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NexGen June 2016 New Artist Competition

Nexgen Competition – NexGen June 2016 New Artist Competition

Nexgen Competition – NexGen June 2016 New Artist Competition

NexGen June 2016 New Artist Competition
NexGen June 2016 New Artist Competition
NexGen Music is offering the chance to win $250 in cash, a release on NexGen + PR & Social Media Campaign for four new artists! To enter please, simply follow us on Soundcloud taking note of the terms, and send us 3 or 4 original tracks in one of the following genres: Drum & Bass, Bass/Dubstep, UK Garage, and Downtempo/Chill. And… the submission that we are feeling the most out of the four winners will get an extra $250!
Good luck everyone! We’re looking forward to hearing what magic you come up with…

NexGen Music are asking for music submissions from new producers in the genres of DNB, Bass, UKG & Downtempo/Chill and will pick 4 winners, one from each genre, who will win $250 & a release on the label with full PR & social media support. As an added extra, the entry that the label is feeling the most will win an additional $250.

The competition is open to new producers anywhere in the world

More info for Nexgen Competition :

Competition page: https://www.nexgenmusicgroup.com/new-artist-competition-june-2016
T&C’s page: https://www.nexgenmusicgroup.com/new-artist-competition-terms-conditions
Video invitation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BfRyGZKfA4w
Soundcloud Invitation: https://soundcloud.com/nexgenrecs/nexgen-music-new-artist-competition-june-2016

Critical Sound No. 29 – Alix Perez & Ivy Lab

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critical_sound_ivy_lab_alix_perezOff the back of their recent collaborative ‘Arkestra’ EP the @IvyLab guys team up once again with @AlixPerez for a live broadcast! Plenty of fresh new beats were showcased!

Catch the Critical Sound show on RinseFM every first Wednesday of the month 11pm -1am [GMT] rinse.fm/

Ivy Lab online:

Alix Perez online:

Critical online:

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DEEPO – It’s Ours

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Free Download


Not my country, not my scene

Not my capital not my queen

Not my soldiers, not my armies

Not my tanks or my M16s


Not my tornados or cyclones

Not my helicopters or drones

Not my secrets, not my intelligence

My silver or not my gold


Not my parliament, not my laws

No you’re not my government for sure

Man I might just walk in drop my draws

Tell them all they can suck my balls


I live a life that is not like yours

Your cause is not my cause

Come around here try talk your talk

And you might get socked in the jaw, cos


When my backs up on the wall

I don’t really wanna talk no more

I get vexed when I hear them talking shit

I don’t really wanna hear no more, cos


I don’t wanna contribute to this farce

I’m in the mood to get dark

I’m in the mood to get hot on a looting tip

I’m in the mood to spit bars


[not my] Houses, not my shops,

no they not my roads, no they not my spots

But it’s not my intention to kick off

No my nature, not my way


Not my hills they are not my dales

Not my England, not my Wales

Not my Ireland, Not my islands

Not my Scotland, Not my problem


It’s ours






Not my roads they are not my cars

Not my pavements, not my parks

Not my emperors, not my czars

Not my smallpox or sars


Not my trainers, not my garms

Not my words, they are not my bars

Not my stars, they are not my charts

I’ll sing along but not the right parts


Who’s world is this? This world is ours

Not about Tupac, not about Nas

Not about Buju, shabba ranx or past

Calvin Harris or Nicki Minaj


It’s about me, it’s about you

It’s about each and everyone of our crew

Cos that our crown, that’s our thrown

We stay Sovereign in any zone


It’s about we stay free of any police state

Cos they know Police with their feets on the street don’t mess around

It’s about sound

About a hundred thousand tweeting the message out

Revolution about peace. Not about UK PLC

You can believe what you want to believe

But I know one day, that you’re gonna see


it’s about wrong, it’s about right

And it’s not about left and right

And it’s not about right left right left right

Not about smashing up anything you don’t like


It’s not yours, it’s not mine

It’s not theirs

It’s not about crime


It’s ours




Lyrics written by by Deepo

Music Written and produced by Dub Phizix and Bricky Mortar

Mixed by Dub Phizix

Mastered by Beau Thomas @ TenEightSeven Mastering

Video DOP Joe Vickers

Video edited and produced Joe Vickers, Dub Phizix and Deepo

Video graded by Joe Vickers and Alex Eyre

Press and bookings contactjames@examplemedia.co.uk

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SSS Podcast #180 : Halogenix

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halogenix_sssMr. Pinkman aka Halogenix aka Ivy Lab Member delivering a podcast for the seek sick sound series. Really nice mixup from hiphop to bass to drum and bass.


Tracklist :

T Page : 12 Bar Love
Rare Logic : Chrome
J.D. Reid : Soverign Tippin
X&G ft. K-Si Yang : Gains
Deft : No More
Moresounds : Etho
ReDraft & HP.Ritch : Champion Killa
Halogenix : Untitled
Ivy Lab : Shamrock
Halogenix : Laugh Party
Sam Binga, Deft & Redders : Steppin VIP
Halogenix : Chimpo RIP
Royalston : The Depths
Was A Be : Choices
Abstract Elements : Azkur
Mindmapper : The Fugitive
Halogenix : Untitled
Abstract Elements : Uranus
Skore : New Hand
Enei : Bad Proof
Halogenix : Shank
Alix Perez : Revolve Her
Need for Mirrors : Slash
Random Movement : Cash or Credit
Stray : Queen
Dr. S Gachet : Remember the Roller VIP
dBridge : The Haven
Vaults : Cry No More – Halogenix remix
Halogenix : Her Waves
Alix Perez : Losing You
Halogenix : Soulide
Ill Logic & Raf : Forever
Goldie ft. Kwabs : Broken Man – Halogenix remix



Progressive talent Halogenix has swiftly scaled the ranks in recent years to find himself on the leading-edge of innovative drum and bass music. His background as a classically trained musician combined with an ear for a vast range of sonic influences has manifested in the distinctive productions that you hear today.

The adept North Londoner broke in 2011 with the clinical vigor of ‘Halcyon Daze’; a Hydro collaboration for underground heavyweights Horizons Recordings on Dream Thief 2 EP. The pair continued to play with their formula with the foreboding minimal tech of 12” ‘Trieste / Disillusioned’, before Halogenix appeared on Noisia’s imprint for breakthrough experimentations, Invisible, with ’Askari’ on Invisible EP 4, alongside future partners Sabre and Stray; all of which gaining airplay across the DJ circuit and a fostering a following straight off the back.

The game opened up for Halogenix when the versatile producer teamed back up with Sabre and Stray in 2012 to formulate the indelible Ivy Lab; composing arguably the most celebrated tune of the year, ‘Oblique’; gaining the traction to secure acclaim from both the scene’s biggest tastemakers and scores of new fans. Calibrated by a shared ethos and a proclivity for the outer stretches of the genre and beyond; the unique trio, signed to Kasra’s Critical Music, have gone on to relish huge success with the releases ‘Missing Persons EP’ and most recently ’20 Questions EP’ with their eclectic brand of silky smooth rollers, ultra-clean tech and crunching glitch-hop experimentations.

Aside his formidable collaborative projects, Halogenix’s solo outings have ascended the echelons of drum and bass; lending his futuristic sound palette to scene proponents Dispatch Recordings with the rolling ‘Take The Lead EP’, Critical Music once again with ‘Systems 001’ and in 2015 with the classy ‘All Blue EP’ on Metalheadz.

Halogenix’s aptitude for DJing is also clearly evident, bringing energy and class to each lineup he appears on. Playing at Fabric’s Critical Sound shows and the bass-fusion 20/20 events as one part of Ivy Lab; he also displays his individual finesse featuring on lineups for Metalheadz, Ingredients Records and as a host of the Critical Sound show on London’s Rinse FM.

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Fanu – Breaks ‘n’ Beats Podcast # 8

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fanu_breaks_beats_podcast_8Fanu: “Here we go! A new episode of B&B podcast.
A fairly colourful mixture of moods and vibes, going from one to another in a heartbeat, just like I like to do, mixing it all up.
It’s mostly new music, some dubs in there, and I’m wrapping it up with a Lightless dub from Moresounds
Had a good caffeine rush on when I started so I had to down a beer in the middle of the set to calm down a bit (I recommend you enjoy bass music with coffee or beer, or both).

What do you think of the artwork? I’m pretty hyped. Done by Ingrid. That bear may have to watch those nails, though.

Here’s the tracklist. Hope ya dig!”


Neveready – Consumption & Lies [Stene & Dullatron remix] (NexGen)
Etch x Third Person Lurkin – Prismatic [Etch revision] (Space & Time)
Deft – Promise Me (Project Mooncircle)
Sam Binga – Elastic (Critical)
Koda – Crisis (Intalektive Records)
Hidden Element – Hot Pants [Dexta’s Jungle Edit] (Translation Recordings)
Kator – Connor [Fanu remix] (Defrostatica Records forthcoming)
Lowcut – 3Four (45Seven)
Dexta & Bredren – 1993 feat. Ruby White] (Hospital)
Mark System – Optix (Exit forthcoming)
Seba – Berberian sound (Secret Operations)
Alix Perez x DJ Rashad x DJ Spinn – Don’t This Ish (free DL)
Crypticz – Magnets (Inflect forthcoming)
Fracture x Chimpo – Hard Food (Metalheadz forthcoming)
Acid Lab – Ultra (free download)
Detail & Tiiu – Days Go By (Symmetry)
King Fifi – The Riddim (45Seven)
Loxy, Resound & Skeptical – Choices (Cylon)
Bunit – Onionz
Ivy Lab – Live On Your Smile [El Train Remix] (Critical)
Mako – Do You Feel The Same (Warm Communications)
Skeptical – Instant Reflex (Exit)
Seba – Inside Yourself (Secret Operations)
SDS – Andromeda (Machinist dub)
Pocketdred – Hop Skip Jungle (dub)
Moresounds – Braaka Töölö (Lightless dub)

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