English – Interview – Doc Scott

Doc Scott
Doc Scott

Basic details :

Name : Doc Scott

Record Label : 31 records

Home Town : Coventry, UK

Website : http://soundcloud.com/docscott31

Top 5 tunes of the moment :

1 Loxy & resound – Innervision

2 Gridlock – here to wherever

3 Mutated forms – feels like

4 Genotype – Bad dreams

5 Mindmapper – typha

Top 5 producers of the moment :

1 Skeptical

2 Loxy & resound

3 Consequence

4 Gridlock

5 Vicous circle

KRISISDnB : Thanks for being interviewed for the DRUMANDBASSLINES.COM website. Firstly how long have you been mixing and producing and what got you started on both?

Doc Scott: Ive been DJing for 23 years & producing for 21 years, I started through a basic love of music.

KRISISDnB : What other types of music do you listen to?

Doc Scott: Everything, from classical muscic to heavy metal, rap music to country. I try to be as open minded as possible.

KRISISDnB : You are owner of 31 Records. Whats the meaning behind the name?

Doc Scott: It my birthday,

KRISISDnB : How do you see the transition between vinyl and digital in the DnB scene progressing? Do you agree or disagree with it?

Doc Scott: Well i play CDs and have done for 10 years, i dont see as it makes any difference, its what you play, not what you play it on.


KRISISDnB : Can you tell us the projects you are working on at the moment?

Doc Scott: Ive currently just bought a complete new studio set up so at the moment im getting used to a load of new software and learning, but im going to have some new music out later this year.

KRISISDnB : What are your targets for the next year or 2?

Doc Scott: To have some new doc scott material out by the end of 2012.

KRISISDnB : Have you ever performed in Ukraine before? What is your opinion on the DnB scene in this region of the world?

Doc Scott: I havent been to Ukraine before, ive been to Moscow a few times and ive been blown away every time so i cant wait to come to .

Doc Scott
Doc Scott

KRISISDnB : What can we expect from your forthcoming set at ?

Doc Scott: Upfront, fum Drum n bass, good dance music with a nod to the future.

KRISISDnB : Whats your impression of the worldwide DnB scene in general? How do you see the scene moving?

Doc Scott: The dnb scene is global and has been for years now, it belongs to everyone which is a good thing, not just to the UK.

KRISISDnB : Who are your favourite DJs and MCs worldwide?

Doc Scott: rolando, dave clarke, ltj bukem, dbridge, sasha.

KRISISDnB : You have played at many large events in many differet countries. Any that stick out in your mind? And why?

Doc Scott: New zealand, as i have played the longest sets of my life there, over 6 hours!

KRISISDnB : Cheers for being interviewed for the site. Looking forward to meeting you in Kiev for on 24th March 2012 !!!

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