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Every week we will top up your collection with some FREE MUSIC !!! Ranging across DnB, Dubstep, Breaks, and maybe even Trap there will be something you like.

All you have to do is share it with your friends on or Facebook and you will get a nice fresh zip file with some top tunes!

Tweet or share and get these tracks now :

Artist : AxiomTrack : Burning Bridges.mp3
Artist : CecileTrack : Groupie
Artist : DaughterTrack : Youth (Hybrid Minds Bootleg).mp3
Artist : DJCursiveTrack : Find back Home (Chillax Trax
Artist : EthicTrack : Rio.mp3
Artist : FokenTrack : Evolution
Artist : MayelTrack : Salamandra [NOCID_BUSINESS_RECORDINGS].mp3
Artist : OW3STrack : Up and Down.mp3
Artist : QOTrack : Evil Dead (Eatbrain012) final2.mp3
Artist : ZegenTrack : Isan Moon.mp3


Dont forget to tell your friends, or if you are a producer and want your tracks included in our list then check out our Submit Music page HERE

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