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Coleco - Induction EP

New Release – Coleco – Induction EP

Coleco - Induction EP
Coleco – Induction EP

Coleco – Induction EP
The second installment from Bristols Inflect Audio is out now

Experimental, up-tempo bass music maestro Coleco returns to his own Inflect imprint for his latest EP, the darkly ominous, rhythmically inventive Induction EP.

Influenced by classic darkside DnB and jungle alongside dubstep, bass music , electronica and even trap Coleco has carved out a unique niche for himself incorporating dark atmospherics, with rolling yet choppy drum beats, in both full and half time, reese and classic era dubstep inspired basslines, dubwise melodics rendered with trappy synths on top of space age sound effects and a general dancefloor rocking mentality.

Opener Induction channels old school Metalheadz-esq atmospherics combining the dread ambiances with militant, clipped trap inspired, triplet riddled snare work and hard-edged bass work.

Tryptamine sees the versatile Bristolian in full-on jungle terror mode, with a rapid, peak time riddim,, uniting with sci-fi vibes, darkside synth work, ride heavy drum fills and a ‘fuck you’ punk attitude not often seen from today’s league of up-tempo bass music producers.

Micro is a comparatively playful half time number, utilising all manner of bleeps and bloops to get it double time head nod skank on, showing Coleco’s dubby dubstep influences off with aplomb. The melodic and harmonic work also proving that the talented producer is not only a master of technical rhythmic work but is also very able to wring a vast amount of emotion from his taunt, streamlined productions.

Twenty One and Beyond is a slippery, rubbery bassline indebted half-time number that combines sci-fi moods with futurist arpeggios and his once again almost signature dub inspired off-beat melodics in the process creating a tune that not only slams but packs an expressive punch as well.

Lastly is Cluster anther trap infused, military number than combines pitched wooden percussion, with punishing kicks, snare rolls, clicks and human vocal samples moonlighting as drum one shots.

All things said, the Induction EP is a colossal effort that unites both the full and half time camps, a myriad of different styles of hardcore bass music and dank, dread infused atmospheres that would make your gran’s dentures black at the mere sound of these tunes.

Label: Inflect Audio
Cat. No: INFLECT002
Release Date: 01/10/14
Juno: HERE
Beatport: HERE
Digital Tunes: HERE