lucky 7 – Digital – Bassbin Records 2007
Red Letter – Digital + Outrage – RED LETTER LP Function 2009
Watch It – Digital – Reinforced Records – 2001
Bitter Wind – Digital (Unreleased ‘It’s cold outside mix’ 2013) Original released on Rupture London
Quickdraw – Digital (Unreleased 808 mix 2001) Original released on Phantom Audio
Snowballs – Digital + Outrage – RED LETTER LP Function 2009
GG’S –Digital – Metalheadz – The Winter Of Content LP – 2005
Hard Ears (Who Cant Hear Must Feel) – Digital – Function 2001
Waltzer – Digital – Easy Records 2003
Scam – Digital – Metalheadz – MDZ05 2005
Informer – Digital – Phantom Audio 2004
Steel Grip – Digital – Unreleased 2008
Brains – Digital – Unreleased 2001
Grifter – Digital – Unreleased 2003
Robber – Digital – (Bankers mix 2013) Original released on Rupture London
Shanty – Digital + Morphy – Exit Records 2010
Lemon – Digital – White Label (Remixed and Remastered version 2012)
Smoking Dub – Digital – DUBZILLA LP Function 2002
Fix Up – Digital – 31 Records 2000
Fu Man Chu – Digital – C.I.A. Records – TUNED IN LP 2001
Beat Workout – Digital – Unreleased 2001
Daydream – Digital + Outrage v Ghetto Child – RED LETTER LP Function 2009
Calling – Digital – Function – FIST OF FURY EP II 2008
Deadline – Digital – 31 Records 2000
Gateman – Digital – Phantom Audio 2001
Flames – Digital – Unreleased 2001
Ras 78 – Digital – Function 2001
Vision – Digital + Spirit – Forthcoming on Phantom Audio…..
Chatty Mouth – Digital – Unreleased 2003
Ready Or Not – Digital – Innerground (Unreleased Cosmic mix 2005)
Philly – Digital, Lutin + Resound – Unreleased 2006

Bookings – www.bassic.co
Twitter – @digital

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trident_code-vol-1Trident code primarily consists of three producers: Digital, Flava & Horrific James; 3 artists drawn together by their love of Jungle/Drum and Bass. Flava and Horrific James say, ‘Our focus is to have fun while making music and we want to help and inspire our friends at the same time like Dissect, Jay Bionic, D Menace, Handy, Strobe, Nick E.P. Hainsey and Spectrum’

Flava and Horrific James grew up in the 80’s, with Flava hailing from Kettering, the same home town as DJ Storm. Flava’s early days were largely influenced by the Hip Hop and Acid house scenes, a little after that nights at the Milton Keynes Sanctuary & Labyrinth solidified her love for Drum and Bass.

Horrific James grew up in Coventry where he became involved in the world of skateboarding and graffiti, this progressed into James moving to Camden in 1997 to study at the RCA. In 1999 he graduates & sets up his art studio in Hackney wick . In 2004 his work was picked up by Charles Saatchi and features in the New Blood exhibition at The Saatchi Gallery London . This led to Jessop shows in New York , Sao Paulo, Copenhagen & Torino . Today in 2015 James runs Horrific Recordings, a vinyl only label and he continues to exhibit art globally. In 2015 he opened Horrific Gallery in East London.


It’s the Summer of 2002 where Flava and Dee Jay Jess (aka Horrific James) first met. A very keen Jess turns up for his new show on RudeFM.com while Lady Flava was doing her regular show, a show currently in it’s 15th year often featuring guests like Digital and Klute.
After Flava & Dee Jay Jess were initially introduced they became inseparable, instantly. The two soon joined forces in the Rude studio and went on to form the Rush hour crew with Dee Jay Jess, Flava and Motive.

In 2014 Digital was introduced to Horrific James through a mutual friend ‘Clive Ingredients’ which soon lead to Digital’s guest appearance on Rude to celebrate his latest release on Horrific Recordings ‘ Corrupted Soul/Glue Tune’. Flava joined them inside the studio and this is where they all met as a unit. Soon after, they all decided to get together in the studio through their love of music and partying; Trident Code was born.

Digital began his journey helping out with Reggae sound systems around Ipswich under the heavy influence of his father. Seminal tracks like ‘Waterhouse Dub’, ‘Ras 78’ and the big bad ‘Dubzilla Lp’ helped cement his name in DNB history.

Shouts out to Fugee, Jan + Lex from Launch, Clive Ingredients and Red Eye Records.

Trident Code EP VOL. 1


(Tracks 2,3 and 4 written by Digital, Flava + Horrific James. Track 1 written by Digital + Horrific James.)

Get it here: https://functionrecords1.bandcamp.com/

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Digital - Africa

Digital on Tempo Records

Digital - Africa
Digital – Africa

Tempo Records is proud to announce & release three brand new tracks by Digital. He has been releasing records since the early nineties on labels such as Metalheadz, Reinforced Recordings, Timeless Recordings, Creative Source, Photek Productions, Function, and many more. As well as solo releases under various names (such as S.O.S. & Natural Mystic), he also has recorded with Spirit under their monniker: Phantom Audio.

Tempo Records picked three of Digital’s latest creations, “Logged In” is all about spacefunk, deep bleep-ish atmospheres with a nod to Detroit Techno combined with a harsh rolling Amen drum. “Africa” combines Reggae influences with deep subs, “Fire” might be Digital’s most minimal production to date but don’t be fooled by it’s deep rhythm structure and intricate drum programming.

This release comes with a mp3 download voucher, all tracks mastered by Stuart Hawkes of Metropolis mastering London, limited 140 gramms clear vinyl pressing with full artwork sleeve, special yellow Gustav Wasa innersleeves + a free poster/inlay. Highly recommended.

A. Logged In
AA1. Africa
AA2. Fire


More info and buy links soon !! ENJOY !!