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Drum and Basslines is the home of DnBTV, 24/7 music channel dedicated to bringing you the very best Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Breakbeat, and Trap music to your home. We are also an international event brand, news portal, giving you the latest news, free mp3 downloads, and a social community with its focus on all things with an electronic bassline.

DnBTV involves YOU to suggest to us any music we are missing from our playlist, so check out the live page, and send us your suggestions!

Our last live event was in Kyiv, Ukraine on 24th March 2012 at Xlib Club with Doc Scott headlining.





Drum and Basslines was founded in 2010 as an international event brand with events in Ukraine, Belarus, UK, Georgia and other Eastern European countries.

After 2011 we had guests including Raiden, Mutated Forms, Unknown Error, and Doc Scott so far. This list will increase in the future!


Drum and Basslines - Flyer - Unknown Error Drum and Basslines - Flyer - Mutated Forms

Drum and Basslines - Flyer - Raiden and Mutated Forms Drum and Basslines 4 Flyer

Drum and Basslines Ukraine Tour - Simferopol Drum and Basslines Ukraine Tour - Donetsk


Raiden said ‘Definately one of the best ive played at this year’

Aleksandr (Mutated Forms) said ‘Thats 2 Drum and Basslines parties I have played at and really enjoyed both’

Unknown Error said ‘I would LOVE to come back and play again!’


Our event sponsors range from well known clothing brands like Adidas and Depo Jeana, online magazines including TopDJ andKefir, to internet portal websites based heavily in the electronic music scene.

Adidas Originals Ukraine Xlib Club Kyiv Depo Jeans Jungle Massive
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We are always looking for more sponsors for the website or our events. We will help promote your products in whatever way we can. So whether you are another website focusing on electronic music, a car manufacturer, online mp3 or vinyl shop, gaming or partypoker gambling site, entertainment portal, or even a charity looking for more exposure, then get in touch with us by email at contact@drumandbasslines.com

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    • Meeting a Group of International Superstars

      August 23, 2017

      A friend of mine introduced me to Korean pop music some time ago. Initially I didn’t like it because I couldn’t understand what they were saying, but that changed. The sounds of the songs were catchy and I found myself singing along to them, even though I couldn’t say the lyrics properly. My favorite group is BTS, and V is my favorite member from that group. I thought it would be cool to meet him, but in order to meet V BTS would either have to come to my country or I would have to come to theirs.The chances of me going to Korea are slim to none, because I just don’t have the money to go there. A round trip plane ticket from my home to Korea already costs a lot of money, but when hotel fees are added, it gets even worse.


    • I Love the Free Time That I Have to Do Fun Things Now

      April 12, 2017

      It has only been in recent years that I have really been spending more time online. In the past, I was so busy with my three children. I was lucky that I got to spend a lot of time with them at home each day. They are all attending different universities now, so I have more time to do things for myself. I really enjoy going to Songs PK to find songs that are popular in my native country of India. My daughter is the one who told me about the site. She, and my other kids, tell me where all the popular sites are online.


    • Learning About Other Cultures Through Their Songs

      April 12, 2017

      My neighbor was out mowing his lawn, and then, after he was done, was barbecuing some stuff on the grill for a meal with his family on their patio. I was outside with my wife and our dogs. There is a solid fence that separates our properties, but there is a section where we can peer over and speak to one another. He had some music from his country of birth playing through a Bluetooth speaker on his picnic table. It had a cool rhythm, so I asked him about the songs he was playing. He speaks perfect English with a barely discernible accent. In fact, he pokes fun at my use of local dialect in English.Anyway, he told me it was Hindi music. I kind of liked it even though I had no idea what the singers were saying.


    • Sad Songs Can Be Therapeutic

      January 28, 2017

      If you would have asked me a month ago where I saw myself in 20 years, I would have said married to my girlfriend with half a dozen kids. I honestly thought we would be together forever, but she had different plans once she started working with a new guy. We broke up about a week later, and I have had a hard time dealing with all of my emotions since then. I went online a few days ago to see if I could download sad songs to match my mood, because I was just not in the mood for anything uplifting or fun, which is most of the music that I owned up until a few days ago.


    • I Have Doubled My Music Collection

      October 4, 2016

      I love listening to music. I am not one of those types who only listens to one type of music either. I listen to just about any genre, which makes me people shake their heads at me sometimes! I don’t care though, because music is a form of art. People express themselves in different ways, and I love hearing their stories through their music and lyrics. I have a pretty large music collection too, but I cannot take the credit at all for it. I downloaded probably over half of my music choices from mp3skull.com, which is a music website where people can download free MP3s.The reason only half of my music is from there is because I had been collecting music for years prior to finding the site. Most of the good music I had before I started going to the skull site was purchased though, which really took a large chunk out of my expendable money every month. When music is a passion though, it is worth it.


    • Tracking Down Old Radio Songs

      August 11, 2016


    • Working to Replenish My Music Collection

      June 22, 2016

      I was not really sure how it happened, but I have lost a big part of my music collection when I moved out of my apartment last month. I was sharing a place with this guy and he was about to get married. He wanted me to stick around, obviously because he wanted to split the rent with me. However neither me nor any other person I know can get along with the woman he is marrying. I had a huge amount of music on two external hard drives which both went missing. I am at songs.pk right now, looking for a rather small number of South Asian songs that I had on these drives. That is a tiny thing, but I happened to know that it is likely that I can find it on this site. The rest of it is not going to be so simple in reality.In fact I have almost every sort of music you can imagine.


    • A Man is Only a Man with a Beard

      March 9, 2016

      Growing a beard for any man is generally an accepted sign of masculinity. It’s when a man is able to show the world that he has the biological necessity to grow a beard. Modern culture here in 2016, beards are more popular than ever. More men are growing beards thanks to the culture memes of No Shave November along with the Reddit-esque culture that continues to create content and memes on the joy of being a man with a beard. Thankfully, for black men with beards there’s finally an option to deal with the oil that African Americans hair produces. As a white man, I actually have to deal with it myself.


    • I Really Needed Singing Lessons

      February 22, 2016

      When my brother videotaped my sisters and I singing one day, I was mortified when I watched it. I knew that I was not the best singer in the world, but I honestly did not know that I was that bad either. I know people are usually their own worst critic, but it was the honest truth in this case. I have always loved singing, so I knew I was not going to give it up, but I no longer wanted to be embarrassed. That is why I decided to look up online singing lessons.I wanted to learn how to sing properly, and I figured I might be able to find something online that would help me. What I found was even better than I expected though.