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Doc Scott

questions by Vera Sue

Thank you in advance you’ve found some time for the interview.

1. It’s not a secret that your career began when most of our interview readers were children. You were a direct participant and a spectator of electronic music evolution – you were playing at raves, you were a witness of rise of such music genres as house, techno, jungle, breakbeat hardcore and many more that exploded like a bomb over the world. Our readers and I want to know your thoughts about those times.

For me those times were very special, very exciting and very innocent. . Everyone was experimenting with music, there were no rules, there was no pressure and no one was judging. Everyone was just having a good time and enjoying the music. The music was so exciting and fresh back then.

2. It seems to me in the past musicians were interested more in music than in commercial perspectives. You think a DJ is a profession or a

I think its both, for me it was a lifestyle but as time went on i realised that i could make a living being a dj, i didnt think i would be doing it for over 20 years though!

3. Nowadays everyone who has a computer can play music. What do you think of such evolution?

I dont have a problem with DJs playing of laptops, CDs or sticking with vinyl. As long as they are mixing and not letting the software help them mix, then for me its cool.

4. Who has had the biggest impact on your career?

I would say techno legends like derrick my & kevin saunderson & drum n bass djs like fabio & grooverider, without those guys i probably wouldnt be doing what im doing today.

5. Have you ever had a job not related to music?

Yes, i was a telecomms engineer when i left school, i started djing when i was 17 and quit my job when i was 18.

6. As of now when the culture you represent is already out of underground world and everyone is trying to “create” a new music style or genre all the time how do you name the music you make, play and release?

I try not to get involved with names and genres, i just try to play the music i like and the best music i can get my hands on.

7. Tell us about your immediate plans for your 31 Records label.

I am working on some new music that will be coming out on 31 this year.

8. In good time a legendary British duo 4 Hero gathered the scene élite together under a roof of their Reinforced label. What role did epoch of Reinforced play in your life? And now this label moved to a quiet mode. What can you say about the reasons?

I was a massive fan of reinforced records before i ever made any music, it was a dream to be on that label so when they asked me to join the label i was in heaven. Those few years i recorded at reinforced were the most fun ad exciting times i ever had, it was a very special period of my life. I am very proud to have recorded for reinforecd.

9. Tell me about the Metalheadz period in your life, about Sunday Sessions and your cooperation and friendship with Goldie.

Metalheadz was for me, the most important label and club night of the 90s, it defined the sound of drum n bass and it made dnb famous worldwide. The sunday sessions influenced so many people, i always meet people who say they went to the sunday sessions and it changed their life, that is very very special.

10. Which parties were the most impressive in your career?

There are so many, off the top of my head, the first time i played in Tokyo in 1996, it was unbelievable!

11. Each artist has a plenty of crazy stories that had happened during tours. Tell us yours.

I once toured america with goldie in 2002, we did 24 dates in 30 days, NEVER AGAIN!

12. What do you want to wish our readers and beginners DJs / producers?

Always play or make the music you like, be yourself.

Thanks for your answers!

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