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Chilling on the Couch .03 [Scientific Records]

New Release – Chilling on the Couch .03 [Scientific Records]

Scientific Records hits a quarter of a century with the third instalment in the Chilling on the Couch series.

The 25th release from the Dutch label pushes a heady mix of deep, atmospheric tracks orbiting around the outer reaches of drum & bass, featuring the likes of Brazilian legend Bungle, Scientific Records founder Mav and Microfunk Crew (Bop and Oak), who turn in a blissful remix of Naibu’s ‘Fighting for Attention’.

The Chilling on the Couch .03 LP dropped on 7 September – head to www.scientificrecords.bandcamp.com to buy, and listen below.




New Release Out Now – Gerwin, Nuage, 2Shy, Bungle, Zero T – Soul Truth Remixes – IM:LTD

CS2316444-02A-BIGGerwin, Nuage, 2Shy, Bungle, Zero T – Soul Truth Remixes – IM:LTD 

Just when you thought Gerwin’s epic double A single release ‘Lying Portraits’ b/w ‘Soul Truth’ – alongside compadre Nuage and featuring the vocal talents of 2Shy – couldn’t get any better, IM:LTD hired two funk soul brothers to give these tracks a well-deserved remix and it’s not lying to say both of them spanked these remixes.


We often wonder how Zero T manages to find the time to perfect his music with so little to do. It’s no surprise the Irish producer slapped his own moody style into ‘Lying Portraits’, as soaring synths and bouncy percussions have now turned this one into a heavy roller, while still painting the picture of the original.


If anyone has more soul than the KFC Colonel himself, it’s Brazilian boy Bungle, and his crusty remix of ‘Soul Truth’ is even better than that fried chicken we love so dearly. Taking the lethargic liquidity of the original and beefing it to a running dancefloor hit. If the precursor was for relaxation, this is for indulgence.

Only the truth hurts.

BUY LINK : http://tinyurl.com/l7wbyry

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RELEASE DATE: 20/01/13
When Marcus asked Brazilian producer Bungle to make a tune for Soul:R with no
pressure and no limitation he never expected him to come back with what Marcus says
is the best Soul:R 12″ there has been for a long time. For months now “Astral Travel”
and “Aura” have been turning heads in Intalex DJ sets all over the world as soon as
they are played, with people rushing to find out what these tunes are. This is the first
single from Soul:R for 2013 and it sets the bar high.




Certainly one of the most musical drum & bass producers at the
moment, Bungles’ career counts ten years bringing a very unique
perspective to the genre. Against repeating formulas, the Brazilian
musician pushes himself to new boundaries and limits on every new
track, which is something that has been clearly achieved on his latest
work. Forthcoming on Soul:R, ‘Aura’ gives the best representation of
Bungle’s musical sound and reects his maturity on approaching
electronic music. It also features a rened production as a result of his
recent experiences within techno & house, including an ocial remix
for Coldplay & Rihanna’s hit ‘Princess Of China’ released on EMI records.
His personality and musical boldness came from a rich musical background.
André started to study music when he was seven years old, and
composed his rst piece of music aged nine. Since then, guitar has
become his main instrument and expression means.
After releasing an album with his rst band, André listened to ‘the
sounds of drum & bass’ by Dj Patife and this drew his attention to the
genre. From then on, as Bungle, he started to produce Drum & Bass and
release music on many Labels.
His technique and musicality granted him an explosive partnership: in
early 2005, Bungle partnered with DJMarky, a legend of electronic
music. Besides many of their own releases, they remixed the beautiful
Open Your Eyes, from the band Snow Patrol, Back Like That from Ghostface
Killah, among others. One of their greatest collaborations, No Time
To Love, reached sixth place on BBC Radio 1 Dance parade.
His debut album, Down to Earth, was released by the British label CIA,
and started his international DJ career. During 5 European, 2 Asian and
2 Australian tours, he performed in about 25 countries and over 45
cities, including large clubs such as The End and Fabric, in London, and
Womb, in Tokyo. In Brazil, he performed at important clubs such as
Lov.e and The Clash and in festivals such as Skol Beats, Spirit Of London
and XXXperience.
In 2010, Bungle embarked on the idea of doing a very personal and
introspective album. The ‘Memories LP’ reached the highest limits of his
music at that moment, featuring improvisations and out-of-loop
arrangements with instruments such as drums, guitar, acoustic piano,
all played and arranged by himself. Also featured was a new hit with
the long-time partner Ayah on vocals, ‘Siren’.
Constantly expanding his sound, Bungle’s music seems to be a long
journey that has only begun…