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Aleksandr (Mutated Forms)
Aleksandr ()

Basic details :

Names : Aleksandr Jeldosev, Artjom Vlassov, Aleksei Habarov
Record Label : Grid Recordings, Metalheadz
Home Town : Tallinn/Birmingham
Website : www.facebook.com/mutatedforms

Top 5 tunes of the moment :
1 – Hazard – Proteus
2 – Subwave – Without You
3 – The Prototypes – Subteresstrial
4 – Jubei – Paitence VIP
5 – Mutated Forms – Crowlin

Top 5 producers of the moment :
1 – Rockwell
2 – Break
3 – Subwave
4 – Lenzman
5 – Icicle

KRISISDnB : Thanks for being interviewed for the KRISISDnB.COM website. Firstly can you give us a brief background to how you got into DnB?

Alexander: It all started in the year 2000, when my friend G-Ruff, showed me a synth called Rebirth, where it was possible to turn these crazy TB-303 Acid Sounds. After that we started looking to experiment with different software. However, only in 2006, we reached such a level to release our first record DJ SS label. G-Ruff and myself started together, being joined later by Alex as a DJ and promoter of the project.

KRISISDnB : How long have you been mixing and producing and what got you started on both?

Alexander: As I said, writing stuff, we started in the year 2000, the reason was very simple – a passion for music, especially such a strong, unusual music. I started learning to play, Tom started a little later around 2007, while Alex was much later. Between producing and DJing I like both and its hard to choose which gives me more pleasure.

KRISISDnB : What other types of music do you listen to?

Alexander: We all have a fairly diversified tastes. For example, I am very fond of abstract hip-hop, dubstep, post-dapstepom, UK funk, and techno. Bit of everything really.

KRISISDnB : Can you tell us the projects you are working on at the moment?

Alexander: At the moment we are finishing our debut album on Metalheadz, and planning the next releases GRID Recordings, as well as making new material. We are also now beginning to think about our debut album. It is difficult to say where or how, but time will tell. As well as working on a few remixes which we will have more info about in the near future.

KRISISDnB : What are your targets for the next year or 2?

Alexander: At the very least write a good album and travel around those corners of the planet where we have not.

KRISISDnB : What can we expect from your forthcoming set?

Alexander: A plethora of new material from our friends, producers, as well as from ourselves, and just a lot of good dance stuff.

KRISISDnB : Whats your impression of the worldwide DnB scene in general? How do you see the scene moving?

Alexander: I think now the DnB scene is of a very high quality, both in terms of material, and in terms of versatility.

KRISISDnB : Who are your favourite DJs and MCs worldwide?

Alexander: It is difficult to single out any individual names, since they are many, but I tried to call his top 5 producers in the beginning of the . From MS, I would point out: SP: MC, MC ID, Stamina, MC Conrad

KRISISDnB : You have played at many large events in many differet countries. Any that stick out in your mind? And why?

Alexander: If you take the big raves, then certainly I would pick Pirate Station in St. Petersburg. Just because it is a huge rave dedicated to DnB. If you take small club parties, then allocated to the party LIFT in Tallinn. Just a very cozy party in an excellent club and carefully selected guests.

KRISISDnB : Cheers for being interviewed for the site

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