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Basic Details :

Names : James Gash
Record Label : Unknown Error Digital / Renegade Hardware / Moving Shadow / TOV / Horizons
Home Town : Maidstone, Kent
Website : www.myspace.com/unknownerrordnb or www.soundcloud.com/unknownerror

Top 5 tunes of the moment :
1 – Phace & Misantrop – Desert Orgy
2 – Nick Bee – Apocolypse
3 – Indivision – Calling Out
4 – Survival Octane & DLR – Transition
5 – Unknown Error – Walk with me

Top 5 producers of the moment :
1 – Indivision
2 – Lenzman
3 – Mutated Forms
4 – Noisia
5 – Nick Bee

KRISISDnB : Thanks for being interviewed for the KRISISDnB.COM website. Firstly can you give us a brief background to how you got into DnB?

UNKNOWN ERROR : Ever since i heard it on Pirate radio stations in and around London, i wanted to know more and get involved. So i started to follow dnb, buy the records, then i started going to the clubs and from there on i wanted to be the other side of the booth!

KRISISDnB : How long have you been mixing and producing and what got you started on both?

UNKNOWN ERROR : I’ve been mixing since i was 15 or 16, so knocking on more than 11/12 years, but producing i guess around 5/7 years..

KRISISDnB : What other types of music do you listen to?

UNKNOWN ERROR : I’ll listen to ALL types of music as long as its good music. From Classical to Rock but i just can’t stand cheesey pop!

KRISISDnB : Can you tell us the projects you are working on at the moment?

UNKNOWN ERROR : I’ve had a long time out from the studio so i’m just trying to get back into a routine and start making some more beats, i’ve started up UE digital too which is keeping me busy!

KRISISDnB : What are your targets for the next year or 2?

UNKNOWN ERROR : I’m hoping to get out the australia or japan

KRISISDnB : You have played at Cinema Club before back in 2006 I think it was.. whats your impression of the DnB scene in and of the ravers in ?

UNKNOWN ERROR : When i was at the Cinema club last time, it was brilliant. I remember being mobbed as i came in! The crowd seemed really hyped and the vibe was banging. I can’t wait to come back!

KRISISDnB : What can we expect from your forthcoming set at Cinema Club?

UNKNOWN ERROR : That one i’m afraid you’ll have to come out to the show to find out! For those that came last time, they will know what to expect!

KRISISDnB : Whats your impression of the worldwide DnB scene in general? How do you see the scene moving?

UNKNOWN ERROR : To be honest, it seems just the same as it always has been, it has its ups n downs, new producers always coming through, but in general its still and amazing genre of music.

KRISISDnB : Who are your favourite DJs and MCs worldwide?

UNKNOWN ERROR : Andy C & Mc GQ – I’ll say no more.

KRISISDnB : You have played at many large events in many differet countries. Any that stick out in your mind? And why?

UNKNOWN ERROR : Some of the shows i’ve played in Russia have been pretty big and are hard to beat but having said that its hard to pinpoint a specific place, because most shows i’ve been lucky to do have been wicked!

KRISISDnB : Cheers for being interviewed for the site. Looking forward to meeting you in Kiev on 11th February for Drum and Basslines !!!

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